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Best Shopify Apps for Marketing analytics

OmniTrack Facebook Pixel

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our Facebook Pixels + Conversions API integration resolves tracking issues due to iOS 14+. Expert server-side tracking was once exclusive to big brands. Now you can fuel Facebook Algo with accurate and stable data and raise your ads ROAS -- just use our Facebook Conversion APIs tracking(FB CAPI) to install multi-pixels easily in 3 minutes, no coding skill required. Omnitrack integrates multiple Facebook Pixel(Meta Pixel), TikTok Pixel(Tiktok Event API.), and Google Ads in one App.

Use Facebook Conversions API for a more accurate tracking without coding

Easy install multiple Facebook Pixels as backup,test & optimize collection Pixel

Server side tracking with Facebook Events API for all your pixels

Easy install,accurate conversion tracking for IOS14+ with CAPI & 1st Party Pixel

UTM tag automation, Pixel report, FB Catalog & multi Audience builder & more

Sense UTM Analytics allows you to view statistics for your distribution of orders into campaigns. As you may know, ever since the release of iOS14, conversion reports have become a mess and less accurate, with delayed reporting of up to several days. Our app changes the game's rules: you can view your Shopify orders in close to real-time along with the UTM conversion analytics.

Live and instant insights of your UTM conversions.

Visual graphs and statistics based on orders.

Easy and fast UTM link generation.

Omega ‑ Multi Snapchat Pixels

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Omega, you can bring your Snap Ads tracking to the next level with smart pixel installation, brushed up by unique Conversion API. Our server-side tracking solution protects your store from data loss due to browser limitations, thus bringing about a more thorough data collection. The more data you give Snapchat, the more efficient its learning will be. You can rest assured your data is following the best tracking practice to optimize your spending and speed up scale process for your business

Install multiple Snapchat pixels without coding knowledge

Reach premium data collection with a turn-key server-side tracking solution

Tailor the tracking to ensure it works best for your store

Over half of third-party signal fidelity has been lost due to privacy changes by Apple and others, eroding marketing performance and attribution. Blotout builds your 1P ID graph amplifying your re-marketing via C-API and ESP providers driving significant ROAS on new and existing customers. Blotout takes minutes to set up and immediately increases your Event Match Quality score, driving down CPC, recovering lost carts, and delivering a powerful boost to your advertising ROI.

Lifetime customer ID that’s always accurate and never blocked

No-code solution takes minutes to set up and immediately gets to work

Universal C-API delivers marketing signals to all your growth channels

Expand audiences on Meta, Klaviyo, and other platforms

First-party data relationship builds customer loyalty and maintains compliance

Shopify attribution and analytics that won’t break the bank: Built by Google and Facebook alumni and designed by 8-figure Ecomm operators, Kendall specializes in first-party attribution and advanced, yet actually useful, data analytics.

More Pre-built Reports than anyone - featuring 150+ key metrics.

A flat monthly fee for all stores of any size. No contracts. No fine print.

Industry-leading 6-month tracking window means no missed customer visits.

Full Shopify integration for faster page load and greater accuracy.

Currently using Triple Whale or Northbeam? No need to set up custom UTM again.

SnapX ‑ Snapchat Pixel Manager

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app allows you to get the most of your Snapchat ads. You will be able to install your Snapchat Pixels into your store with a few clicks. You can then track all relevant conversion events resulting from your Snapchat campaigns such as page views, content views, adds to carts, started checkouts, and purchases. We offer a fast and optimal integration that reports events accurately. Get an edge over competitors with your pixels, and allow Snapchat to optimize your campaigns for maximum profit

Install your Snapchat Pixels with few clicks

Track all events resulting from your Snapchat ads

Let Snapchat optimize your ads. and build audiences using your pixels data

Profit Analytics, by Airboxr

Install from the Shopify App Store

Airboxr offers pre-designed analytics reports to help businesses realize their profitability, product sales, acquisition, retention, and operations goals. Simply connect your data sources to Google Sheets using Airboxr.

Use our advanced features to automate custom reports and create Looker dashboards. Airboxr supports teams in finance, marketing, and operations, as well as founders and solopreneurs. Amazon Seller Central integration coming soon.

Automate ongoing profitability analysis.

Build customers segments based on purchase history.

Get in-depth marketing, sales, product, fulfilment and retention analysis.

Get CPA, CAC, LTV, AOV, and MER on your business within a single dashboard.

Analyze best-selling products, design bundles, identify seasonal trends.

Shopify merchants are navigating in the dark. That's where we come in.

Glowtify helps you scale your e-commerce business with its AI-powered generative tools and optimization recommendations.

Glowtify is your ai copilot that reflects you and your brand, and help you share it with the world by generating outstanding marketing content. Lets glow together.

Campaign Generator: Generate complete marketing campaigns from just one click

AI Smart Calendar & Planner: Easily create, schedule, and share promotions

AI Recommendations: We turn your raw data into highly actionable marketing goals

Benchmarks: See where you rank. We pinpoints what needs improvement

1 click integrations: See all your data from Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Facebook

Conversios Google Analytics 4

Install from the Shopify App Store

Automate your Google Tag Manager based implementation for efficient data collection with zero impact on site speed. Google Analytics 4 App makes it super easy to integrate GA4 in minutes, no coding is required. Merchants can leverage our GA4 app to identify the eCommerce funnel gaps so that they can improve their conversion rate which can result in better marketing ROI. Our one click Google Analytics 4 ecommerce tracking automates all page and ecommerce events with accurate conversions tracking.

One click Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ecommerce tracking implementation.

Powerful Google Tag Manager datalayer automation for faster load & accuracy.

Real-time and dynamic dashboard updated on GA4 and Google Analytics.

Free app set up and audit from certified Google professional.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager and priority Slack support.

AdWhatCost: Ad Insights & UTM

Install from the Shopify App Store

AdWhatCost uses UTM parameters to build a bridge between the data of your Shopify store and your Facebook Ads & TikTok Ads. This way we can deliver a fast, accurate & reliable account of orders that were verifiably placed by visitors of your store who clicked on one of your ads within their customer journey – even post iOS14. On top of that, our app calculates the profitability of your ads and delivers both traditional as well as advanced performance marketing KPIs such as ROAS, ROMI & ACOS.

Get verified performance data of your Facebook, Instagram, Meta and TikTok Ads

Track the orders and revenue generated by individual UTM parameter sets

Find out the profitability of your ads as well as of your store in general

Gain insights into the purchase behavior of your customer cohorts over time

Receive a daily email report of your store performance right to your inbox

TrueROAS ‑ AI Ad Attribution

Install from the Shopify App Store

Never miss an order again. Know exactly where your revenue came from. Leverage True Data to save ad spend and gain an extreme competitive advantage.

Faster data updates enable you to test faster and scaling more predictably with the Promethean attribution model. All done using the new way to track ethically in a GDPR-friendly fashion.

Save time by adding your product costs, and automatically, converting all different currencies into one, making it easier to see the whole picture.

AI Ad Tracking & Attribution

Customer Journeys for each order

Creative Breakdown

Product Analysis

Cost Tracking

Export your orders to XLS and CSV. Create any set of columns for your order export: order number / ID, ordered Items (with any needed information, like SKU, Quantity, Price, etc), fulfillment data (like Tracking Number, Tracking URL, fulfillment status and more), customer information (like name, email, billing and shipping address, etc), referring website / Landing URL (useful for marketing purposes and analytics).

Export orders to Excel in XLS or CSV format.

Create as many columns as you need with order details you need.

Flexible column editor to combine fields you need in a single column.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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