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Best Shopify Apps for Seasonal design

Animify – Storefront Animation

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app will give your storefront a more attractive look, with animated floating icons that's sure to catch your customers' attention and add special atmosphere during sales, promotions or seasonal celebrations. App provides your storefront with animated flying objects, partially transparent falling images, customizable object amount and effect colors. If needed, you can show animated icons only on the main page. There are even more features to explore, so check it out for yourself!

Lots of Premium effects available: Sales, Discounts, Christmas and many more

Bring some special atmosphere and grab potential customers attention

Change the animations depending on the season or on the event you promote

Event Boost: AI Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Event Boost, store owners can boost sales for dozens of events, such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more. The app automatically optimizes SEO and conversion rates by scheduling content for product pages and images. The AI makes the content unique for each product, so customers and search engines will feel it’s cohesive and relevant. We work on all major events and holidays, including many cultural events, allowing you to diversify your store easily. • No speed impact

Optimize SEO and conversion rates for every event on autopilot

Automatically schedule content for product page titles, descriptions and images

Includes all major events: BFCM, Valentine's Day, New Year, Halloween and more

Many cultural-specific events to diversify your store and reach bigger audiences

Complete control of everything, Review and edit if needed

Enhance your customer experience with custom cursor. Our app allows you to personalize storefront's cursor style with a variety of creative and unique designs. Add a touch of customization to engage visitors and reflect your brand's identity. Easily implement and configure cursor designs without any coding knowledge required. Elevate your website's visual appeal today.

Choose from a wide range of custom cursor designs

Easily switch cursor styles to match your website theme

Enhance user experience with smooth cursor transitions

Scare your customers (not away) a little with the Halloween app for Shopify. The main pages of your store will show an amazing Halloween decoration and pumpkins and bats falling through the screen. Optionally, scary music and sounds will also be played in the background. The animations are integrated into your store without interfering with its navigation and functionality. It compliments every background or colour scheme. Thanks to its responsive design, it runs smoothly on mobile and tablets.

Two different themes to choose: pumpkins and bats

Show effects in all public pages or only at home page

Option to display the effects on mobile browsers

Enable or disable a button to play background music

Show or hide top and bottom decoration

Hura Effects: Valentine's Day

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app is working as a great tool when you want to celebrate important days with your website visitors by giving them a pleasant user experience. It's a perfect match made when you are in the mood for a celebration with your customers. It's very useful for Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and Valentine's Day... celebrations. This is a fun way to wish visitors a Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween, and Happy Valentine's Day...

Create stunning effects: snowfall, rain, firework, confetti cannon, etc...

Create awesome effects when you move the mouse

Create a shaking effect for the Add To Cart button

Customizing your website cursor

Easy configure and turn on or off the effects with the click of a mouse

Beautify your website with no coding for special occasions

  • Schedule decorations based on country, day, and timings
  • Use your own icons for unlimited possibilities

In a few clicks you can decorate your store for any festival and occasion.

Decorate in a few clicks Just enabled a decoration to see it in action on your site.

You don't have to touch any coding to do this.

There are more than 120 icons available currently. Customize the size and speed by providing min and max values.

Unlimited Possibilities: You can use your own images/icons to create decorations

Schedule and Restrict decorations based on Country, Day, and Time.

Restrict decorations to appear only on specific pages, collections, products etc

Mega Seasonal Holiday Effects

Install from the Shopify App Store

Enhance the festive and immersive shopping experience for your customers and boost holiday season sales by adding captivating festive holiday deals animations, including gentle falling snowfall, playful drifting hearts, and Christmas carols/music. With just a click, you can showcase charming Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and White Christmas decorations, effects, and animations! Tailor your storefront effortlessly now with Mega Seasonal Holiday Effects and Bring More Joy to this Holiday Season.

Captivating Animations: Seasonal animations for memorable shopping experiences.

Easy Customization: Customize for any occasion, staying seasonally relevant.

Engaging Experiences: Keep customers captivated with holiday animations.

Ready to boost Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas Sales!

Seamless Integration: Effortlessly Integrate with no technical hassle.

Pasilobus Holiday Decorations

Install from the Shopify App Store

Ignite the holiday magic with our all-in-one store decoration app! Experience the enchantment of Flying Santa, the whimsy of snowfall, the dazzling holiday lights, and the festive emoji-based decorations for mouse cursors. Plus, add a touch of excitement with captivating fireworks. Transform your store into a wonderland that captures the essence of every holiday. Stand out from the competition and create an immersive shopping experience that sparks joy and enhances every holiday.

Get your customers in the holiday shopping spirit and boost your holiday sales

Decorate your store for each holiday keep customers engaged for longer

Create a festive environment with a snowfall animation and a cursor effects

All decorations and effects are compatible with Online Store 2.0 themes

No coding required. Automatically install with few clicks!

Twilight app is no-code app apart from installing no code changes are required. It gives one more beautiful look to your store to attract more customers. It solve the problem of the customers those are sensitive to bright light by giving dark look to your store so they can explore your store. Significant amount of customers do online shopping at night time because that is the only free time they have so if your site is easy to view in dark will automatically help you to get more customer.

Absolutely 0 coding required, You don't need to make any changes in your theme.

This app works across browsers perfectly no matter which browser customer using

More customers means more sales.

Halloween Day Celebration

Install from the Shopify App Store

Halloween Day Celebration App allows to make your Shopify store Halloween ready with just a few clicks! Decorations falling through the screen on main pages, choose which decorations from dashboard settings.

Offering Halloween-themed discounts and promotions will help increase conversions while also making your customers happy.

It also has compatibility with your theme and customizable for use with any theme. Plus, different skeleton animations to make any theme look great for Halloween!

Show decorations in all public pages or only at home page and header / footer.

Enable or disable a flying skeleton.

Show a custom happy Halloween image in any corner of your store.

Easy setup with light-weight objects to keep your store running smoothly.

Select the features you want from the Application settings to match your store.

3D Snow, All Season Effects

Install from the Shopify App Store

The app is best for those days of festivals where you want to make your customers feel the essence of festivals in your store. With fully responsive design your customers can have smooth and wonderful mobile experience with these animations. Get into the mood of celebrations and festivity and give your customers a wonderful experience with 3D animation on your store. Animations are available of Snowflakes, Halloween and Christmas, Valentine Week(Rose Day, Propose day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day,

One click install. No modification required in your theme files.

Animations for Christmas, Snow, Halloween, Valentine, black friday, Sale & many.

One of its kind the app offers 3D animations to your store.

#Let the snow fall in your store with Snowflakes As simple as that: install, activate, enjoy the snow.

#Customize everything You can customize any single element of the snowflakes: icon, color, amount, size, speed.

#Fully compatible with any theme Completely transparent to your theme. This app does not affect with your theme, other apps, javascript or any other thing.

Customize every single detail of snowflakes effect.

The snowfall effect is compatible with all themes/apps. It won't break your shop

Your website's performance will not be affected by this app. We care about SEO.

Etoo ‑ Xmas Snow Animation

Install from the Shopify App Store

During these festival seasons, we have brought an app which looks more beautiful to your website. Everyone wants to look at their website beautiful like our upcoming holidays. We have tried to match the website same as your home decoration. We have many icons for the upcoming Christmas/New year festival like Christmas tree, Gift pack, Halloween, Santa, Candles and many more.

Simply one click installation.

Multiple 2d/3d animation icon to look more beautiful website.

Beautiful header bar.

Option to select entire site or any individual page.

One click enable/disable.

Glitzmas ‑ Christmas Effects

Install from the Shopify App Store

Precious Effects | Quick Installation | Responsive Layouts

Christmas Season sale is coming soon, and it's time to decorate your store and get the customers into the mood of celebrations and feel the essence of festivals in your store.

You don't need to edit any template to configure the App. Once you enable the App in your store, it will automatically show all effects based on settings.

You can directly upload custom images & audio from the app settings.

Add the decoration link to your Sale Offers page to boost sales.

Different types of options available for Top, Bottom, and side Decorations.

Show the effects only on the Home page, all pages, or custom pages.

Christmas background audio music with different types of Christmas melodies.

Option to hide the effects on the mobile & custom audio upload feature

Delight your customers with festive decorations for every season and increase store customer engagement. The decorations do not interfere with your customer's shopping experience as they are displayed in the background.

Decorate your store for every holiday and occasion to put customers in the mood for shopping! Choose from 100s of icons and 1000s of combinations. We'll be happy to add any icons you need. Easy 1-click installation. No coding required! You can pause the animations at any time.

Choose from hundreds of icons! Customize size, speed, quantity and animation.

Adjust the speed and duration of the animations as well as the quantity and size

Easily show the animations on a specific page or all the pages.

Set a timer to stop animations after a specified period of time.

Optimized for desktops & mobile devices to ensure a seamless consumer experience

Running promotions campaings requires you:

  • Create a copy of you current theme
  • Update your banners and do your customizations
  • Publish the update.

Always the promotions and changes works better at hours where you are on your spare time, that is where Theme Changer enters, setup your events and go relax, Theme Changer will publish for you.

Plan your promotions and your theme updates

Automatically publish your themes in the day and hour selected

After the event is finish you can publish a different theme

Edit or cancel your event

Enjoy your spare time with your family and friends an let the app work for you

The app has many options to set the icons and animator speed with the page selection options too. It will be easier for the merchant to select the desirable page for the amination effect. For any sale page, these animation effects increase viewer engagement on the selected page or the website.

Smart animator has many option for controlled speed of animation .

Smart Animator has enables option to make the effects visible on which device.

The animator can be enabled or disabled at any time from the selected page.

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