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Best Shopify Apps for Customer accounts

UpPromote Affiliate Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Discover UpPromote's powerful influencer marketing & referral program, winning the hearts & brands' trust through real testimonials. Worldwide users love our effortless affiliate marketing setup that offers everything they need: flexible commission options, automated coupons & affiliate links. Our expert-recommended solution helps merchants boost customer loyalty and build a robust referral & rewards program to incentivize collabs with customers. Our support team is always of help at any time.

Customize everything matching your brand: affiliate link, form, affiliate portal

Create rewards & discounts with customer referral program for repeat purchases

Seamlessly track referral orders via affiliate links, coupons, connected emails

Motivate affiliates with powerful options: bonuses, gifts, store credit and MLM

Automate your affiliate program process: PayPal auto-pay, Auto-tier Commission

Helps merchants to accelerate sales by enabling customers to bookmark their favorites to purchase later. Comes with powerful event-triggered email campaigns & extensive APIs to customize the wishlist feature for your target audience. Improve customer retention through guest wishlist feature (no login required). Share lists via email, text message and social media. Responsive customer care to solve any tech queries. Integrates with leading email services and customer data platforms.

Seamlessly integrates with your Shopify theme. Get going in less than 5 mins.

Send email alerts for low-stock, restock and price drops of wishlisted items.

Sales and service team access for high-touch collaboration with shoppers.

Reduce cart abandonment by enabling shoppers to save products for later.

Allow customers to share wishlists via email, text message and social media.

Configuring a subscription has never been easier! Install the app, create your first subscription rule and start generating sweet recurring revenue. Seal Subscriptions app gives you full control over your subscribers, products, discounts, churn rate, subscription boxes, cancellations with a great support team behind it to help you with whichever situation you find yourself in!

Made in Europe

Sell classic & prepaid subscriptions, with discounts, free trial & more!

Offer tiered discounts, custom shipping, gifts, & more with loyalty features

Your customers can easily access subscriptions with magic links!

Get an insight in your business with great statistics, payment calendar and more

Use the white-label branding with custom email domains!

Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards

Install from the Shopify App Store

Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals simplifies customer loyalty and retention. Our agile loyalty platform empowers you to launch quickly and iterate endlessly — no dev needed. Customers can earn and redeem points with our 20+ out-of-the-box campaigns, ultimately driving repeat purchases, increasing LTV, and boosting engagement. With our detailed loyalty and referral program analytics, understand consumer behavior and make decisions that catalyze customer retention and create lasting brand loyalty.

Monitor and evaluate your loyalty and referral program ROI, AOV, LTV, and more.

Customize, launch, and manage your loyalty and rewards program with no code.

Motivate repeat purchases and engagement with diverse rewards and VIP tiers.

Deploy a tiered program based on points, spend, purchases, or referrals.

Our products work together to create a loyalty experience, not just a program.

Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist +

Install from the Shopify App Store

We provide a versatile, feature-rich app that does the job of other apps. So you don’t have to pay for each app individually! All features work seamlessly together to effectively help you grow & transform your site into a sales-driving store. It’s built exclusively for Shopify and provides extensive customization options with any theme. The app is easily managed from a single dashboard, no coding is needed. Multi-language for cross-border selling, real-time analytics, & 24/7 support

Increase repeat purchases and retention with loyalty program, VIP tiers, rewards

Acquire more customers organically through referral program and save on ad spend

Implement wishlists and trigger emails to boost sales: on sale, back in stock

Collect photo & product reviews on autopilot. Reviews on Google search results

Showcase Instagram photos & UGC to build social proof and drive conversions

Fast and responsive customer care. Automated install for popular Shopify themes (and help to install for other themes). Works on product, collection and quick views. Track products, customers and their activities. Use the wishlist as a guest user (no login required). GDPR compliant. Get Email reminders when a wishlist product either has a low stock or a price drop. Support out of the box for the popular currency apps. REST API & JavaScript API. Facebook pixel.

One-click setup, compatible with all Shopify themes, mobile friendly.

Email reminders for wishlisted items when they have low stock or price drop .

Non-English text support, multi-languages support and export your data.

Wishlist icon will show up on product, collection and quick views.

Share wishlists either through email or through social media like Facebook.

Helium Customer Fields is your one-stop shop to collect and manage customer information.

Create unique registration forms for different customer groups, and collect first-party data from customers such as birthday, pet's name, VAT/Tax ID, etc. All customer data is synced with Shopify fields and/or customer metafields.

Personalize forms with rules and variables, or tag customers automatically based on form input.

Use our integrations to sync customer data with your business/marketing tools.

Simple drag-and-drop form builder with field types for nearly any use case

Approve Wholesale/B2B customers with account approval or email verification

Allow customers to edit their own data (name, email, or custom fields)

Configure automatic and/or conditional customer tags to organize customer groups

Developer-friendly! Front-end and back-end APIs are available for custom builds

Rivo: Loyalty & Referrals

Install from the Shopify App Store

Hey! Stuart here, founder of Rivo. I built this company based on the fact that other loyalty solutions were not improving their products, and their prices kept on rising.

We ship product updates every week, using Shopify's latest tech built for 2024. We also have a world class customer success team (led by ex-Shopify team leads) who focus on one thing... driving your actual retention metrics.

See you inside the app - we're happy to help any time!

A fully customizable loyalty and referrals platform, that moves your metrics.

Built for fast growing DTC brands. HexClad, Pier1, Dressbarn, Loverboy

24/7 world class live chat support (Check out our reviews)

Instantly integrates with your stack. Klaviyo, Gorgias, Postscript, etc.

Need more? Unlock full customization with the Rivo Developer Toolkit

LoyaltyLion Rewards & Referral

Install from the Shopify App Store

Use LoyaltyLion to boost returning customer rates with your own loyalty program.

Improve customer experiences with a loyalty page integrated within your site and shopper journey.

Use loyalty points and rewards to drive enrollment and increase returning customer rates.

Reduce acquisition costs with incentives for referrals, reviews and social media engagement.

Integrate your program with all your favorite Shopify tools.

Available now - free loyalty page build for Classic plans and above.

Integrate your program into your site with a customizable loyalty page

Use loyalty points to secure second purchases & incentivize enrollment

Create rewards that drive repeat purchases & increase program participation

Drive program engagement & positive behaviors with loyalty emails/notifications

Stop churn with loyalty segments & insights into returning customer behaviors

Joy: Rewards & Loyalty Program

Install from the Shopify App Store

Joy will be: an easy-to-use solution designed not to slow down your shop loading speed. Joy will help you: Create loyalty programs, VIP tiers, rewards based on actions + many more. Joy also has: POS supported, built-in automated email notification + other apps integration. Let's make your customers' shopping experience joyful today!

Rewards for: Signup, Place Orders, Review, Social Follow & many more

Manage your Customer Tiers, Points and Missions, with export and import data

Built-in emails notification and automation for all plans

POS supported + Language customizable

Optimized to not effect your shop loading speed Gift Cards & Loyalty

Install from the Shopify App Store is the go-to Gift Card & Store Credit platform for eCommerce brands. It provides you w/advanced solutions for Gift Card sales, Store Credit management, rewards, referrals, refunds, and loyalty programs. Use our features to improve retention rate and customer LTV. Instead of points, reward your shoppers w/Store Credit incentives in easily understood dollar amounts. You can also integrate w/Shopify POS and use Rise's omnichannel solution to reward customers whenever they shop.

Gift Cards: Gift cards can be sent, scheduled, and reminded of to customers.

Workflows: Trigger and create store credit rewards based on customer actions.

Returns and Refunds: Issue gift card refunds and offer store credit for returns.

Loyalty: Launch a proactive loyalty program, ensuring store credit accumulation.

Bulk Gift Cards: Corporate gifts, employee recognition, or migration purposes.

BSS: B2B Lock & Hide Price

Install from the Shopify App Store

B2B Login & Lock Access helps you control access to specific content/price/product. You can customize different ways to lock: log in accounts, enter passcodes or secret links, and subscribe to newsletters. You can allow customers with tags and emails to view content. Moreover, you can lock restricted content or specific pages such as products, collections, other pages, or the entire store. Hide your products in the Online Store from restricted customers within a minute!

Lock pages from retail customers & show them to wholesale customers

Hide prices from guests. They must login or enter passcodes to view

Hide products from any pages, e.g., Homepage, Search page, Collection page

Password protected: Customers must enter passcode to access pages or view prices

Customers must enter secret URL or subscribe to newsletter to access pages

With Oxi Social Login, customers can login with their existing social identities. By avoiding existing registration and login procedure which is slow procedure it's an opportunity for increased customer conversion. With Social Login there is a lesser chance, that customers abandon their cart.

Oxi Social provides an option with most used Social Media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter and many more. Integration is completely automated. You just install it and enable social media options.

Login with any of your Social Networking Platform in Single Click

Automated Setup & Installation to have Social Login setup within minutes

Increased Signup & Conversion leading to less cart abandonment

White labelling and custom branding options

Access to additional customer like birthday, location etc

BAIS Bulk Account Invites Send

Install from the Shopify App Store

Easily ensure that all customers have activated accounts. Works for bulk inviting all (or a segment of) past customers. Can also be used to automatically invite all (or a segment of) future customers, when they roll in. Segmenting is based on targeting by tag. And we use the email template for account activations that you've already got set up in Shopify! Note that this supports the easy built-in template, or a full custom HTML template you may want for a fully customized brand experience.

Bulk invite past customers, each with their own unique activation link.

Auto invite future customers, each with their own unique activation link.

Optionally "target by tag", to only reach a desired subset of customers.

EasyLockdown ‑ Wholesale Locks

Install from the Shopify App Store

Flexible app to limit access to any type of content in your store. Some of the possible scenarios with Easy Lockdown: Completely lock your store for non-logged in customers; Hide prices, require customer to log in to see the price; Grant access to wholesale section of your store to selected customers only; Grant access to some selected products for customers who have more than XX orders, or spent more than $YYYY; Grant access to pre-order products for your subscribers only.

Limit access to any type of content: Pages, Products, Collections, Blogs, Cart

Grant access to any group of customers by the number of orders, money spent

Add more precise access rules with any combination of customer information

Specify the products you would like to lock or exclude instead using tags

Hide your prices from general public with "Login to see price" feature

Wishlist King enables customers to keep track of their favourite products and to purchase when ready. Get insights of what is popular and nudge them over the line with wishlist related email reminders. Wishlist King enhances the customer’s shopping journey, assisting in conversion and sales. The app is easily customisable via the Shopify Theme Editor. We can migrate and import existing wishlists from other apps to help you make the switch to us.

Start a wishlist with 1 click and add products from anywhere. Accounts optional.

Integrates seamlessly with all themes, no popups or generic look and feel.

Free setup and customisations by us to ensure everything looks and works well.

Klaviyo integration allowing you to send email reminders as well as GA4 & Pixel.

Full functionality and unlimited usage on all plans.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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