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Best Shopify Apps for Store alerts

Hextom: Ultimate Sales Boost

Install from the Shopify App Store

This App has 30+ tools to promote your sales from landing page, product page, all the way to the checkout page, displays consistent sales boosting messages throughout your customers' entire shopping journey, and increase sales.

It includes countdown timer, stock countdown, free shipping, trust and payment badges, image labels, get-it-by timer, BOGO, animations on the home, collection, product, cart, and checkout pages. You can choose the best tools to optimize your conversion funnel.

30+ widgets, tools to promote sales, fully customizable, 1-click to configure

Display on every page including home, collection, product, cart, checkout pages

Countdown timer, stock countdown, image labels, stickers, BOGO, upsell

Free shipping message, get-it-by timer, trust badges, payment badges

Advanced targeting, geolocation, customer, page, product targeting, scheduling

Essential Countdown Timer Bar

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sale timer is a new secret method to boost your sales! It triggers urgency, scarcity and fomo, driving your customers to Buy NOW, instead of "Buy Later". Wanna sell more? Use this app every day, or use it for specific days (promotion, pre-orders, product launches, flash sale, holidays). Time clock is perfect for the best results during Black Friday, Cyber Monday & beyond. Just click 'Install' and join merchants who use this app to make more money.

Boost Storewide Sales: By setting an announcement bar timer (top bar or bottom).

Increase Conversions: add a product timer, countdown banner or cart countdown.

Prevent Cart Abandonment: By using a cart timer (checkout timer) in your cart.

Match Counter Style: Customize text, colors, type, timer schedule & placements.

Set Any Schedule: To-date, daily recurring, or evergreen fixed-minute countdown.

Back in Stock: Restock Alerts

Install from the Shopify App Store

Retain sales on out-of-stock products with back-in-stock email & SMS notifications to ensure your customers can order directly from your store when products become available again. Replace dreaded out-of-stock buttons with restock notification buttons the minute stock levels are updated in your inventory. Customize button messages based on customer preferences, device type, & language. Grow sales with powerful features that can manage notifications on a large number of SKUs, including variants.

Send Automatic Back in Stock Notifications via Email, Text, & Push Notifications

Grow Email Lists for Flash Sales & Sync to Email Providers Like Klaviyo

Setup Notify Me Buttons in Minutes; Customize Buttons to Match Brand Guidelines

Analyze Sales for Popular Out-of-Stock Inventory for Better Demand Forecasting

Compatible with Most Themes, & Support is Available to Assist with Anything 24/7

Hextom: Countdown Timer Bar

Install from the Shopify App Store

Countdown Timer Bar can help you add a sense of urgency in your sales events, make your customers feel they must act now to avoid missing out on something important, and drive more sales.

The App supports various types of timers, such as one-time, auto-recurring, daily & weekly timer. You can use them for different sales events. It also offers targeting options including geo location, customer, page, etc. You can have targeted events for different countries, customers, and optimize the sales.

One-time, auto-recurring, daily & weekly timers can fit different types of sales

Advanced targeting geo location, customer, page, product, device targeting

Scheduling, you can plan sales events in advance for events like Black Friday

Fully customizable with various rotation & animation, background images & styles

Supports all pages, 1-click to enable, no coding required

Avada Trust badges, pop‑up

Install from the Shopify App Store

If you're running an e-commerce store on Shopify, you know how important it is to create a sense of urgency and trust in your customers. This is where our app comes in - with Avada Trust Badges Sale Pop-up you can increase sales and build customer confidence in your store. With this app, you can display real-time sales notifications to create a sense of urgency and social proof as well as a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency.

Countdown timer: create multiple countdown timers on different pages

Trust badges: create multiple trust badges with stunning designs

Sales pop: turn browsers into buyers by showing recent sales popups

Free shipping bar: show Free Shipping Bar notifications to encourage customers

Live chat: connect with your customers seamlessly via WhatsApp, Messenger

Preorder Notify Me Pre‑Order T

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Timesact Preorder you don’t need to decide between a preorder or a back in stock notification. Just offer both at once and get all customers engaged. Transition seamlessly from a product drop to a presale and from a pre-sale to in stock then to a backorder all the way to sold out and back. Automate pre-order emails & restock alerts, order tags for preorders, shipping dates, countdowns and much, much more. With NO code added to your theme files & 24/7 support why not start right now?

30 min guided setup call on Zoom or Google Meets with a human specialist

Partial payment 2.0 & discount 2.0 via Selling Plans for preorders & backorders

Capture emails & send back in stock & restock alerts for non-preorder customers

Build hype with countdown timers on coming soon, drops, pre-sales & restocks

Save time by turning pre-orders & restocks on/off based on inventory levels

Notify! Back in Stock|PreOrder

Install from the Shopify App Store

Join merchants making revenue from out-of-stock products. Add the "Notify me" or “PreOrder” widget on the product, home, and collection pages. Send automatic notifications via email/text/push. Customize everything and get AI suggestions with help from our dedicated success team. Get reports about lost sales and revenue recovered with reminders to convert. More presale features and details Inside the app. With pre-order, you can accept pre-orders with discounts, notes, and partial payments.

Accept preorder discounts and send automatic restock alerts templates

Match with any theme based on AI, can be added to Home/Collection page

Works with your other marketing tools and page builders to create workflows

Dedicated customer support team you can reach via chat/phone/email

Multi-location inventory, multilingual, email domain setup, resend, and more!

PreOrder Globo | Back in Stock

Install from the Shopify App Store

PRE-ORDER: Easy to configure pre-orders based on inventory, date time start/end preorder. Automate add tag on the order like "preorder, shipping date", send pre-order email to customer

BACK-IN-STOCK: Automatically send notifications(Email or SMS) to subscribed users once the product becomes available again.

Easy enable pre-order button for out of stock product or any product on Shopify

Partial payment, automatically discount on pre-order, presale, back order

Custom delivery note like "Delivery in 21-30 days" below Preorder button.

Show "Notify me" button on Out Of Stock product

Back in stock alerts, send automatic back in stock notifications to subscribers

Urgency Bear Countdown Timer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Increase conversion rates with our countdown timer & stock countdown. Sales countdown timers are an effective way to instill a sense of urgency and scarcity in your store. Add a stock countdown & checkout timer to elevate your customers' FOMO (fear of missing out) and push them into buying mode. By creating a sense of urgency, you push indecisive customers to buy your products. Use our fully customizable product countdown timer to motivate more buyers to stop debating & click add-to-cart!

Display a countdown timer that is renewed by session or a fixed end date.

Show real inventory & stock countdown per selected variant to increase fomo.

Hide stock countdown on specific product pages for more flexibility.

Custom countdown placement inside many parts of your store.

Complete color, text, and design control to match your brand.

Appikon ‑ Back In Stock

Install from the Shopify App Store

Appikon's Back in Stock app helps you automatically notify customers when previously out of stock products become available. With back in stock alerts, you can improve the customer experience and boost sales, while automating inventory management. Our waitlist functionality ensures that customers never miss out on their favorite items. And detailed reporting tools provide insights into customer demand for both new and existing products. Try Appikon Back in Stock alerts and recapture more sales!

Automatic back in stock notifications & back order reminders via email and SMS

Set up your back in stock alert in less than 2 minutes, no coding required

Signup form and notifications are 100% customizable, compatible with all themes

Use back in stock alert analytics to understand customer demand for products

Generate waitlists for products to make sure you don't miss out on future sales

Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Install from the Shopify App Store

Add a "Notify me" button in minutes to enable automatic back in stock email or SMS alerts when you restock. Maximize sales by capturing demand before you have inventory with the preorder feature. Show AI powered in-stock recommendations for out of stock products. Customize to match your site’s theme. Automate back in stock and restock alerts via your ESP or SMS platform. Advanced inventory control capabilities like batch alert send, coming soon alerts and analytics to track popular products.

Go live in 5 minutes, seamlessly integrating with your theme in any language.

Automatic restock alerts and reminders via email and SMS.

Run Facebook/Instagram retargeting ads for audience interested in your products.

Grow your email lists with out of stock subscribers and reach them via ESPs.

Supports 'Coming Soon', Shopify Locations and AI-based product recommendations.

K: PreOrder Now & PreSale

Install from the Shopify App Store

Revitalize your shop with an enticing "Pre-Order Now" button, replacing the bland "Out of Stock" notice. Boost sales by allowing pre-orders for upcoming or unavailable items, enhancing the shopping experience. Foster customer excitement with pre-orders for new launches, building anticipation. This strategy not only ensures satisfaction but also increases your Average Order Value (AOV), making your store a go-to for eager shoppers. Embrace pre-ordering to keep sales flowing, even with low stock.

Continue selling of out-of-stock products with “Pre-Order & PreSale” buttons

Simple campaign setup & installation in just a few clicks

Track revenue and AOV with powerful analytics

Improve customer experience by not interrupting selling if items are unavailable

Fully customizable templates to suit your store

Back In Stock ‑ Restock Rocket

Install from the Shopify App Store

Create waitlists for out of stock products with a beautiful "Notify me when available" button & signup form on your store. Send email, SMS & push back in stock alerts with purchase links automatically when you restock, & watch your sales increase. Restock Rocket is powerful, affordable & packed with everything you need to send restock alerts - 24*7 live chat support, customizations, multi-language & locations support, reminder notifications to improve revenue recovery & more. Start today.

Add 'Notify me' button & signup form to your store in minutes

Send automatic, instant, multi-language back in stock email, SMS or push alerts

Customize everything to match your brand, and get 24*7 setup help

Grow your mailing list, sync to Klaviyo and send purchase reminder notifications

Boost sales by sending back in stock alerts for wishlisted products

Urgency+ | All‑in‑one FOMO App

Install from the Shopify App Store

Save time and money with a single app. Includes 10+ urgency tools/features to help unlock your full sales potential. Setup is quick, easy and fully customizable.

Countdown Timers: Create urgency on store pages and at cart or checkout.

Spin the Wheel: Boost engagement, reduce site abandonment, and reward customers.

Social-Proof Alerts: Show recent orders and remaining stock as customers browse.

Stock Counter: Create FOMO with Quantity Bars on Product Pages.

Urgency Emails: Send Sale Alerts/Reminders + Add a Countdown Timer to any email.

Krtbite: Back in Stock|Restock

Install from the Shopify App Store

Krtibite is an all-in-one marketing tool to help you recover lost sales. Don't miss out on lost sales with Back In Stock Alerts, Abandoned carts, and price drop notifications through Emails, and SMS Alerts. Shows the Notify Me!! button on out of stock products and automatically sends notifications when they get in stock. Creates the out-of-stock & price drop waitlists to see products in demand. Fully customize all notifications, grow your mailing list, and much more !!

Restock Alerts: Send Automatic back in stock email and SMS alerts

Price Drop Alerts: Send price drop alerts to customers when product is on-sale

Product Waitlist: Back in stock alerts analytic to know most in-demand products.

Grow Mailing List: Sync to Customer list automatically for email marketing.

Fully Customise "Notify me when available" button and Notification templates

TimexBar Stock Countdown Timer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Countdown Timer aka countdown clock app allows you to show the timer on your product pages to further boost the urgency and encourage users to buy within the limited time.

Key Features of Inventory Countdown App helps in establishing social proof, scarcity, and a sense of urgency by displaying remaining stock and countdown timers on product page.

You can totally customize the look & feel of the stock bar as its simple and quick to set up in less than 30 seconds.

Stock Countdown Timer Bar - Create urgency by showing available product count

Boost Buying Motivation - Encourage visitors to buy now

Customize Countdown Bar - Customize to match/contrast look and feel with store

Scarcity - Create scarcity by showing the remaining stock of the product

Social Proof - Show that items are selling fast and establish the social proof

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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