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Best Shopify Apps for Language and translation

With Sense RTL, you can provide a much better experience for local customers in Israel! Turning your website layout from right to left has never been so easy and fast. With these many features, your local visitors will quickly turn into customers.

Right-to-left website alignment - (RTL).

A full Hebrew translation of website notifications (customer emails).

Dynamic button translation - Buy now.

Add payment icons with a single click..

Enhance website accessibility with our app, including accessibility statement.

Weglot ‑ Translate Your Store

Install from the Shopify App Store

Weglot is a complete eCommerce translation solution for Shopify

With Weglot, you can have an instantly translated store in under 5 minutes. Manage your translations easily with a first layer of machine translation for speed and automation, then use Weglot’s post-editing features to control the quality of your translations or order professional translations.

Your store is automatically indexed on Search Engines and SEO optimized to accelerate your customer acquisition.

Install Weglot and get an instantly translated store, without code.

Manage and edit translations on one platform. Collaborate with your team.

Multilingual SEO optimized: Weglot follows Google multilingual SEO best practice

Uplinkly Language Translate

Install from the Shopify App Store

Instantly translate your store into over 100 languages, in just a couple of clicks.

Install and simply pick the languages you'd like your store to be shown in, and we'll handle the rest.

Allowing your store to display in different languages can help increase international reach. Opening your store to new global markets can increase sales.

No matter where your visitors are from, we've got you covered.

Auto-translate your store and get more sales

Show the auto popup selector that allows visitors to pick their own language

Or use auto-mode to detect your customers language settings

Turn flags off or on, use a drop down or popup style

Easy integration, contact us to get the widget added to your menu or footer

langify ‑ translate your store

Install from the Shopify App Store

With langify, easily translate your store to reach new customers by selling in their native language. langify allows you to manually translate your content and also supports automatic translations. Export and import your work, to combine or save. Offer local currency and target your customers directly. With multiple Third-Party App integrations and custom solutions for every client. Constantly improving app development and outstanding support equals our excellent app.

Automatic and manual translations

Exclusive switcher configurator to match your style

Unique features to also translate 3rd party apps

SEO optimized by subfolders and custom domain option

Easy setup, no coding skills required

RTL Master: עברית/عربي

Install from the Shopify App Store

RTL Master gives you everything you need for a Shopify store in Hebrew, Arabic, or multiple languages. Providing RTL layout to every theme and allowing you to translate all of your stores to Hebrew and Arabic with a click of a button. The app also offers unique Arabic and Hebrew fonts for your language and pre-made store notifications in Hebrew and Arabic. RTL Master offers an all-in-one solution for your store with no additional apps needed for your Hebrew or Arabic store.

RTL Layout - use any theme you like and we will change it to right to left

Auto Translations - Translate your store to/from Hebrew or Arabic with one click

Fonts - Choose from a variety of stunning Hebrew/Arabic fonts

RTL/LTR Switch - Show the website in different layout based on the language

Manual Translations - Translate specific terms manually and use your own words

Translify | Translation by API

Install from the Shopify App Store

Generally, when you import products from big platforms like Aliexpress, Banggood, etc, product descriptions are in English.

Thanks to this app, you can translate automatically your product title and descriptions as well as product images alt attribute, the meta title SEO metafield and the meta description SEO metafield.

This is useful if you have a store in your local language and want all your products details to be translated into your audience language.

You can tag your translated products

Translate product title, description, image alt, title & description metafields.

Excellent translation result using Deepl translation engine or Google Translate.

Spare your time using automatic translation tools that are proven to work great.

A simple and fast application for adapting your Shopify store to Hebrew and making it user-friendly. The application will align your template to the right, both in the desktop version and in the mobile version, including menus, sliders and any other element in the template. In addition, the application allows the translation of the store terms into Hebrew automatically so that you do not have to translate them one by one.

Full alignment to the right - including all elements in the store

Support for all free Shopify themes - choose the one you like

Theme auto translation - Translate all your theme texts!

With Content Genius AI, you can create unique content in multiple languages, including descriptions, SEO title & meta description. You can also add custom keywords to help with SEO.

Content Genius AI is the perfect tool for busy ecommerce stores who need quality content but don't have the time or resources to create it themselves.

Get started today and see the difference Content Genius AI can make for your business!

Easy to use and helps you to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently

Multi-languages: Perfect for expanding into new markets!

Product & Collection description

Add your keywords!

SEO : Page meta title & Meta Description

LitPDF Catalog Line Sheets

Install from the Shopify App Store

Aside from time savings and increased sales, this automated PDF generation tool can also help you stay organized and reduce errors. By pulling product information directly from your Shopify store, you can ensure that your line sheet is always up-to-date with accurate pricing, availability, and product details. This means fewer mistakes and a smoother ordering process for your buyers. If you have custom meta fields or need a custom template, let us know and we will make it work.

Easily search and select products and convert them to PDF.

Choose a template design. All products have clickable links.

Choose different locales to generate as PDF.

Multi-lingual app. Change it to your native language. Email us to support yours.

Translate your webshop content and sell your products around the globe. The EasyTranslate no-code plugin lets you trigger and receive translations automatically, without having to leave Shopify. Once you’ve requested translations, translators will get notified instantly and can get straight to work. As soon as they’re done, you’ll receive the translated content in the right spot, ready to go live. And of course, you can always choose to have the whole content (or parts of it) machine-translated

Custom machine translation

Thousands of freelance translators

Automation Workflows

Multi-store translation

Translation memory

The Locale connector for Shopify simplifies the process of translating your store's content into multiple languages.

It connects your Shopify store to your Translation Management System (TMS) and automatically passes new content for translation, saving you time and effort.

With Locale, you can easily reach a global audience and expand your customer base.

Connect your Shopify store to your Translation Management System (TMS)

Easily translate store pages, products, metdata, and other content

Automatically pass new content to your existing tools for localization

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Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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