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Best Shopify Apps for Navigation and search

Table of contents

  1. 1. Searchanise Search & Filter
  2. 2. Cloud Search & Product Filter
  3. 3. DOOFINDER ‑ Search & Discovery
  4. 4. Meteor Mega Menu & Navigation
  5. 5. Rapid AI Search Bar & Filter
  6. 6. Scrolly: Scroll To Top Button
  7. 7. AI Search & Product Filter |SB
  8. 8. Power Tools Suite
  9. 9. Fast Simon Search and Filters
  10. 10. XO Scroll to Top
  11. 11. Magical XML/HTML Sitemap
  12. 12. Floatify: Social & CTA Buttons
  13. 13. Nosto
  14. 14. Omega Instant Search
  15. 15. MAPIFY Sitemap Generator
  16. 16. ANG Extra menu
  17. 17. Year Make Model ‑ EasySearch
  18. 18. Redirect Pro ‑ 404 SEO
  19. 19. Accessibility by CartCoders

Searchanise Search & Filter

by Searchanise

4.8 ( 1636 rating & reviews )

Help customers discover products in seconds with our advanced search app. Rely on our fast&clever search bar, easy-to-navigate search results, and advanced filters. No coding skills are required: product search widgets will automatically adjust to your theme. The search plugin works out of the box, but it’s also highly customizable: instant search bar, individual collection filters, product labels, Add to cart, merchandising & more. Enjoy our responsive support team and constant product updates.

Smart & Instant Search Bar, which finds matches across all in-store pages

Voice search & Personalized AI search for a seamless user experience

Unlimited out-of-the-box and custom filters by default ones,tag filters,prefixes

Configurable live search results page & product cards’ content

Merchandising tools (custom labels, sorting, autocomplete rules) to boost sales

Price - Free plan available

Searchanise Search & Filter

Cloud Search & Product Filter

by NP Apps

4.9 ( 719 rating & reviews )

With Product Filter & Search Bar you can enhance search and filter capabilities while retaining your existing collection page design and functionality (no theme changes required). Create tag-based, price, search, sort by, metafield, brand, color, size, and other filters for your search and collection pages (customize per collection) to improve navigation. Tune your search results with bestseller prioritization, product promotions and synonyms for optimal search performance and sales conversion.

Instant search bar for fast product discovery with consistently relevant results

Easy-to-use, customizable filters for search and collection pages.

Retains collection page design, functionality and 3rd party apps & integrations.

Bestseller prioritization and product promotions for optimal search performance.

Search analytics to understand how customers are using your search.

Price - Free plan available

Cloud Search & Product Filter

DOOFINDER ‑ Search & Discovery


4.9 ( 882 rating & reviews )

Upgrade your store with Doofinder’s AI search and discovery solution. Our search bar offers results through text, image, and voice search in milliseconds. Enhance product discoverability with intelligent product filters and recommendation carousels. Use dynamic searchandising tools to control the search results for increased sales and guide users to their perfect products. Doofinder lets you make data-driven decisions for eCommerce success with our robust search analytics and insights.

Semantic & natural language search to understand shopper intent and context

Dynamic product filtering to search by category, collection, or features

AI Product recommendation carousels for your home and product pages

Promotional Tools: search merchandising, banners, and search results control

Multi-language and multi-currency support (30+ languages & currencies)

Price - Free plan available

DOOFINDER ‑ Search & Discovery

Meteor Mega Menu & Navigation

by Helium

4.7 ( 281 rating & reviews )

Put your best foot forward with beautiful and professional menu templates. Meteor uses your existing Shopify navigation settings for lightning-fast setup time. Customize the design to your liking, and preview each of your menus before you publish.

Show off product images in mobile and desktop menus, and help shoppers discover great products without leaving your home page. Link any resource from Shopify: products, collections, blogs, or pages. Multi-region support for menu items and currency!

Menus in minutes! Use your store's existing menus to streamline setup

Variety of beautiful templates for both desktop and mobile

Display product or collection images directly in your store's main menu

Multi-region support: translated menu items and local currency

Customer-friendly UX helps customers easily navigate different menu tiers

Price - Free plan available

Meteor Mega Menu & Navigation

Scrolly: Scroll To Top Button

by Effective Apps

5 ( 179 rating & reviews )

Scrolly allows you to ease your customers shopping experience in one click by adding a floating back to top button that allows them to easily navigate back to the top of the page. Smoothing customers' shopping experience can increase conversions.

Scrolly is highly customizable and you can change the button's color, shape, size, hover color, position on the page, horizontal and vertical distances (padding), animation and whether it will be shown in the entire store or just in specific pages.

Ease your customers shopping experience with a colorful back to top button.

Fully matches your store's style: Custom color, shape, size, animation & more.

Control the appearance location: In the entire store or just in specific pages.

Multiple shapes and styles are available, unlimited color and size options.

Easy one click installation & universal theme support - no code is required.

Price - Price: Free

Scrolly: Scroll To Top Button

AI Search & Product Filter |SB

by ⭐ SoBooster ⭐

4.6 ( 539 rating & reviews )

Our search and filter solution improves your store's search and filter experience and helps your clients find products quickly. It boosts the conversion of your store with Advanced AI-powered Search Engine.

As a result, it will instantly increase performance, shorten the customer journey in your store, and increase sales and revenue.

Advanced Product Filter - filters by tags, vendor, options, metafields & more

AI Smart Instant Search - predictive search with NLP and typo tolerance

Smart Merchandising - automatically organize product displays to boost sales

Advanced analytics - better search and filter insight, better decisions

Advanced search synonyms - more relevant results and increasing buying intent

Price - Free plan available

AI Search & Product Filter |SB

Power Tools Suite

by Power Tools

4.9 ( 189 rating & reviews )

The multi-app bundle that’s proven to give your store an unfair advantage. If you need to hide sold out products, or maybe you need to show your trending products first then Power Tools Suite is for you. Do you need an advanced filter menu, or run sales with a pricing policy, we've got you covered. There are many apps and features in the Power Tools Suite that have helped tens of thousands of stores automate their processes and boost their sales, give it a try today!

Add performance tweaks to your store and explode your sales.

Enhance collections with powerful tools such as filters, trending sort and more

Save time and optimize your store with smart deletion and run sales

Price - Free trial available

Power Tools Suite

XO Scroll to Top

by Xotiny

4.9 ( 115 rating & reviews )

The button allows users to smoothly and quickly navigate to the top of the page without any hassle and frustrating wait. It's a little yet important detail which enhances user experience to convert visitors to your potential customers. This app does not require any coding skills or complicated steps but automatically installs on your website in a few simple clicks.

Browse long pages easier

Advanced options: background, hover, size, position, appear effect, icon

Only show when scroll down

Show/hide button on specific pages

Price - Price: Free

XO Scroll to Top

Magical XML/HTML Sitemap

by Magical Apps

4.9 ( 38 rating & reviews )

A fast and easy way to build, customize, and publish your HTML Sitemap. We have everything you need to manage custom HTML site maps (important to helps users navigate and discover all of your products and page), and link your XML sitemap with Google (critical to ensure that your website ranks higher on Search Engines SEO). Our simple sitemap builder, with flexible options, will help you get setup in minutes.

Add a customizable HTML Sitemap

Link your XML sitemap for Google SEO

Customize your sitemap with unique layouts and styles

Use rules to automatically display new content on your HTML sitemap

Price - Free trial available

Magical XML/HTML Sitemap

Floatify: Social & CTA Buttons

by Garketing (Omega)

4.9 ( 111 rating & reviews )

Floatify: Social & CTA Buttons is known as an improvement of the appearance and experience of your store. With our solutions: call button, WhatsApp live chat, cart, email, back to top, social buttons (Facebook, Instagram, Line, Viber, etc.), customers can contact your shop faster with many tools on the same program to increase product sales. Therefore, when you come to and choose Floatify, you will feel comfortable with the number of high-quality features that this app offers.

Easily customize button, group buttons, optimize button display on all devices

Various types of buttons: call button, add to cart button, social button...

Offer an eye-catching designed button: Attract clients to reach and place orders

WhatsApp live chat: enhanced satisfaction and increased sales

Simple and easy to install, with no coding, 1 minute to go live.

Price - Free plan available

Floatify: Social & CTA Buttons


by Nosto Solutions Ltd

4.4 ( 74 rating & reviews )

We help online brands transform the commerce experience by enriching and connecting customer, product, and content data so they can deliver personalized experiences at scale.

This is done through our AI-powered Commerce Experience Platform made up of intuitively designed tools that increase online revenue through end-to-end commerce experience management.

Nosto makes every online commerce experience authentic and relevant so consumers have loveable experiences with their favorite brands.

Site Search. Powerful, personalized, AI search to boost product discovery

Personalization. Make the experience unique for every single shopper every time

Merchandising. Total control over product rankings within all discovery pillars

Content. Personalized content and authentic UGC to increase conversions

Business Intelligence. Dive deep on the things that make your shoppers tick

Price - Free to install


MAPIFY Sitemap Generator

by Petna Ventures, Inc.

4.8 ( 95 rating & reviews )

The MAPIFY Sitemap Generator app produces in one-click HTML and XML Sitemaps that auto-update. The app allows full customization, you can choose which pages, products, collections to include in your sitemaps. 24/7 friendly support!

XML sitemap is a file with a list of all links in your site, it allows search engines to understand site content easier. HTML sitemap page help users in navigation. Sitemaps are essential for SEO performance and help in organic traffic and boosting sales.

Create HTML and XML Sitemaps with one click. Easy to use. No coding required!

Flexible HTML page layout ties in with your store design perfectly!

Customizable. You get to decide on the content of your HTML and XML Sitemaps

Instantly updated. Both HTML and XML Sitemaps are updated automatically.

Maintain consistent branding. Your custom domain is used for the sitemap url.

Price - Free plan available

MAPIFY Sitemap Generator

ANG Extra menu

by Nx8Apps

4.8 ( 73 rating & reviews )

If your store doesn't have a good enough navigation bar or it doesn't suit your requirements, you can consider and use Extra menu for your store. With the Extra menu, you can easily create a component in seconds. Using built-in templates and easy-to-use customization tools, you can create menus with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Includes: Mega menu, tab menu, tree menu, contact form, countdown timer, breadcrumbs,...

Create mega menu, tab menu and tree menu (dropdown menu) by using template.

Simple and fast customization.

Vertical menu.

Multi-language + Limit markets + breadcrumbs

Mobile friendly.

Price - Free plan available

ANG Extra menu

Year Make Model ‑ EasySearch

by NexusMedia

4.9 ( 126 rating & reviews )

Year Make Model Search and model fitment widget for your store. Selling products related to other items: automotive or electronic parts, phone/tablet accessories? Add a filter search widget that will allow your customers to find a product that fits their car, truck, bike, device, tv, etc. Our app has a preloaded Year Make Model database for automotive parts finder. Meanwhile, you may easily add your own set of YMM dropdowns. Improve store navigation with the "keep filtering" feature.

Improve your store search with multi-functional YMM search part finder.

Fitment widget for the Product page to make sure product suits.

Show Fitment information on the product page with Compatibility table.

You can request complete design customization of the YMM app from our team.

Price - Free trial available

Year Make Model ‑ EasySearch

Redirect Pro ‑ 404 SEO

by Scayla Apps

4.4 ( 14 rating & reviews )

Your customers hate landing on 404 error pages. How do you prevent it? Delisting old products litters your site with broken links and shatters your hard-earned SEO search ranking on these pages. You're left using 301 redirects to play an endless game of 404 whack-a-mole. Redirect Pro detects broken links in real time, allowing you to swiftly redirect them and maintain a seamless customer experience. Automated redirect rules save you time, protect your SEO rankings and help increase conversions.

Detect and resolve 404 broken links in real time to protect SEO search rankings

Smart redirects fix broken URLs on auto-pilot for products, collections and more

Customize automatic redirects for broken URLs of any given structure to new URLs

Migrate your store with a few automatic redirect rules instead of 301 redirects

Upload unlimited redirects from a spreadsheet for fast migrations to Shopify

Price - Free plan available

Redirect Pro ‑ 404 SEO

Accessibility by CartCoders

by Cart Coders

4.8 ( 27 rating & reviews )

The Accessibility Widget intelligently modifies items on your site that have been detected as non-compliant, preventing keyboard-only navigation, EAA or violating ADA Compliance or WCAG Compliance. Being the Customizable app, we have accessibility tools in tact with your site identity. ADA Increase in brand value by implementing the Social Responsibilities at one, Cleave to country accessibility law-thus avoid colossal penalty. Ease of access for the Blind, Ease of access for Visually impaired.

Increase the number of people who can reach your website.

Cleave to country accessibility law-thus avoid colossal penalty.

On-time attention to the disabled makes the ambiance revenue-driven almost.

Keyword Navigation, Desaturate, Gigantic Text, Cursor, Starring Links, Contrast.

Word Spacing, Latter Spacing, Line Height Functionality.

Price - Free plan available

Accessibility by CartCoders

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