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Best Shopify Apps for Internationalization

Shopify Translate & Adapt

Install from the Shopify App Store

Boost traffic, improve your SEO, and build trust with audiences around the world by localizing the content on your Shopify store for different markets. Translate & Adapt lets you auto-translate up to two languages for free, and manually add as many translations as you wish. The side-by-side editor makes it easy to compare and review your translations, and can also be used to adjust content between markets that speak the same language to ensure cultural, seasonal, and regional relevance.

Manually add, edit, and review translations with the side-by-side editor.

Auto-translate 2 languages with Google Translate (

Adapt content to reflect spelling and messaging variations between markets.

Localize directly from the theme editor, or any resource page in your admin.

Manage localized store content seamlessly from your Shopify admin.

T Lab ‑ AI Language Translate

Install from the Shopify App Store

Translation Lab offers the tools and automation to translate your store into multiple languages and add multiple currencies hassle-free. You can translate your store into the maximum number of languages Shopify allows. We do not impose any limit on the number of languages. The app integrates seamlessly with your store, works with Shopify Markets, and is an easy and affordable solution for merchants looking to expand their business and maximize global sales.

Manual & Automatic translations using Google NMT (neural machine translations).

Image Translations - show different images for each language.

Custom Translations - translate third-party apps or external resources.

Multi Currency - let buyers view prices and check out in their local currency.

Integrate a language & currency switcher in line with the design of your store.

BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++

Install from the Shopify App Store

Upgrade your store's global sales capabilities with BUCKS - currency converter. Our user-friendly & lightweight app automatically converts prices to 160+ currencies based on your customer's geolocation, using up-to-date exchange rates. Customize the switcher design and enhance customer experience by showing converted prices without flicker. Full Shopify market support and OS 2.0 including the ability to checkout in the customer's local currency. Elevate your international sales with BUCKS.

Automatic Conversion- Convert Prices Automatically to Local Currency.

Instant Loader- Experience Blazing Fast Loading Times with Instant Loader

Checkout Conversion- Full Shopify Market Support for Smooth Checkout Conversions

24*7 Assistance- Receive Assistance 24/7 Through Live Chat and Email

Branding, Simplified- Customize the Converter to Match Your Brand's Identity

Transcy: AI Language Translate

Install from the Shopify App Store

Transcy provides robust tools and automation to translate your online store into multiple languages and offer real-time currency conversion, enabling you to expand globally with ease. With no word limits and seamless integration with Shopify Markets, Transcy is the affordable solution for merchants looking to expand their business globally. Transcy language translation and currency converter ensure that your customers can shop comfortably in their preferred language and currency.

Auto language translate & multi currency converter by real-time Exchange Rate

Unlimited words: translate store into local language endlessly with AI

Translate image: show images in customers' languages for greater connection

Translate your store into local language manually, by AI, DeepL, or by Experts

Customizable language & currency switcher with Auto-detect system (Geolocation)

Hextom: Translate & Currency

Install from the Shopify App Store

Hextom: Translate & Currency app (also known as "Translate My Store") provides tools and automation to translate your store into multiple languages, and offers real-time multi-currency conversion. With just a few clicks, your website can support 130+ languages and 180+ currencies. Seamlessly integrated with Shopify Markets, 200+ 3rd party apps, and 230+ themes, our app enables your store to deliver a fully localized shopping experience, ultimately boosting global sales.

Multi currency converter for 180+ currencies, support checkout in local currency

Auto, manual, import & export translation for 130+ languages

Translate text from 200+ 3rd party apps in visual editor manually and by AI

Images & alt-text translation, show images in customers' languages

Currency & language switcher with auto-detect geolocation, works on 230+ themes

With G | translate you can easily translate your content into multiple languages. We provide different customizable language selectors to match any store design. Automatic translations help to get instant results, then you can improve the quality yourself or order professional translations. We provide in context translation editor, so you can make changes directly on the page. Products you sell can be discovered by searching the internet in any language, which is great for multilingual SEO.

Unlimited automatic translations help to get instant results

Customizable lightweight language switcher to match your store design

Translation proxy technology which can translate most third party app content

URL translation to boost your multilingual SEO

Country specific top level domains for translated languages (

ETranslate: Language Translate

Install from the Shopify App Store

Can your store be available in multiple languages and multiple currencies? You may have missed a lot of potential orders if the answer is "NO!".

ETranslate is built on Shopify Translate API. With Auto AI translator, just need a few clicks to localize your shop without slowed page speed. You can improve ranking by auto-SEO optimization. Easily translate store content into multi-languages & multi-currency and provide a familiar shopping experience for worldwide customers.

Translate your store language with AI translator, improve shopping experience

Auto Multi-currency Converter! Convert prices into customer' local currency

Language & currency switcher! Auto convert currency & language based on Geo

Catch more traffic by automatic multilingual SEO optimization

IT‑Recht AGB‑Schnittstelle

Install from the Shopify App Store

Mit Verwendung dieser App können teure Abmahnungen wegen fehlerhafter oder fehlender Rechtstexte für Onlinehändler vermieden werden. Denn der Onlinehändler hat dank der Aktualisierung von AGB & Co. über die Schnittstellenanbindung zur IT-Recht Kanzlei dauerhaft rechtssichere Rechtstexte in Verwendung. Die Texte werden in der App konfiguriert. Die Integration im Shop erfolgt dann automatisch, ebenso wie die stetige Aktualisierung hinsichtlich der aktuellen Rechtslage.

Abmahnsicherheit durch Verwendung rechtssicherer Rechtstexte

Einfache Konfiguration der Rechtstexte innerhalb der App

Automatische Aktualisierung der Rechtstexte bei Änderung der Rechtslage

LangShop AI Language Translate

Install from the Shopify App Store

LangShop is a solution for multi language translation and currency conversion. No word limits or coding skills needed. Add languages and unlimited currencies, and let LangShop do the rest. Our AI translation tool goes beyond products translation. It can translate third-party apps, metafields, URLs, Shopify Checkout. LangShop works with Shopify Markets, our interface looks & feels like Shopify backend. Break language barriers & maximize sales with LangShop

Translate store in minutes with AI (Google, DeepL), a native speaker, manually

Translate third-party apps, checkout, URL. RTL languages (Arabic/Hebrew)

Create a custom switcher for buyers to shop in their local currency & language

Geolocation recommendation banner detects customer location, browser preference

Create different translations of the same language for different markets

Currency Converter Bear

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our auto multi currency converter offers a seamless experience with automatic currency switcher based on your customer's geo location. We support multiple currencies to expand your business globally. Our app updates exchange rates multiple times daily, so your prices are always up-to-date and you're not losing out on revenue. Complete integration with Shopify Markets! Make shopping easier for your customers with our geo location based auto currency switcher. Try our multi currency app today!

Auto currency converter updates prices based on your customer's geo location.

Supports multiple currencies and you can add a few or all of them, your choice.

Round prices to remove decimals or convert prices to fixed decimals, your choice

Integrates with Shopify Markets to support all currencies in checkout

Complete auto currency switcher design control to match your brand.

Manage your international customers with ease. Our app provides access to many unique and must have features. Redirect your customers to a dedicated store designed to serve their region with the help based on their location. You will even love Currency Switcher that works with Shopify Markets and can switch currencies depending on the visitor’s country. Last but not least, block visitors from accessing your store based on their country.

Completely customizable pop-up designs with Live Preview

Google Analytics Integration & UTM Forward Feature

Show Announcements to visitors based on their country for offers/sale/updates

Whitelist users based on IP or Whitelist specific pages using URL.

Options to Bypass Redirection or Blocker for store owners.

ProMap ‑ Store Locator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Add store locations individually or in bulk, and list by location, radius, or custom tags. Customize the interactive Google map design to match your store perfectly. Customers can easily find nearby stores, get directions, and filter by unique store or stock details you add in.

Bulk import: Upload 500+ locations via a simple CSV file.

Custom Store Tags: Allow customers to filter and find stores by a tag.

Fully Customizable: Add custom store images and pins to the interactive map.

Dynamic View: Enable stores locations to load instantly as the map is explored.

We value Customer Support: Receive 24/7 live human chat support (no bots!)

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