Order Tracking Notifications

Top Highlights of Our Notifications Page

Dynamic Notifications

Keep your customers informed from purchase to delivery with automated email and SMS notifications. Customize messages to match your brand's voice and keep your customers updated every step of the way

Powerful Integrations

Enhance your notification capabilities with integrations like Klaviyo and Attentive. Utilize status change triggers to automatically inform customers about their order progress, improving engagement.

Customizable Templates

Customize your email templates to reflect your brand’s unique style. Gain insights with analytics on opens and clicks to continually improve your communication strategy and effectiveness.

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Control Your Notifications

Easily manage how you and your customers receive updates for each order status. With our flexible notification settings, you can choose to be alerted, notify your customers, or both, ensuring everyone stays informed throughout the order process. Customize notifications to suit the specific needs of your business and enhance customer communication effectively.

Customize Your Communications

Elevate your messaging with personalized touches using dynamic variables. Easily integrate customer-specific details such as {{customer.first_name}} into your email and SMS templates, ensuring each communication feels uniquely tailored to the recipient.

Style your Emails

Personalize your email communications with our Email Style Editor. Tailor every element to match your brand's unique aesthetic, from background to text colors. This tool provides a simple, yet powerful way to ensure your emails not only convey the right message but also look the part, enhancing your brand's identity and customer engagement.

SMS Editor

Craft personalized SMS messages effortlessly with our SMS Editor. Utilize dynamic variables like {{customer.first_name}} to tailor each message, making your communications feel personal and directly relevant to each recipient. Enhance the impact of your SMS notifications by customizing the message for various order statuses.

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