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Best Shopify Apps for Price change alert

Frykland ‑ Price History

Install from the Shopify App Store

Navigate EU pricing regulations confidently with Frykland Price History. Our app reveals your product's lowest price 30 days before a sale, ensuring full compliance with the EU Price Indication Directive. Ideal for merchants prioritizing transparent business practices, it simplifies price history display, offering easy placement on your product page. Seamless with Online Store 2.0, it ensures both customer trust and regulatory adherence without the fuss.

EU Price Directive-compliant price history.

Display 30-day pre-sale lowest prices.

Boost trust with transparent pricing.

Online Store 2.0 seamless integration.

Aulingo: Omnibus Compliant

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Aulingo Omnibus Compliant App reveals the 30-day lowest price in your discount campaigns, automatically. It monitors the ongoing 30-day lowest price point to ensure accurate display of discounted pricing with the lowest price. Showcase the 30-day lowest price on your product page using our 2 steps easy setup. The App also offers compliance monitoring with the Omnibus Directive, facilitates product corrections for non-compliant items.

Automatically display the product's lowest price over the past 30 days.

Automatically resolve compliance issues and present the right comparison price.

Adhere to the Omnibus Directive set by the European Union.

Effortlessly install the 30-day lowest price feature on your site.

İndirimli Fiyat Göster

Install from the Shopify App Store

Yasal regülasyonlar gereği, ürün fiyatı 30 gün içinde en düşük seviyede olduğunda websitenizde bir ibare göstermeniz gerekmektedir. İndirimli Fiyat Göster uygulaması ürünlerinizin son 30 gün içindeki karşılaştırma fiyatlarını kontrol eder ve otomatik olarak belirlediğiniz ibareyi websitenizde gösterir.

Yasal regülasyonlara uygun.

Renkleri, metni, yazı tipi boyutunu özelleştirin.

Kullanımı basit ve her temayla uyumlu.

Manuel işlem gerektirmez.

Stay compliant and boost sales with the Cronum: Price Changes App! Effortlessly meet EU Price Indication & Omnibus Directives while offering legal discounts in Europe. Prevent potential fines and showcase the most competitive prices from the past 30 days. Get started in under 5 minutes with zero coding required. Take advantage of customizable design, language translation, automatic price documentation, mobile optimization, bulk editing, and enhanced SEO. Make your store compliant and attractive!

Easy Setup: Install the app without any technical knowledge and get started!

More design options: Stands out from other apps with more customization features

Smart Price Tracking: Auto-detect and display price changes for all your items!

Language Flexibility: Cater to international customers with seamless translation

Fast loading times: Optimized for stores with a large number of products

The Watchlyst ‑ Price Alerts

Install from the Shopify App Store

Most store visitors leave without making a purchase. Use price alerts to bring them back.

  1. Visitors see a 'Price Drop Alert' button on product pages
  2. They can subscribe to a price drop alert by providing a target price
  3. The app monitors prices & emails subscribers when the price hits the target

Never Lose A Sale Due To Bad Pricing Bring Back Lost Customers Lead Capture on Steroids Measure Demand, Not Just Sales Send Emails Customers Love & Build Loyalty Convert Old Stock Into Cash

Setup in minutes. Fully automated.

Personalize buttons, forms and emails in sync with your brand.

Engage visitors, capture leads, track product prices, send alerts on auto pilot.

1:1 personalized email alerts for each customer.

Track product trends, customer intent and return traffic, all in real-time.

Omnibus Compliant Price

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app ensures full compliance with the European Omnibus Directive by displaying the lowest price of the past 30 days for each product variant. We monitor and record price changes, keeping the lowest price always updated. The product page widget is fully customizable in terms of color, spacing, and formatting, offering advanced display settings, including the ability to hide it by vendor and tag. You can reach us via chat or email for assistance.

EU Compliance: Complies with Omnibus standards. Track the lowest price over 30d.

Customize: Edit colors, formats, and spacing of your widgets.

Advanced: Edit tracking timeframe, hide widgets by product tags and vendors.

Live Chat: Guaranteed support for queries and installation.

With Minimum Advertised Price(MAP) you can either hide product price or show a higher price to increase the curiosity or encourages the users to add product to cart to see a lesser original price. This will surely help merchants in increase in sales. Please rely on the app for getting more sales by hiding the price and showing when product is added to cart. Use our app and take your pricing strategy to a whole new level. Contact us for any help needed with the installation or anything.

Incentivize Customers - By hiding or showing higher Price until added to cart

Custom MAP Pricing or Custom message instead of price

Conversion Tool to increase sales

Setup Pricing Strategies by setting price for target audience

WebPanda | Price Intervals

Install from the Shopify App Store

By default, Shopify will only display the minimal price for products with different prices for variants. This app will allow you to display the products variants prices as an interval between the minimal and maximal prices in collections pages, on the homepage, and on the search page.

Show price range instead of the simple product price

Simple and fast app setup and configuration

Very fast customer support

Omnibus Price On Autopilot

Install from the Shopify App Store

Navigate EU pricing laws smoothly - Omnibus Price On Autopilot manages monitors all your price changes for you so that you can focus on sales.

Update your sales discounts as usual, the app will automatically ensure that your compare at price is set to the lowest price in 30 days. You can also show the original price for the product before the price reduction. Show a price history chart on all your product pages for full pricetransparency towards your customers. Installation support included!

EU Compliance Simplified: Monitoring and fixing your prior price, 30-day price

Automatically adjusts your compare at prices for instant compliance!

One click install, no additional work required on your part to stay compliant

Show an original price or a chart with full price history on your product pages

The first app that automatically takes care or your price information compliance

Sell more and sell faster by allowing your customers to subscribe to different product events. Let your customers subscribe to Back In Stock, Price Drop, Low In Stock, and Price Change. Use web push notifications when customers visited out of stock products or when there are more customers viewing the same product. All notifications are fully customizable.

Web push notifications on per product page or side-wide.

Customer subscriptions to product events

Fully customisable notifications

UrgiPrice: Periodic Price Hike

Install from the Shopify App Store

UrgiPrice helps you to automate price increments for product variants on a daily or hourly basis. Variants price can be increased in absolute or percentage value until the maximum price is reached. Most importantly, it lets you display a customised sale alert message on the product page based on selected variant. This creates FOMO for low-price deals for the customers. The urgency call out block can be added easily in all 2.0 supported themes without any code editing!

Add automation to increase price daily or hourly by flat amount or percentage.

Display urgency callout on the product page to give FOMO for low price deals.

Use simple variables to create dynamic callout text and add through app block.

Set periodic price increment for specific variants till maximum price reaches.

Omnibus Insight: Price Tracker

Install from the Shopify App Store

Streamline pricing transparency effortlessly by complying to EU Omnibus Directive guidelines

Optimize your pricing strategy with Omnibus Insight: Price Tracker app. Build trust with your customers by showcasing the lowest prices over the past N days, ensuring compliance with the EU Price Indication Directive. Track and analyze price changes to showcase the lowest prices over the past N days and gain a competitive edge.

Track the history of price changes with a handy grid

Showcase minimal prices for all or only discounted products

Prevent database overload by automatically cleaning the price log

Provide customers with seamless translation for an advanced experience

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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