Attentive with Postship

Unlock the full potential of your order tracking and customer communication with Postship's seamless integration with Attentive. This powerful partnership enables you to enhance the post-purchase experience by providing real-time updates and personalized notifications directly to your customers' mobile devices.

Why Integrate with Attentive?

Experience the ease of managing your post-purchase communication with Postship's integration with Attentive. Together, we help you deliver exceptional service that delights your customers and
drives your business forward.

Improved Communication

Enhance customer engagement with real-time updates.

Streamlined Processes

Simplify order tracking and return management.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Provide a seamless experience from order to delivery.

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Our Merchants Love what we do!

It makes tracking orders super easy and the notifications are helpful.

I’ve been using the PostShip on my Shopify store and it's really cool! It makes tracking orders super easy and the notifications are helpful. The app is easy to use and I like how it keeps getting better with updates. My customers are happier now because they can see where their orders are. I think it's a great app for any online store!

Mini Joy | 4months using the app
United States

It's a big help for my store.

I’ve been using PostShip for a month and it's awesome! It helps me keep track of everything and the tracking page looks really nice. It's a big help for my store.

Man Metal | 4months using the app

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