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Best Shopify Apps for Order limits

Orichi Bundle Quantity Breaks

Install from the Shopify App Store

Welcome to Quantity Discount & Order Limits. Be a discount app, we can help you create automatic discounts like tiered pricing to advance discounts (discount in multiple, cap the max discount, stack discount, combine with Shopify discount,...). Maximize price discount with upsell in cart, stunning layout for discounts and discount tag/label on collection page. Manage your purchase on your store by setting min, max purchases, limit order, limit quantity, limit qty. Support 24/24!

Quantity breaks & discount, tiered pricing, volume discount, bundle discount

Cart upsell, discount label (product badges/product labels), automatic discount

Tiered discount app limit usage: cap max discount, only show to tagged customer

Discounted pricing, bulk discount, volume discount, quantity limit

Minmaxify: limit quantity, min/max quantity, cart limit, product limit order

MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order

Install from the Shopify App Store

Easy mix and match bundle order form with bulk add to cart. Let customers build a box with variant bundles (ex.Red-S[12], Red-L[24]), build a bundle, and streamline bulk ordering with inventory tracking to increase sales. Variant table layout B2C/B2B/wholesale bundles ordering process is simple for multiple variant products. Minimum/maximum order quantity limit per variant or combination of variants. Restrict min/max number of variants per product. Support B2B catalogs price list, multi currency

Display variants bundle in a list/grid/table/matrix layout for easy ordering

Limit minimum/maximum number of variants purchased to make a box by mixed flavor

Quantity rules including increments and bundle quantity selectors (Drop-down)

Minimum quantity restrictions per variant option (Ex: Min 12 per color)

B2B Min Max quantity per variant grid or mix & match of the total variants

KOR Order Limit Quantity

Install from the Shopify App Store

KOR app puts restrictions on purchases by applying min & max limits to products, variants, items in the cart, order value, product weight etc. Set limits on specific or all products globally. Restrict quantity at the collection level. Flexible ways for limiting purchases to prevent over-ordering problems. Decide when (in terms of days or lifetime) & how much your customers can purchase. Decide priority order yourself for applying limits without any complexity. Customize error notifications.

Set limits on specific/all products sitewide. Restrict items in collections.

Set validity for purchasing quantities in terms of days or lifetime.

Restrict quantities based on customer tags, item weight, order value, cart etc.

Decide the priority order yourself to apply restrictions on product quantities.

Upload min & max limits via CSV file in bulk to manage large catalogs.

MinCart ‑ Order limits

Install from the Shopify App Store

Enhance your online store and/or B2B strategy. Easily establish minimum and maximum order limits. Define thresholds for price, quantity, weight, and items. Customize by product, variant, type, vendor, tag, or collection. Set flexible limits with start/end dates, translations, and 'if' statements. Integrate it with checkout extensions on Shopify Plus, extra limit rules based on customer-provided checkout details such as shipping country, delivery method, payment type, and discount codes.

An crucial resource for B2B, accessible checkout extensions for Shopify Plus.

Apply limits to items, collections, whole cart, vendors, tags or product types.

Control cart limits based on total price, quantity, unique item count or weight.

Customize notification style and translate texts in multiple languages.

Set limits with advanced "and & or" logic for precise activation control.

Advance Order Quantity Limits

Install from the Shopify App Store

MOQ App -Advance Order Limits Quantity Define minimum and maximum product quantity a customer can select quickly with the Advanced quantity order application. The minimum and maximum limits order app helps you restrict the customers to order between the minimum and the maximum number of items you can manage in your store. Put restrictions on the cart and specific products. In addition, you can set a limit on the cart amount as well. Let's manage your store inventory by Order limit Qty purchase.

Limits Order by Setting MOQ and maximum order quantity limit on products

Set limits on quantity quantities purchase in a custom series 2, 4, 5, 7

Apply minimum & maximum quantity rules to selected products &variants categories

Show personalize message to customers for show quantity order & amount limits

Set minimum purchase amount limit for a specific amount range

Evlop ‑ Order Limits [Min,Max]

Install from the Shopify App Store

The hassle-free way to enhance your online store's shopping experience. Want to avoid over-selling or under-selling? You can easily set minimum and maximum order limits on collections, product types, and tags. Whether it's promotional items or prepackaged cases, you're in control. Tailor your limit-setting rules to target specific audiences like wholesale customers, and keep everyone informed with handy notifications right on the cart page. It's a breeze to set up, with zero coding needed.

Smart Cart Limits: Set min-max limits on collections, tags, and types.

Targeted Rules: Customize limits for specific audiences like wholesalers.

Real-Time Alerts: Instant cart notifications for a seamless shopping experience.

Zero Coding: Easy setup with no coding skills required.

OrderLogic ‑ Min & Max Limits

Install from the Shopify App Store

Define min and max product quantities, with a simple interface to set limits on customer orders.

Selling a prepackaged set of 6? No problem!

Advanced plans offer support for the Buy Button or for setting limits based on a product tag across a group of products.

No coding required. Quick and easy setup in minutes.

A professional and stylish pop up modal alerts your customers of changes needed to the cart, and when possible allows them to fix their cart quantities with a single click!

Specify minimum and maximum constraints for products.

Specify minimum or maximum orders by price or item quantity limits.

The only limiting app with special support for the Buy Button.

Create limits based on product tags applied individually or as a group.

Quick, easy setup. No coding required.

SKELTA Buy X Restrict Y

Install from the Shopify App Store

Apply restriction & dependency to products as per your business needs. Restrict buyers from purchasing items that are incompatible together & set dependency between products that are related. Create as many pairs of dependent & restricted products as you want. Restriction & dependency rules can be applied in between collections. Simply product inventory by allowing or restricting customers from purchasing the products in accordance with predefined combinations of restrictions & dependencies.

Make unlimited pairs of restrictions & dependency for products.

Apply restrictions & dependencies between X & Y items freely.

Set restriction & dependency in between two collections.

Easy installation & configuration.

Streamlined inventory management & control over product quantities.

Min&Max Limits by Limitsify

Install from the Shopify App Store

Set up limits for your store!

Tired of unprofitable order? Want to increase revenue by adding some limitations?

Flexible solution for Shopify limits (min/max). Works with Ajax cart, limits per product, per cart and many more(quantity per order and product quantity)!

Limitsify is min max app, that redefines the way of adding limits to orders. It gives flexibility and easy to use interface to configure minimum and maximum limits for cart and supports various order logic.

It supports the...

By utilizing the Cart and Checkout Validation API, achieve more robust quantity restrictions with our app. It allows you to limit the number of items sold, with the ability to specify restrictions directly on products or by collection. Furthermore, you can choose between restricting quantities at the variant level (applying limits directly to each variant) or at the product level (applying limits to the total quantity of all variants of a product).

Quantity limit

Product message

Quantity picker control

Setting minimum and maximum quantities in your Shopify store is now made simpler with Quantify.

With Quantify, you can now set limits on how few and how much your customers can order and purchase from your Shopify store.

Quantify has a simple interface that makes it easier for you to implement the restrictions with fewer hassles.

Set limits on Minimum and Maximum Quantity of a particular product.

Limit Subtotal value in an order.

Limit minimum and maximum amount in an cart order

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