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Explore Shopify-EP: Ecommerce Game Changer!

By Sonaksh Singh Rawat on 1/25/2024 · 6 minute read

In comparison to normal shopping styles, online marketplaces such as [Amazon](, and Alibaba offer more online shopping alternatives. This is a result of brands, artists, and big companies taking their businesses online. This is because of its immense potential to reach more people.

Businesses use social media platforms to interact with their customers. They do this with the intent to showcase and sell their products. Furthermore, platforms like Shopify make it easy for anyone to start an online store and sell products. In addition, Shopify is also one of the leading names in the e-commerce sector. It's an online e-commerce platform. Through this platform, people can sell products without hassle.

Shopify EP

Shopify is a unique cloud-based customizable e-commerce platform. With that, you can start and manage your online store. Since it's a cloud-based platform, as long as you have an internet connection, you can manage your business from anywhere. Shopify makes it easier for you to manage a business. There are several features that Shopify offers. Shopify's advanced features like Shopify-EP or the efficiency package help sellers deliver products. Apart from that, you can also

  • List products
  • Market your products
  • Manage checkout and billing

E-commerce platform enhancements in this platform can help you automate your business. This is one of the reasons why small and big businesses alike use this platform.

Understanding Shopify's Ecosystem

In essence, Shopify is an online business platform that operates as subscription-based software. It's a platform through which individuals can start an online store without hassle!

Shopify is easy to use, even for beginners. You don't need any technical background to get your store up and running!

The Shopify e-commerce platform helps simplify the process of running an online store. With it, you can start a store and design as per your requirements, add products, as well as get products delivered to customers across the world. Shopify can streamline every process mentioned above. And it can also help sellers adapt to the ever-changing landscape of business!

Technological evolution is changing how businesses run. So being able to adapt to the change is crucial! Integrating new tech can help boost efficiency as well as help businesses adapt to new trends. It can also help expand their audience/customer base.

What Is Shopify-EP?

To be precise, Shopify-EP is a shipping/delivery tool in Shopify. Shopify-EP is the default package, also referred to as the sample box. Through this sellers can sell their products and create and print shipping labels. The efficiency package is linked with some of the most reliable shipping companies. (DHL, USPS, and UPS.)

You can recognize the Shopify EP packages by their tracking number as they start with EP. Apart from the shipping tool, the Shopify-EP package also comes with a ton of other integrations as well. It can help you design your store, add products, ship, as well as track orders. Shopify streamlines all of the above-mentioned practices and more, thus simplifying the process. This cloud-based platform works on a subscription basis. But it offers a pricing plan for every business as well as a free trial plan.

Similar to a lot of industry giants, Shopify, too had humble beginnings. It all began when Tobias Luktke and Scott Lake wanted to open an online store to sell Snowboarding gear. In the process, they found out how complicated it can be. As a solution, Tobias went on to create his e-commerce platform called Shopify in June 2006.

Since then Shopify has been constantly evolving. They also make it simpler for the average Joe to start and run an online store.

Core Components and Top Features of Shopify-EP

Let's take a look at some of the most important E-commerce platform enhancements Shopify-EP offers its users.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting Tools for Insightful Decision-Making

Shopify allows its users to view their store's recent activity, through the Analytics and Reporting tools page. These are e-commerce efficiency tools that display web traffic and help analyze transactions. They also analyze website speed, customer reports, market reports, and much more. This information can help you with online store optimization and boost sales. You can also get custom reports, but you'll have to opt for the Advanced Shopify or the Shopify Plus plan!

Seamless Integration with High-Efficiency Apps and Services

Shopify lets users connect their Shopify account with third-party applications and integrations. Doing so simplifies the process for sellers. For example, sellers can integrate their accounts with several shipping platforms. These platforms will take care of delivering products on behalf of the seller. It can be integrated into their accounts with payment portals, simplifying payment processes. Shopify has third-party integrations every step of the way!

Customization Options to Enhance Speed, User Experience, and Performance

Shopify also offers customization tools that improve an online store's performance, speed, user experience, and engagement. It can help eliminate problems like slow loading times, high bounce rates, low retention rates, and reduced conversions. Sellers can customize their store's theme. They can also help customize integrations and images. Furthermore, you can also customize page structure, browser caching, mobile responsiveness, and more. The best part is, that you don't need to have any technical background. With this information, you can improve your retention rates as well as sales.

Enhanced SEO Tools and Marketing Analytics for Wider Reach and Impact

Sellers can use the best e-commerce efficiency tools and boost their brand visibility and sales. For instance, Shopify can help optimize your page elements, and;

it can help you conduct keyword research.

it can also help in optimizing your store's mobile-viewing page

It can also offer advanced analytics to help you with Shopify Performance Optimization.

Shopify's Integration and automation tools tools are a must-use if you want to level up!

Comprehensive Product and Inventory Management

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform. It has hundreds of E-commerce platform enhancements, applications, and integrations. These tools can help boost online stores. Shopify can help sellers list over 90 products and categorize them. Although Shopify's product and inventory features may fall short here and there. Sellers can integrate their online store with a third-party application. By doing so, your customers can enjoy improved User experience and engagement.

Secure Payment Processing and Versatile Shopping Cart Options

Shopify also lets users set up their payment methods, as customers can pay using several options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex
  • PayPal
  • AmazonPay
  • Apple Pay and more

Shopify has partnered with some of the best payment gateway companies. Your store will be set up to your country's currency as well as tax regulation, making things even simpler.

User-Friendly Interface with Customizable Templates and Mobile Responsiveness

Even if you're an individual who has no technical background or isn't tech-savvy in general, you have nothing to worry about. Shopify has an extremely easy-to-use interface. Everything is pretty much accessible through the dashboard. The Shopify e-commerce platform makes it easy to upload images, templates, and descriptions, and handle inventory. It can also help with Shopify performance optimization to help boost mobile responsiveness. This means your customers can view your online store/order products through a smartphone as well.

Setting Up Your Store With Shopify-EP

Shopify Account Setup Steps Banner

If you want to start your online store with Shopify, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Sign Up

It is simple to register on Shopify, you just need to have a name and an email for your online store. All you have to do is enter your business's name and email ID to register a domain name. If you don't have a domain name, you can also buy it from Shopify.

Select A Theme

Once you've registered, you need to work on your store theme. A Store Theme refers to your storefront and how it looks/performs. First, you need to select a theme that suits your business. Shopify has templates that you can use for free as well as templates that you can buy.

Add Products

Adding products on Shopify is simple, just head over to the "Products" section. Then select "All Products" from there, you can choose the products you want to have in your store. Once you add the product, you should also include details about the product as well as variants, if there are any.

Adding Products To Collections Page

This is essentially categorizing your products. This helps customers browse easily through your store's catalog and order.

Set Up Shipping and Payment

Having a convenient delivery partner and a payment gateway is utterly important. You can do this by going to the settings page for payments. Then click on the "Activate Shopify Payment" option and set up your payment.

You can also set up your shipping with Shopify EP. First, head over to the admin page, and accordingly modify the relevant details (shipping price, dates, location, etc.). That's pretty much it, and you're good to go.

Having a Shopify store isn't enough, you need to work on the store and maintain it if you want to see it become successful. Here are some of the best Scalability and growth strategies. They can help you maintain a streamlined, secure, and high-performing online store.

  • Let your content be customer-centric

  • Optimize your images to improve store speed

  • Use multiple channels to sell your products

  • Streamline your processes

Maximizing Efficiency & Growth with Shopify-EP

Here are some pointers to help you maximize your Shopify store's efficiency:

  • If your business is growing, consider outsourcing Shopify management
  • Online store optimization with elements like chatboxes to help clarify customers' doubts
  • Start a loyalty program
  • Use email marketing to your advantage
  • Collaborate with other content creators to promote your store and products
  • Keep up with social media trends and leverage them to benefit you

Take LSKD for example, an athletic apparel brand. It used personalized recommendations, loyalty programs, and online store optimization to boost its sales by 50%. This shows that simple things can help make a ton of difference.

Comparing Shopify-EP with Standard Configurations

To be fair, between the two, there isn't much of a difference. All you need to know is that Shopify EP is more shipping-centric than its standard variant. But that in itself makes a lot of difference.

Here are some of the features that you can get in the Shopify EP package. These E-commerce platform enhancements set it apart from the standard package:

  • Custom shipping labels

  • Order tracking

  • Fulfillment/Delivery integration

  • Discounted Shipping rates

  • Shipping zones/profiles

  • International shipping

Tools, Integrations, and AI Enhancement for Shopify-EP

Here are some of the e-commerce efficiency tools, and integrations that you can use to enhance your Shopify-EP store. It also includes Shopify's advanced features like Shopify AI. This feature harnesses artificial intelligence to help boost businesses

  • Vitals - this integration helps with marketing and promotion

  • PageFly - to help customize your landing pages

  • Verify - to generate invoices automatically

  • Flair - to help promote products

  • ONE - to help automate email and other marketing campaigns.

  • Octane AI - to help boost customer engagement rates

  • Yodel - helps with product listing

  • Postship - to help setup order tracking and post purchase customer notifications.

Tracking, Monitoring, and Continuous Improvement

The Shopify-EP tracking feature allows users to track their store's performance. It collects the website traffic data, sales data, as well as customer behavior to give you an insightful look at how well your store is doing. You can use this to understand how you can improve your online store. It can also help you make well-informed decisions, improve brand awareness, and boost sales.

Here are some of the Shopify advanced features that help you track your store's performance:

  • Sales - it shows the total number of sales and the average order rate.
  • Customer Behaviour - it gives you information on how your customers interact with your online store. This will give you an idea of what your customers want to see in your online store.
  • Website traffic - this feature monitors the number of people visiting your site. It gathers information such as where are the customers viewing the page from, what pages are they viewing, and what pages they are abandoning.

You can always monitor your online store's performance with the help of Shopify's in-built monitoring system. You can also third-party integrations such as;

  • Store Watchers
  • Better Uptime
  • SEOAnt-Broken Link Redirect

Integrations can help in monitoring and tracking your store's performance, speed, and loading times. Integrations can further help you with Shopify performance optimization.

Future of E-commerce with Shopify-EP & Alternatives

Shopify has been constantly evolving since its inception. From being just another platform to being the biggest online e-commerce platform. Shopify is a big name today because this platform continues to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of business. Shopify has always adapted to every change.

From having a mobile app to using AI-powered enhancement, we can only expect Shopify to keep pushing the limits of how business can be done.

There are other e-commerce platforms and e-commerce platforms enhancement similar to Shopify. For instance, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, and many more. All of these platforms are good alternatives to Shopify. But at the end of the day, if you want something that has a Global reach better than others or something scalable, and has several integration options. If so, Shopify is your best option.


To summarize, Shopify is an online subscription-based e-commerce platform. It allows people to start an online store without hassle. It further provides Integration and automation tools, as well as other features that can help you run an online store.

Every feature and tool present on this platform helps simplify the process of running an online business. It is wise to use Shopify to sell products. Since everything is taken care of and you don't need a lot of money to start.

All you have to do is create an account, add products, market your products, and start selling them. The rest will be taken off by Shopify or the third-party integration apps.


Is Shopify Free? - No Shopify isn't free but a subscription-based platform but it does offer a free trial for three days.

Do you need a technical background to start a Shopify store? - No, you don't need any technical background to start a store on Shopify. The entire process is simple and easy.

Do I need to have products to sell? - Not necessarily, you can dropship your products which means you need zero investment here.

Can payments be made in different currencies? - Yes, they can.

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