Shipping Reporting & Analytics

Top Highlights of Our Analytics Page

Delay & Issue Detection

Stay ahead of potential shipping delays and issues with Postship's real-time detection capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your shipping data with Postship's advanced analytics.The dashboard offers insights into delivery times, carrier performance

Schedule Your Data Export

With Postship's scheduled exports, you can automate the generation and delivery of detailed shipping reports based on your preferred schedule.

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Carrier Analytics

Compare Carrier Performance: Identify which carriers are performing best and which might be causing delays or issues, allowing you to make data-driven decisions on whom to partner with.

Optimize Shipping Costs: Analyze cost effectiveness across different carriers and choose the best options for specific routes and package types.

Tracking Analytics

Monitor Engagement: See how customers interact with your tracking page, which elements capture attention, and where they spend the most time.

Optimize Upsell Opportunities: Analyze the performance of upsell links and offers on your tracking page. Understand what works best for driving additional purchases, and adjust your strategy to maximize revenue.

Export Your Data

Customize Exports: Select from a variety of data points such as shipment dates, delivery statuses, carrier details, and customer interactions to create custom reports that serve your specific analytical needs.

Schedule Automated Exports: Set up automated data exports on a schedule that suits you—daily, weekly, or monthly. Ensure you always have the latest data at your fingertips without manual intervention.

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