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Best Shopify Apps for Accounts and login

Using SHOPLOCK Login app, manage access to your products, collections & CMS pages. Hide webpage content completely or partially. Customers have to sign in to see restricted sections on the eCommerce store. Another option to see the locked content is the passcode key, which visitors can enter to get access to the hidden section. The store owners can allow specific groups of customers to access the locked content. Install this app today to make everything secure & confidential.

Get access to products, collections & CMS webpages by signing in.

Enforce visitors to get logged in to see the locked webpage content.

Unlock restricted website parts with passcode numbers.

Lock unlimited products, collections or CMS pages.

Conceal products, collections & web pages from guest visitors.

Sami Wholesale Pricing B2B

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our Samita wholesale app offers an all-in-one solution for merchants to boost their bulk sales and creates a seamless experience for B2B customers. The key features that impress users are the ability to offer custom pricing to specific customers, applying discounts across your entire store, specific products, or variants. Also, custom registration form assists you in leading more conversations and customer connections.

Wholesale pricing: apply custom pricing to entire store or specific products

Volume pricing: offer quantity breaks to customers who buy in bulk

Unique Wholesale Registration Form to attract more wholesale customers

Quick order form encourages product purchase and boosts sales effectively

Allow to activate and customize cart drawer on your store

Extendons OTP Login with Phone

Install from the Shopify App Store

Allow users to Login with Phone Number or email to boost your store’s registration rate and improve customer experience. OTP login verification app works by offering a seamless registration and login method that can substitute the traditional method of email and password login. Sign-in with a phone number offers a seamless shopping experience. Compatible with All Free and premium themes if you have any compatibility issues support team will fix it for you.

Register & Sign in with phone or email by sending the OTP verification code

Get mandatory information from customers in the update profile section i.e email

Customize expiration code timing & resend button functionality

Customers can update their account information customize fields labels & text

Get signup first display OTP with phone or email on buy now and checkout button

OTPLESS transforms user authentication with truly password-less & OTP-less logins. Users can login into any Shopify store with just one tap, enhancing user experience and boosting login conversions.

We support Sign in with WhatsApp, Google, Apple and more for mobile and email-based authentication.

Adding password-less login to your Shopify store is as easy as installing this app! No setup required.

Login with WhatsApp, Google, Apple and more with just one tap

Get more customers by improving login conversion and user experience

Add OTPLESS in a single click with automated setup & installation

White labelling and custom branding options available

Customers have the option of logging in using their current social identities. It is possible to enhance client conversion by bypassing the current, lengthy registration and login process. Elite social login offers a choice with the most popular social media sites, like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Discord, Apple, Line, Amazon, Yahoo, Kakao, Naver, Slack and many others. With attractive customizable buttons.

15+ Social Login Networks

Complete customisable social login icons

Email Integrations with MailChimp, Klaviyo

User Email Verifications using OTP

Easy setup with Free 24x7 Technical Support

Once you log in using the Discord Login Connect app, you gain access to a wide range of integrated services, Customers can quickly log in and authenticate using their Discord accounts easy connectivity between your store and Discord. In Discord, you may define member roles and limit channel access based on membership status or payment. Depending on their jobs, users can be given access to various permissions, such as manage channels, view channels, manage roles, and so forth.

Create your own custom discord developer app to login and register on store.

Automatically assign roles to Discord members based on their product purchases.

Verify product purchases to grant access to exclusive Discord channels server.

Notify members in Discord about new products, updates, or promotions.

Offer exclusive discounts, promotions or perks to Discord members based on role.

bSecure Login & Registration

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our merchants can now easily enable checkout journeys on their online stores. We're empowering our merchants to enable multiple payment methods on their websites that will help the business grow with a seamless payment experience.

Analytics that show you sales data.

Customized checkout theme and branding.

Fast one page checkout.

Addify ‑ Approve New Customers

Install from the Shopify App Store

Approve New Customers app by Addify enables you to manually review and approve new registrations. Built an exclusive community by manually reviewing new customer accounts.

You can also enable validation for based customer tags by showing a dropdown to let customers choose to relevant tag/group during registration. This help merchants to enable validation for specific user types only like B2B, wholesalers, retailers and other customers type who might have special products, promotions and more.

Manually approve or disapprove new customer registration requests

Enable manual approval for specific customer tags/group only

Display dropdown on signup form to let user select relevant customer tag/group

Keep customers informed about their account status via notices and emails

Customizable email notifications for both store admin and customers

Age Verification by BlueCheck

Install from the Shopify App Store

BlueCheck automatically verifies all inbound customer orders and confirms the customer age using name/address. The age verification process happens during checkout and doesn't stop the checkout flow. No extra customer data is required to complete the verification, which allows for seamless age verification on age-restricted products.

Automatically verify age of all customers without needing extra customer data

Verifies age in real-time as customer info is entered into checkout forms

Analyze which consumers are purchasing which products and optimize based on age

Smart Customer Account Editor

Install from the Shopify App Store

Tired of applying changes to customer records manually? Customer Account Editor resolves this problem of editing classic customer accounts and saves your time by allowing your customers to edit their profile information and custom fields (email, first name, last name, phone number and profile picture) using a special page in their Shopify account. You can control the data customers are allowed to change to avoid unfortunate account edits.

Let customers perform account fields changes themselves

Easy to install and integrate to customer account

Shopify 2.0 themes supported

Allows editing custom fields stored in customer notes

Allows uploading customer profile pictures and use them via Liquid / metafields

Manage Comics 2 Subscriptions

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sell comics easier and with more predictability than ever before. Our Shopify front-end integration allows your customers to subscribe and pre-order their favourite products right from your own website. Our admin tools let you quickly pull comics, allocating subscriber quantities and leaving the leftovers for your online store or POS. Invoice customers to make sure you get paid quickly, and handle multiple distributors for your ordering process all from one simple interface.

Online subscriptions let your customers manage their own lists.

Check in products, allocating subs, and create inventory allocations quickly.

Handle multiple distributors easily with Initial Order and FOC reporting.

Allow your customers to login without having to create and remember passwords for an effortless shopping experience. Use quick and safe authentication methods like passkeys, social login (Google, Facebook), OTP (SMS and email) or magic links delivered over email. Register new customers with zero added friction. Use SlashID’s login across all your systems so your customers can navigate between your websites and your Shopify store seamlessly. Available for Shopify Plus customers.

Passwordless login via passkeys, magic links and OTP codes.

Easy social login with Google, Facebook and more!

First class analytics and user management dashboards.

Single login form across all your websites and Shopify store.

Customizable look & feel from the admin panel.

The customizable B2B registration form includes real-time EU VAT ID validation and fields for company name, address, phone, etc.

Customers who register through B2B Handsfree can be set to tax exempt and tagged for easy creation of customer groups, special pricing (using additional apps), and more.

Include your customers' VAT IDs in invoices using the direct integrations with popular invoicing apps like Sufio, Billbee, Order Printer Templates, and others.

Customizable B2B registration form with VAT ID validation.

Automatically tag and set foreign EU B2B customers to tax exempt.

Include customer VAT ID in invoices in Order Printer, Billbee, Sufio and others.

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