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Best Shopify Apps for Purchase options

Recharge’s industry-leading platform approaches LTV growth from all angles, allowing you to build seamless shopping journeys that maximize revenue and create lifelong customers.

Subscriptions: build and scale your recurring revenue stream

Loyalty: Provide exclusive rewards, benefits, and experiences

Bundles: Sell curated product bundles, or let shoppers customize their own

Flows: Personalize the customer journey and easily solve for key scenarios, like passive and active churn recovery

Customer Portal - Customize the interface of the store's customer portal

Flows - Personalize the customer journey

Robust and Flexible API - Fully customize your subscription experience

Bundles - Sell curated product bundles, or let shoppers customize their own

Unified Checkout - Single checkout process no matter the contents of the cart

Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify

Install from the Shopify App Store

Improve the shopping experience with min & max order limits on collections, product types, & tags. Save money with convenient limit-setting rules to avoid over-selling products to specific audiences. Easily set purchase limits on the number of products customers can purchase. Avoid over-shipping promotional items to 1 customer, put guard rails around prepackaged cases, & set limits for wholesale customers with notifications directly on the cart page. Easy to set up with no code required!

Create Customer Tag-Based Limits, Collection-Specific Limits, & Weight Limits

Apply Restrictions for an Entire Cart, Specific Products, or Groups of Products

Shoppers Receive Notifications to Add or Remove Products in the Cart at Checkout

Set Up Conditional Rules Based on Minimum & Maximum Prices, Quantity & Weight

Does Not Support Discounts or Customer Tags Such as Wholesale

Appstle℠ Subscriptions App

Install from the Shopify App Store

Discover powerful recurring order features in ecommerce, covering comprehensive and efficient subscription management tools, loyalty benefits, 1-click checkout, churn control, build-a-box, and more.

We work with some of the largest e-commerce brands in the world (Universal Audio, Pela Earth, Inspired Go, Skin Authority) to bring exceptional subscription experiences to their stores in a few clicks.

Have a question or need customization? Our best in class merchant success team is minutes away!

Sell subscriptions with shopper trial, payment options, build a box, and more

Offer tiered discounts, custom shipping, gifts, and more with loyalty features

Present feature rich customer portal with one click login and quick action links

Maximize ROI with upsells, bundling, bulk automation, retention tools, and more

Don’t let “out-of-stock” lead to lost sales. With 'Pre-Order Now' buttons, keep your customers engaged and committed to purchasing, even before items are available. Ideal for print-on-demand stores, this tool lets you gauge interest in new designs without inventory risk, manage demand surges with ease, and offer exclusive discounts for preorders. Start capturing sales before items are in stock and build anticipation for new launches effortlessly. Set up a Pre-order Now in minutes.

Mixed Cart Alerts: Alerts when both pre-order & in-stock items are in the cart

Pre Order Discounts: Apply automatic discounts to pre-orders like the pros

Partial Payments: Collect partial payments & retrieve balance before shipping

Stylish Badges: Stylish pre-order “badges” over product images on product pages

Back in Stock Notification: Sent automated back in stock email notifications

PayWhirl Subscription Payments

Install from the Shopify App Store

PayWhirl isn’t just another subscription app—it’s a flexible powerhouse built for Shopify. Offering unparalleled flexibility over simple and free alternatives, PayWhirl lets you design subscription plans that adapt to your business needs. Effortlessly integrate with product pages, carts, and user accounts via intuitive drag-and-drop blocks. No coding skills are needed, but advanced APIs, webhooks, and workflow tools are available. Contact our US-based support team via phone, chat, or email.

Built for Shopify, the highest level of recognition that an app can achieve.

Leverage over a decade of Shopify experience with free US-based support.

Optimize revenue w/ automation, analytics, churn stats, reports & data exports.

Reduce churn with intelligent cancelation flows, and automatic payment retries.

Free migration from ReCharge, Appstle, Seal, Bold, Loop and other providers.

Amai PreOrder Manager + Notify

Install from the Shopify App Store

Effortlessly enable pre-orders for any product and start capturing missed sales. Offer flexible payment options with partial payment and discounts for pre-orders, let customers sign up for stock alerts on your products, and generate hype with features optimized for presales and product launches.

Automate and schedule pre-order dates or enable based on stock levels

Easily customize every aspect of how pre-orders look and function on your store

Build product launch hype, replace 'Buy Now' buttons with a 'Coming Soon' one

Set pre-order quantity limits and display them on products to create urgency

24/7 Live Chat support and developer assistance when you need it

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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