Top Shopify Tools for E-commerce Success in 2024

Dive into our comprehensive selection of over 300 meticulously chosen Shopify apps, both free and paid, designed to propel your business forward in 2024.

Best Shopify Apps for Page enhancements

Table of contents

  1. 1. Sense RTL: עברית
  2. 2. Tabs: SEO product tabs with AI
  3. 3. Intelligems: A/B Testing
  4. 4. Easy Background Music ‑ Musica
  5. 5. Fordeer Product Labels&Badges
  6. 6. Speed Ecom App
  7. 7. T:Trust Badges, features Icons
  8. 8. Kaching Custom Cursor
  9. 9. GA:Ultimate Trust Badges+Icons
  10. 10. Bloom: Product Feature Bullets
  11. 11. Preloadify: Turn Wait to Wow
  12. 12. Libautech: Amazon Buy Button
  13. 13. Flair Product Badges + Labels
  14. 14. Accessibility Enabler AW
  15. 15. VariaSlide ‑ image gallery
  16. 16. Floatton ‑ Floating Buttons

Sense RTL: עברית

by Sense Apps

5 ( 197 rating & reviews )

With Sense RTL, you can provide a much better experience for local customers in Israel! Turning your website layout from right to left has never been so easy and fast. With these many features, your local visitors will quickly turn into customers.

Right-to-left website alignment - (RTL).

A full Hebrew translation of website notifications (customer emails).

Dynamic button translation - Buy now.

Add payment icons with a single click..

Enhance website accessibility with our app, including accessibility statement.

Price - Free trial available

Sense RTL: עברית

Tabs: SEO product tabs with AI

by FaqKing

5 ( 117 rating & reviews )

Organize your product content with tabs and sections to elevate customer experience and increase sales. Save time by creating templates for shared content like size guides and warranty details. Generade product tabs & descriptions with AI. Don't miss out on the chance to boost conversions and enhance your customer's shopping journey. Our app supports theme extensions and our loaded script has low to zero impact on your store speed so you can enjoy SEO adapted product tabs!

Present your content using either a vertical accordion or horizontal tabs

Share content across multiple products to save time with the shared tab feature

Create SEO optimized product descriptions with our AI (ChatGPT) toolset

Use our design templates or create a unique style that completes your store

Tabs & accordion are prepared for SEO and accessibility (WCAG 2.0 compliant)

Price - Free plan available

Tabs: SEO product tabs with AI

Intelligems: A/B Testing

by Intelligems

4.8 ( 83 rating & reviews )

Maximize your store's profit through A/B testing with Intelligems. Split test anything on your site in just a few clicks: Content Testing lets you experiment with themes, landing pages, UX and content to boost conversion and reduce CAC. Our Profit Optimization plan helps you find the "sweet spots" in your pricing, discounts, shipping rates & thresholds, to boost profit. Our team of experts has run thousands of split tests, and helped transition many teams from Google Optimize to Intelligems.

AB test themes, templates, copy, content, & landing pages to supercharge revenue

Split AB test product prices across your catalog to find profit opportunities

AB Test shipping rates or free shipping thresholds to boost margins

Experiment with & personalize offers and discounts to measure incremental impact

Track 100+ metrics, export raw data, and measure stat sig using our dashboard

Price - Free trial available

Intelligems: A/B Testing

Easy Background Music ‑ Musica

by BirdChime

4.8 ( 124 rating & reviews )

Captivate your customers with soothing music or a song of your choice when they visit your store. Melodious tunes help to better customer experience.

Set the mood for the festive season with the relevant music playing in your store. Example: Attract customers in the Christmas season with jingle bells tune in your store.

Blends well will with your Shopify dashboard and theme. The app differentiates itself from other solutions through its very simple and elegant user interface

Delight customers with music and increase sales

Live preview of music player to configure

Sync music between tabs.

Price - Price: Free

Easy Background Music ‑ Musica

Fordeer Product Labels&Badges

by Fordeer Commerce

4.9 ( 217 rating & reviews )

Fordeer Product Badges&Labels helps boost customer engagement and drive sales with customizable product labels and badges (choose pre-designed collections or create yours). Highlight product features, promotions, sales, new arrivals, best-sellers, low-stock alerts. Easily manage display conditions like discount ranges, stock status, and visibility periods. Enhance catalog browsing and make products stand out with branded labels. Improve shopping experiences and motivate purchase decisions today.

Library for various events: Customer Day, Summer Olympics, Back to School, etc.

Multiple conditions: visible date, inventory, collections, tags, variants, etc.

Display product labels on search page, cart page, product page, home page, etc.

Display labels for each special customer group, such as logged-in customers.

Incorporate product metafields into text labels, showcase detailed information.

Price - Free plan available

Fordeer Product Labels&Badges

Speed Ecom App

by Speed Ecom

4.4 ( 17 rating & reviews )

This application is essential for using the Speedfly theme. Indeed, thanks to it, you will be able to do the following things:

Access the user guide with 53 videos Be able to update your theme in 1 click Apply fixes Enable advanced theme management Retrieve useful CSS hacks and codes Be able to access a private and dedicated space And many other things!

Advanced theme management.

One-click update.

User guide in videos.

Price - Price: Free

Speed Ecom App

T:Trust Badges, features Icons

by TK Digital Ltd

4.9 ( 63 rating & reviews )

With TinyICONS you can add designer icons on any product pages, payment page & footer of your store. Increase customer trust with icons, labels and badges to make your store a trusted site!

You can also use vast icon library (trust me, guarantees, feature, payment & social media icons) with customization possibilities to strengthen brand memorability & boost conversion rates.

Pick any icon from our logos, guarantees, trust badge & feature icon library or upload your own custom icon!

Easily customize size, font and color of all available icons and trust badge.

Place trusted badges & icons on product pages, homepage, cart, or footer.

Upload your own guarantees & feature product icons with a few simple clicks.

Enjoy responsive design, preview possibilities and even make your custom icons

Get help at any step of the way from superstar customer support.

Price - Price: Free

T:Trust Badges, features Icons

Kaching Custom Cursor

by Kaching Appz

5 ( 22 rating & reviews )

Leave a memobrable impression to your customers so they could easily recognize your brand. We help you do it by providing more than 100 custom cursors to choose from and even letting you upload a custom cursor yourself. Let's be honest, default cursors are boring, so if you are trying to stand out with fun and personalized theme, do not forget to add a custom cursor as well.

Stand out with custom cursor in your store

More than 100 cursor designs in our gallery

Upload your own cursor to match your brand

Price - Price: Free

Kaching Custom Cursor

GA:Ultimate Trust Badges+Icons

by GoodApps

4.8 ( 111 rating & reviews )

The ultimate tool to boost trust and confidence in your online store. You can effortlessly enhance your website's credibility with our extensive collection of badges: trust icon, payment, guarantees & features icons, product icons, and icon blocks. Replace long and boring product descriptions with attractive information badget that excites the customers. Insert quick-read icons for guarante services, warranties, etc. into the description. Try it now and start building trust with your audience

Quick and easy-to-read icons that attract customers.

Add Widget to Highlight Product Features

Customize Product Pages

Price - Price: Free

GA:Ultimate Trust Badges+Icons

Bloom: Product Feature Bullets

by Felix Paulus

4.8 ( 37 rating & reviews )

Boost your sales and engage more customers!

Highlight essential product features using text, icons, badges, and animations with our intuitive feature bullet and feature icon builder. Bloom lets you add tailored Bulletpoints and Badges to every product.

Create urgency with dynamic countdowns & delivery dates. Show different badges and icons for different products. Create bullets in multiple languages.

No coding – simply drag & drop the App into your Theme.

Increase conversions with standout, can't-miss feature Bullets and Icons

Intuitive Drag & Drop builder – zero coding needed!

FOMO: Add countdown timers & dynamic delivery date Badges

Show different Bullets and Icons depending on displayed product and language

Blazing fast loading speed. Optimized for Mobile & Desktop

Price - Free plan available

Bloom: Product Feature Bullets

Preloadify: Turn Wait to Wow

by Piric Group

4.6 ( 53 rating & reviews )

Custom Preloader for your store! Show your users a beautiful loading screen and guide them through your shop with smooth transitions. Choose loaders from presets, or upload your own image or logo and adjust the loading animation with many options. You can even enable the preloader on selected templates and disable the preloader on tablet/mobile devices! Does it slow down my store? Not at all! Preloadify optimizes images and videos so it has minimal impact on your shop speed.

Upload your own images, animations or videos

Choose from multiple presets for quick start

Get Full control over animation effects, pages, and more advanced settings

Create Store Preloader in 3 minutes

Use simple UI for maximum effect

Price - Free plan available

Preloadify: Turn Wait to Wow

Libautech: Amazon Buy Button

by Libautech

4.9 ( 47 rating & reviews )

Elevate Your Sales with the Amazon Buy Now Button - the perfect solution for Amazon organic ranking improvement and increased sales on both channels. Our app is designed to showcase your Amazon product listings, allowing customers to view reviews and make informed purchasing decisions.

Take advantage of this opportunity by easily connecting your Shopify store to the Amazon marketplace through our one-click Amazon Buy button feature.

Boost Amazon Organic Rankings with Our Advanced Backend Algorithm

Maximize Your Earnings with Multiple Marketplaces & Affiliate Accounts

Boost Sales with the Amazon Buy Button - A Vital Part of Your Sales Funnel

Don't allow customers to see similar products offered by Amazon competitors

Price - Free plan available

Libautech: Amazon Buy Button

Flair Product Badges + Labels

by Burst Commerce

5 ( 302 rating & reviews )

Promote any kind of promotion in your store to help you sell more, using product labels (aka product badges or product stickers), banners, countdown timers & more. Drive demand today with advanced promotions for BFCM, Pre-Orders, Low Stock, Wholesale, B2B, Collections, Clearance, New Arrivals, and more. Enable automatic promotions based on Availability, Price, Savings, Product, Variant, Metafield, Product Option, Customer, B2B Company, and more.

Increase sales with product badges, labels, stickers, banners & countdown timers

Boost ANY promo - Pre-Order, New, Limited Time, Exclusive, Best Seller and more

Automate by Collection, Product Tag, Stock Level, Variants, Metafields, and more

Works with all Shopify themes, Shopify Markets, and Shopify B2B wholesale.

24/7 5-star customer service. Complimentary setup is included.

Price - Free trial available

Flair Product Badges + Labels

Accessibility Enabler AW

by HikeOrders

4.6 ( 91 rating & reviews )

Jumpstart your accessibility conformance using Accessibility Enabler and avoid lawsuits. We provide an accessibility widget that is optimized for both mobile and desktop users. We provide 30+ accessibility options for users that helps to adjust web page based on their needs. Our app works on all Shopify theme and do not slow down your store.

Want to know more ? Click on the website link given at the bottom of this page

Breakthrough design for mobile and desktop.

Accessibility certificate and badge. Get Accessibility statement

Customizable UI and design for color, position, icon. Supports 105 languages

Screen-reader adjustments, keyboard navigation adjustments

Flexible accessibility settings, tested and compatible with all Shopify themes

Price - Free plan available

Accessibility Enabler AW

Floatton ‑ Floating Buttons

by Hura Apps

4.9 ( 38 rating & reviews )

Floatton is an app that helps you create sticky floating link buttons to give your user easily accessible content throughout your store. You can utilize this super handy app in so many ways with multiple features provided. For instance, add Scroll to top button, Go to cart button, and social network buttons...

Add float buttons to your store

Quick and easy to install

No coding required

Work with any themes

Compatible with all browsers and all devices

Price - Free plan available

Floatton ‑ Floating Buttons

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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