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Best Shopify Apps for Sales analytics

Omega ‑ Multi Twitter Pixels

Install from the Shopify App Store

Let's goodbye to complicated pixel installations, and hello to zero-effort Omega Pixels. We track every step of your customer's journey, from Page View, Content View, Add To Cart, and Checkout Initiated to Purchase, without a single miss! All under 2-min setup. Because why? Life's too short to waste time on manual tracking that's broken. No more losing customers without knowing why - our app will help you pinpoint where your conversion drops. So buckle up and prepare to convert better on Twitter

Rev up your Twitter Ad game with powerful pixel events. No login, no code needed

Track every step of your customer's journey from Page View to Purchase

Maximize wise spending & minimize guesswork with pixels' data-driven insights

Goodbye panic, because managing multiple pixel events is now a breeze

Get the data you desired & save time to craft the most thumb-stopping ads.

Advanced reports made easy. Use pivot tables and pivot charts to break down your data to the smallest detail. Create better reports for sales, products, payments, refunds, inventory, customers. OLAP capabilities to drill down, drill up, dice, slice, and pivot your data. Analyze your data using a unique multidimensional approach. Get your custom reports created quickly and easily. KPI dashboards that will assist you in making well-informed business decisions. CSV data export.

Key performance indicator dashboards to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Use pivot tables and charts to explore your business from multiple angles.

Create strategic custom reports with a powerful report-building tool.

Select from many of the pre-built reports to analyze insights for your business.

Export your reports to CSV and work offline with the tool of your choice.

Boardroom SEO & Data Analytics

Install from the Shopify App Store

Boardroom is an easy-to-use, all-in-one ecommerce toolkit. Create unique & SEO-friendly blog posts effortlessly with our AI-driven platform so that you attract more organic visitors. Connect your data sources to simplify reports & automate key metric calculations. Let our AI instantly analyze your data & provide recommendations to help you grow. Boardroom will become your own personal consultant: solving problems, saving time, & improving decision-making. It’s like 10 apps rolled into one!

Instantly create blog posts with AI and optimize for organic traffic

Unlock AI-powered e-comm! Save time, create content, & get tips for how to grow

Simple setup. Connect multiple Shopify stores and ad accounts into one dashboard

See 50+ metrics with a single click: Net Profit, Margin, COGS, ROAS, CLV, etc.

Track CLV, create custom segments, and understand your customers buying behavior

Exact Online Bookkeeping

Install from the Shopify App Store

This integration automatically synchronizes important data between Shopify and Exact Online. This saves time, you never have to do duplicate work again and you make fewer mistakes. No more manual work is needed when you use this integration!

Shopify orders and refunds are transferred to Exact Online.

Customers in Shopify are created as a customer in Exact Online.

Determine when to synchronise, based on the order status.

Including Shopify Payments

The information that the feed includes is related to your products and your collections. The feed data consists of the following: product's name, product URL, product price, product availability, product stock status, product image, product collection, product type, product manufacturer, product SKU, and product weight. If you have more than 10.000 items in your store, please contact us. We already support clients with more than 100.000 items. 👉 Chat support από την ομάδα μας για τυχόν απορίες

One-click install & setup - you only copy the XML URL to the Skroutz panel.

Automated feed of store products, variants, and types.

Complete XML exporter feed which is pre-configured for Skroutz needs.

Filter products by different options in order to manage what is being sent.

Integration with Skroutz Analytics.

PinTrack ‑ Pinterest Pixel Tag

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app allows you to get the most of your Pinterest ads. You will be able to install your Pinterest Tag into your store with a few clicks. You can then track all relevant conversion events resulting from your Pinterest campaigns such as page views, adds to carts, and purchases. We offer a fast and optimal integration that reports events accurately. Get an edge over competitors with your Pinterest Tag pixel, and allow Pinterest to optimize your campaigns for maximum profit

Install your Pinterest Pixel Tag with one click

Track all events resulting from your Pinterest campaigns

Let Pinterest optimize your ads using the data provided by your Pinterest tag

Lara Google Analytics (GA4)

Install from the Shopify App Store

Without leaving your store admin area, view visitors sessions, countries, operating systems and other Google Analytics (GA4) metrics, along with your store orders and revenue, all on the same graph, giving you a complete view of your store status.

Simply choose a date range (defaults to the last 30 days), type of orders to track (according to order status, fulfillment status .. etc.), and you will have all data presented on a simple, single graph.

Easy to setup, and will automatically add (GA4) tracking code to your shop.

Full access to the most important Google Analytics (GA4) metrics.

Store orders displayed on the same graph, with the ability to filter orders.

Real Time monitor of your shop's visitors.

Permission system, to control the widget use and tabs per user type.

SyncWith Reports, Data Export

Install from the Shopify App Store

An incredibly simple and fast way to report on your store and export data. Run reports to analyze your sales, inventory, orders, products, customers and more!

Explore all your store data (tags, metafields, attributes & more)

Custom reports and metrics

Export Friendly: Generate reports using CSV, Excel, and more

Estimated Delivery Date: Boost

Install from the Shopify App Store

"Estimated Delivery Date: Boost" is a multi-functional application that can provide more services to increase your sales. Currently supports the estimated delivery date and stock countdown timer and visitors counter functions.

Display multifunctional widgets on product, cart, etc. pages.

Improve sales conversions with custom widgets that increase trust and urgency.

Customize All Widget

XProfit Dropshipping Analytics

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Profit Tracker optimized specifically for Dropshippers! Calculate your profits automatically without spending 5 hours every month in Google Sheets! Discover XProfit. Track your real profit (After fees, ads, taxes, returns, etc.). Get detailed analytics of every product, including return rates. Maintain an overview of your profits and analyse each product to remove old winners in time.

Don't let disorganized profit tracking cost you thousands of dollars! Install XProfit today.

Automated Profit Tracking Optimized For Dropshippers!

No Pay Per Order!

Track Metrics on Product Level: Profit, Returns, Product Cost, Marketing...

Easy Product Cost Import & Supplier Invoice Check - Never get overcharged again!

Data Protection Under EU Law - We will never use or sell your data!

Google Ads Track, GA4: AdTrace

Install from the Shopify App Store

Welcome to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the next-generation analytics tool designed to empower store owners to make data-driven decisions effortlessly. With our GA4 integration, you'll have the power to track customer journeys, analyze sales funnels, and understand user behaviors like never before!

Simplified Setup - Get up and running in just a single click!

Real-Time Analytics - Monitor activity as it happens on your site.

Advanced Segmentation - Dive deeper into your data by applying custom segments. Copilot & Sidekick

Install from the Shopify App Store

Maximize your Shopify store's performance with Ailee, your advanced AI Copilot and Shopify Sidekick. Powered by the latest ChatGPT technology, Ailee delivers data-driven insights for significant e-commerce growth. Opt for Ailee's automated sales analysis, stellar ad copy generation, impactful email campaigns, content schedule planning and SEO-enriched product descriptions to secure your competitive advantage.

Leverage the smartest ChatGPT prompts to dissect your e-commerce data.

Transform your product descriptions with AI-powered enhancements.

Drive engagement with AI-crafted, SEO-friendly content and persuasive ads.

Boost sales with AI-developed solutions for cart abandonment and sales funnels.

Find new top products and create perfect schedules via AI.

EZ Sales Report + Tax Report

Install from the Shopify App Store

"Report Sales by State" allows merchants to easily generate detailed sales reports for each USA state. This app provides an easy-to-use interface where merchants can quickly see their total sales by state, as well as the number of orders in each state.

With the help of this powerful data analysis app, merchants can focus on the states that have more potential in bringing them more sales and revenue. Merchants can also estimate sales tax per state.

Easily see a snapshot of all your sales by U.S. state.

Easily sort U.S. states by the most number of orders.

Easily sort U.S. states by the most amount of sales.

Custom feature requests welcomed! Fast support in 1-2 hours if not 24hrs.

Browsee is your smart assistant to help understand users visually and improve the conversion rate of your store.

Install Browsee if you-

  • Are experiencing high bounce rates with Google, FB, and Insta ads?
  • Have a low conversion rate?
  • face the issue that store visitors and ads clicked don't match?

Browsee helps you understand the complete user journey via Session Recordings, Heatmaps, Funnels, UX Issues, etc. Many Shopify users have significantly improved their conversions with Browsee

Watch recordings of your store visitors to see where they are facing issues

Get Click, Scroll and Attention maps of pages to analyze & improve engagement

Create funnels to analyze where visitors are dropping and show a discount popup

Without a clear understanding of the numbers, it is very difficult to run a business. Different mediation fees, price adjustments and discount offers make it difficult to get a clear picture of the results. With the Business Manager, you always have insight into profits. In addition, you get all sales results in one overview. Optimize your assortment to achieve more profit.

Multi-channel profit calculations - Always insight into sales results

Custom Dashboarding - Set up your own dashboard with desired KPIs

Automatic Emails - Reduce customer queries and increase your sales through email

ClickOrder: One Click Checkout

Install from the Shopify App Store

ClickOrder sends more visitors to checkout. Use our checkout-boosting widgets (SalesPop, Sticky Bar, Announcement Bar, Countdown Timer) to skip cart page and launch instant checkout popups. Create urgency and scarcity that reduces abandoned carts and make the checkout process more seamless. Get real-time analytics to track your sales and conversion performance. Setting up is easy: customize widget texts, colors, and positions. Need support? Contact our team for a 1:1 setup

Skip cart page and go straight to checkout to convert more sales, faster

Top bar countdown. Promote products across your store with one-click checkout

Create urgency and scarcity with Sales Pop, Sticky Bar, Countdown Timer add-on

Real-time analytics in the dashboard to track your sales performance

Fully customizable to fit your brand look + Pre-made templates

A/B Final : Price AB Testing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Using AB Final, you can run A/B tests on your Shopify landing page, product page, pricing, price testing, copywriting, images, theme, product page layouts in order to find out what converts best all through our dashboard. Split test your product price to generate more sales, revenue and profit.

No impact on page speed as AB Final is natively built for Shopify stores in mind.

Alternative include Google Optimize, Optimizely, VWO and Omniconvert.

No-Coding skills needed and Easy A/B Testing set up

No effects to Page Speed as it's natively built on Shopify

Convert to sale: Testing price of products to find product that converts most

Our team assists in setting up from successful A/B campaigns for you

Petlytics: Pet Store Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

A fun header will appear at the top of your selected pages that prompts the customer for information to subscribe to your email list and complete his/her pet's profile. Choose which Shopify pages (Home, Collection, Product, Thank You) the Petlytics widget will appear. Setup a promo code to incentivize your customers to complete their pet's profile and drive repeat

Collect the name, gender, age, birthday, breed and photo of your customers' pets

Export your customer's pet profiles to MailChimp or Email Marketing Software.

View and analyze your sales by the age, type, and breed of pets.

Dor helps brands understand the story their foot traffic tells by giving them actionable insight to grow their business and exceed customer expectations.

Our simple analytics solution — powered by a battery-enabled, thermal-sensing people counter — empowers retailers to focus on what really matters. We provide total clarity into your overall brand performance by making it easy to deploy an effective foot traffic counting solution to all of your stores.

Peel and stick, battery powered thermal sensor.

One-click integration with your POS.

View revenue, foot traffic, and conversion rate all in one place.

View and compare foot traffic trends in every store you manage.

Export data via CSV or connect additional tools via API.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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