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Dive into our comprehensive selection of over 300 meticulously chosen Shopify apps, both free and paid, designed to propel your business forward in 2024.

Best Shopify Apps for Analytics

Create a Buy Button for any product or collection and add it to a website or blog. Use the Buy Button editor to match the style and colors of your brand, then copy and paste the HTML code to your platform of choice.

You can create quick checkout links that send shoppers directly to your checkout page. Choose a single product and variant, then copy your link to any email, direct message, or social media post.

Let shoppers check out right on the spot from any website or blog.

Promote your products to visitors who view your blog or website regularly.

Customize fonts, colors, and layouts to match your website’s style and brand.

Update product details from Shopify without editing the code on your website.

Track sales using your Home sales overview and Analytics pages.

Mailchimp: Email Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Mailchimp is an email marketing and automation platform used by entrepreneurs to build their brand – and their business.

Our precision-targeted emails, expert insights, and powerful marketing CRM give you everything you need to scale up and sell more.

Get started to see how Mailchimp can supercharge your growth for less.

This integration works with Shopify online store and POS

Launch email automations like abandoned cart, welcome, and re-engage customers.

Access your creative assets in Content Studio for instant reuse across channels.

Make AI-powered improvements to your copy and imagery with Content Optimizer.

Leverage insights powered by data from millions of campaigns in your industry.

Pop-up forms and landing pages come pre-built and ready to publish in seconds.

Running a shop means time is your most valuable asset. Seguno helps you get results from email marketing faster. Built exclusively for Shopify, create engaging emails, trigger automated sends, and track your success from one convenient place inside the platform you already know. With best practices baked in and your shop’s data instantly on hand, spend less time worrying about making mistakes and more time on what matters—growing your business... Now, with Back in Stock restock alerts!

Stay inside Shopify; access your segments, discounts, products, blogs, and more.

Use a library of pre-built automation series and Back in Stock restock alerts!

Design beautiful emails in minutes with Canva embedded in a full-screen editor.

Send securely with built-in deliverability assistance and spam protection.

Get custom support quickly from real email experts, no matter your shop size.

Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay

Install from the Shopify App Store

Get more conversions and sales on your store by seeing what visitors ACTUALLY do. With the click of a button , you can view Session Recordings and live visitors on your site to uncover sources of cart abandonment and lost sales. Heatmaps show you what shoppers find most interesting on your site. Our pre-built Conversion Funnels show you where most visitors drop out of the purchase journey. Also we offer a variety of preloaded checkout events that are pivotal in understanding customer behavior.

Recordings & Heatmaps - see what people find most interesting (and not)

Surveys - why guess what your customers want when you can ask them yourself?

Conversion Funnels - we pre-built them for you so you can see drop off fast

Optimizable Segments - watch sessions of frustrated or confused visitors & more

Checkout Analytics - View events for what people do on your checkout page

Triple Whale is the source of truth for the data that helps you make better decisions. From integrations with your most important platforms to ecommerce-specific AI, Triple Whale helps find the data points you need, with customization and personalization to fit your business.

Bring the metrics that matter most into one easy-to-use dashboard

Make decisions with real-time data as your compass to marketing efficiency

Power profitable growth with product & customer analytics

Automated intelligence that detects anomalies and surfaces insights

Streamline your ad performance with in-depth insights and data visualization

With Supermetrics, businesses can aggregate siloed data from a wide variety of marketing and sales platforms into their go-to reporting, analytics, and storage platforms.

The result is greater insights into your marketing data, considerable time and cost savings by eliminating manual copy/paste, and improved marketing performance based on data-backed decisions.

Spend less time moving the data and more time using it.

Integrate with all major marketing platforms and make data analysis-ready.

Streamline your marketing & sales data so you can focus on the insights.

Analyse data in any BI, reporting or analytics tool.

Shop Quiz: Product Recommender

Install from the Shopify App Store

Discover the impact of interactive product recommendation and video quizzes, now compatible with Shopify's official Shop app. Shop Quiz will guide your online shoppers, asking tailored questions, assessing responses and suggesting the perfect products. Collect zero-party data and gather valuable insights through targeted questions. Integrate this data into your mailing list or CRM and use it to craft high-ROI marketing campaigns. Transform your online store into a personalized shopping journey!

Video quizzes drive sales advising customers on finding the right products.

Collect actionable data. Segment and tag your shoppers based on their responses.

Send captured leads to your mailing list or CRM to run personalized campaigns.

Customize your quiz design, from images, fonts & layout to full custom CSS.

Work with one of our account managers to build and launch your quiz.

Elevar Conversion Tracking

Install from the Shopify App Store

Elevar powers conversion tracking for D2C brands. Our data layer with server-side tracking transform shopping behavior into structured, trackable events with attribution, sent to each connected marketing destination.

With Session Enrichment, Checkout Extensibility Support, and Server-Side integrations with Facebook CAPI, Google Ads, GA4, TikTok, Klaviyo, Pinterest and more, you can rely on accurate 1st party data to improve marketing ROI and make strategic business decisions.

Server-Side tracking for marketers to connect & send data to 40+ destinations

Session Enrichment to recognize returning users and fight back against iOS

User Identity Graph that stores click IDs, customer information & attribution

Client-Side & Server-Side GDPR consent integrations

A complete customer & eCommerce Data Layer for Google Tag Manager

With Report Pundit, you’ll have a flexible reporting system to access all Shopify data and create custom reports for your unique needs. Utilize pre-made reports, with live chat here to assist! We also help build cohort tables, visual charts, and dashboards. Our report categories include Sales Reports, Products, Inventory, Taxes, Orders, Payouts, Transactions, Fulfillment, Cart Attributes, POS, Customers, third-party applications, and much more. Export any report via Excel, CSV, and PDF.

Premade reports for store data: Easily fetch sales, products, tax, payouts etc

Custom reports: Report Designer allows custom calculated fields using your logic

Filter, Sort, Send: Trim data results and send via email, FTP, Gsheets, GDrive

Integrations: Connect to 3rd party app data for marketing, finances, fulfillment

Multi-store Friendly: Unified reports for your stores across languages/regions

Lifetimely LTV & Profit by AMP

Install from the Shopify App Store

Lifetimely by AMP equips D2C brands with tools and reports to track profit, calculate precise lifetime value (LTV) and marketing analytics, and identify patterns in customer purchase behavior. Our comprehensive integrations put all of your data under one roof, while our customizable P&L dashboards, shareable email reports, CAC payback tools, and industry-leading cohort analysis will eliminate your spreadsheets and help you make more profitable data-driven business decisions.

An automated Profit & Loss report with 10+ marketing and shipping integrations

NEW Amazon integration: Get a daily P&L and measure CAC & LTV for Amazon stores

Advanced cohort analysis filters, variable metrics, and CAC payback calculators

Month-to-month projections of LTV and revenue for your existing customer base

7+ in-depth reports that reveal your customers’ repeat buying habits

Pixee ‑ Multi Facebook Pixels

Install from the Shopify App Store

Pixee is the app that enables you to easily connect your Facebook pixel to your store in little to no time. The Facebook Pixel can be used to collect essential data about your store's visitors, which can then be used to create targeted Facebook ads. This in turn leads to new visits and purchases at your online store. For those who want to improve marketing campaigns using Facebook with ease, the Pixee app can be a helpful tool.

Adds more than a single pixel and track visitors and conversions without hassle

Tracks events like view product, add to cart, initiate checkout, purchases

Integrates Server Side Event (Conversion API) which Track Data more accurately

BeProfit ‑ Profit Analytics

Install from the Shopify App Store

BeProfit makes it easy to accurately track your true profit & loss in real-time, with an intuitive analytics dashboard and dozens of powerful profit tracking reports. In one place, you can view and compare your profit from orders, products, countries, platforms, and shops. See your cost breakdown and understand how they bite into your profitability. Understand how shipping, discounts, marketing, gateway fees, and more impact your bottom line, lifetime profit, and retention.

Stay on top of all your must-know metrics - revenue, expenses, and profit.

The most accurate numbers - include any expense, the way you like it.

Live P&L - get your entire financial activities summed up, to the moment.

Get your exact profit from products, orders, countries, platforms, and shops.

Track your discounts and shipping profitability, lifetime profit, and retention.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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