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Best Shopify Apps for Metafields

TablePress ‑ Data Tables

Install from the Shopify App Store

TablePress allows you to create tables that can be embedded into blogs, pages, or text widgets with a simple shortcode. No coding is required as the table data can be edited in a spreadsheet. Save time by importing data instead of editing data manually. Create complex data tables with a search box, pagination, and filtering.

You can create tables and insert them on any of the pages on your site.

Import tables from Microsoft Excel in XLS and CSV formats.

Tables can be exported in CSV and Zip formats.

Individual tables can be customized with custom CSS as per your need.

Easy to create complex data tables with a search box, pagination, and filtering.

TableFlow Specification Table

Install from the Shopify App Store

Spend less time setting up your product specification tables and more time on marketing!

Easily map metafields to specification table and conditionally show the specification table on specific products, helping you display important product metafields in a clear & organised way, providing your customers all the info they need before making a purchase which can help to reduce customer query.

For other product info use Multi-column spec table to add sizing, volume discount & shipping rates.

Specification table value changes in realtime when variant changes

Conditionally show metafields table according to the product group, tag & types

Add additional product info in the label using tooltip

Power-ups: Table grid, Split view, Expandable table & Collapsible table title

Available templates: Specification table & Multi-column table with card view

Custom Fields For Your Product's. CustomVogue allow you to add custom fields accordions for your products. CustomVogue covers all the bases, hassle-free for your products. With the use of CustomVogue, you can build product custom fields. With zero coding required. There is a rich text area to add the detail so have freedom to apply formatting to your text and you can also show images in the accordion options.

CustomVogue allow you to add custom fields accordions on product detail page.

CustomVogue covers all the bases, hassle-free usecases for your products.

No coding skill require to manage the custom fields on product detail page.

PetPro AI: Personalized Emails

Install from the Shopify App Store

In the fiercely competitive world of pet e-commerce, standing out & connecting with customers is non-negotiable. So we created PetPro AI.

Merchants who use our replenish emails see an immediate & substantial increase in customer order value and average number of orders.

PetPro AI uses advanced AI to analyze first-party information about customers' pets, shopping history, & customer data to automatically create highly individualized emails that drive repeat sales, and foster lasting loyalty.

Automatically generates highly personalized emails without segmentation

Laser-focused emails on individual customers dramatically increases conversion

Combines customer data, shopping behavior AND first-party pet information

Personalize support calls with pet information on customer cards and order pages

Track email open rates, click through rates & conversion rates on the dashboard

Admin+ enhances the Shopify Admin and POS (point of sale) system with custom pages and forms that can capture data and perform many functions.

POS examples: create draft orders from POS carts, calculate discounts based on customer attributes, capture custom line item properties and notes

In the Shopify admin, create custom product metafield entry forms using Liquid and HTML including complex validation, data lookup and more.

Extend Shopify POS with forms and custom logic

Build custom pages to capture and validate metafields & line item properties

Start with our easy to use template wizard for some common use cases

PixLogix's Metafield ensures a simple way to create, update and delete the required metafields for various products and variants. It can also be used for the wide custom and smart collections, customers, blogs, pages, orders, etc. Moreover, by using metafield by PixLogix, you can directly shop from the admin panel of the Shopify store without any hassles. # Easy management and synchronization of valuable data: With our offered bulk editor, all you need is just a click for creating, editing,...

This App can create update and delete metafields for orders and draft orders

This App can create update and delete metafields for products

This App can create update and delete metafields for customers

As you know that through Shopify admin you can not add custom fields for your various pages. By using this app you can request us to create custom fields for your product, variant or cart page etc so that you can receive extra information from your customers. You can use this app to view list of existing fields on app screen itself. You can edit values by just entering values in text-boxes and by just clicking on buttons. With this app you can also export existing fields values on CSV files.

Ask extra information from your customers from product or variant pages.

Add extra custom field on product, variant or cart pages.

Display custom fields on print slips of packets.

With Native Metafields you can easily manage all your metafields.

All types are supported, color picker, date & time, files, references, JSON, text,...

Did you ever struggle when modifying all your product variant's metafields? With Native Metafields you can see all of them at a time.

Do you want to export your metafields? We've got your back!

View, filter search and edit all your metafields in one click!

Update your metafields value directly within the app.

Import & Export your metafields.

Upload files, images & videos within the app.

Retrieve the liquid syntax of your metafields.

Easy Specification Table

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Easy Specs, you can create custom specification tables for all of your products. Neatly and dynamically display product data, including product fields, variant fields and metafields. This makes it easy for your customers to find the information they need to make a purchase, right on your site. No more losing customers to your competition - with Easy Specs, you can keep them right where you want them, on your site and ready to buy!

Smart Metafield Display: Display product metafields intelligently based on type

Real-time Variant Updates: Instantly update table values for different variants

Intelligent Display Logic: Show tables based on collections, tags & types

Effortless Customization: Tailor table designs with extensive options & tooltips

Speedy & Responsive: Fast, professional appearance on all devices

#Let's feel the Magic

Metafy app allows you to extend your Shopify store using Shopify's Metafields. Using this app you can create a wide variety of valuable functionality and custom fields at free of the development cost! You can add metafields to Products, Articles, Blogs, Collections, Pages, and Globally to the entire shop. We rely on the existing Shopify infrastructure, so you don't ever have to worry about scaling or hosting costs! No payment information is required to get started. It...

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