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Best Shopify Apps for Phone

Robo Calls ‑ Pakistan

Install from the Shopify App Store

Orders with cash on delivery mode has maximum chance of RTO and to reduce such unexpected returns, our order confirmation app will assist you in​ the reduction of bogus orders. Now store owners can send automated order confirmation calls in Urdu or English to their customers in Pakistan. Customer will reply with an input 1 will mark the order "confirm" and for input 2 will mark the order "cancel" and input 3 for "callback". Order Tags will be added with action taken by the customer.

Send automated order confirmation calls to your customers in Pakistan

Store owners can send recorded order verification voice calls in urdu or english

Reduce order return ratio and save your valuable time for unnecessary shipments

3Dsellers ‑ CRM & Helpdesk

Install from the Shopify App Store

At 3Dsellers, we have a wide range of integrations with popular eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and more. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of online sellers grow their businesses. Our suite of tools includes an eCommerce Helpdesk, order management system, automated feedback and product review requests, and more. With 3Dsellers, you can focus on growing your business, while we take care of the rest.

Centralized Helpdesk - Manage all your eCommerce customer support in one place.

Email Templates - Respond faster with message templates.

Auto Responder - Automate your workflow with auto responder.

Auto Messages - Helps you stay in touch with your customers automatically.

Automated Feedback Reminders and Alerts - to help you ensure great reviews.

WhatsAppy ‑ WhatsApp Button

Install from the Shopify App Store

WhatsAppy makes it super easy to display a call to action button on your storefront which is highly customisable & offers an opening pre-filled message.

The ability to add multiple numbers / agents & assign them to a country allows for a more tailored response to customer questions & support.

Tracking the clicks of the button helps merchants see the locations of where questions are coming from, the devices used, & how many customers proceeded to send the message after clicking.

Multiple numbers / agents with profile pictures

GEO location numbers / agents specific to countries

Opening messages for improved customer experience

Tracking of WhatsApp Button clicks to monitor engagement of country and devices

Customisation of the button from placement, icon size, colours, mobile, and more

Order Confirmation Robo Calls

Install from the Shopify App Store

Streamline order verification with our app! Automated Robocalls swiftly reach customers, who confirm with 1, cancel with 2, or ask for a callback with 3. Pick the default or your personalized voiceover for a unique touch. It's not just convenient; it also cuts the order return ratio and makes sure orders are real. Easily schedule follow-up calls when the initial call is not answered, set up break hours, and enjoy a smooth confirmation process that builds trust.

Reduce order return ratio.

Arrange a follow-up call in case the initial call is unanswered.

Set up break hours on follow-up calls.

Customize voiceover with your brand name.

Phone Number & Call Shopdigits

Install from the Shopify App Store

Shopdigits is the most affordable way to add a virtual call center to your Shopify store. The native mobile apps for iOS and Android are perfect for providing real-time support to new customers. Get a business phone number and connect with customers over SMS or voice calls. Your mobile phone with Shopdigits allows you to keep your personal phone number private, but connect with customers using the Shopdigits app on your personal device.

Get a business phone number to make & receive customer calls at low cost.

Provide support when customer's need it most on their orders viewed in the app.

iOS and Android supported mobile apps to send and receive SMS and calls.

With JAYA, you can get a custom phone number for your Shopify Store instead of using your personal number. Choose from our plans to suit your needs. You can set up voicemail or forward the number to your cell phone. Try us out first!

Choose a phone number with your area code to publish on your store.

Set up your number with voicemail or call forwarding.

Check your call logs and voicemails easily.

With the Zadarma application, you can easily make calls to customers, listen to call recordings and get new customers after a call. When a new client calls you, the application will automatically create a client and save a call recording that you can listen to in the customer card.

Calls to Shopify customers.

Access to call recordings from Shopify interface.

Customer creation for incoming calls from unknown numbers.

Customer name display on your IP phone during incoming calls.

Personalize conversations Inbound calls surface a card in the Aircall phone that contains essential information about customers and orders. Agents can gain context at a glance to personalize conversations, take calls prepared, and serve customers faster.

Access order information in seconds Inbound calls also display the customer’s most recent orders, including the value, order status, and the tracking number with a link to the courier status. Agents can access fulfillment details in 1 click

Display Shopify customer contact information on inbound calls

Display order information and live parcel tracking links on inbound calls

Click-to-Dial phone numbers within Shopify to reach customers faster

Effectively track and manage calls related to orders by connecting offline conversations to online sales with dynamic number insertion (DNI). Close more sales with increased efficiency and automated touchpoints based on real-time buyer insights. Simplify your sales process and improve customer service with full buyer journey details and conversation analytics

Dynamically display ad tracking numbers on your website for accurate attribution

Create SMS campaigns around orders and notify customers during fulfillment

View caller order history and identify buyer preferences in real-time

Customize conversion details to trigger automated customer communication

Keeping your customers aware of their order status can be a tedious affair. Voice Call Notification APP allows its users to automatically send current order status notifications by voice call to their customers like order confirmation, cancellation & fulfillment. (Note: This app only works for Pakistan Phone Numbers) #Integrated Networks * IntelliCom (Pak): Functional for Pakistan numbers only.

Order Confirmation Status via Call

Order Cancellation Status via Call

Order Fulfillment Status via Call

inCalida integrates seamlessly with Shopify, allowing merchants to extract information about their products, and prices in real-time by phone. Canadian landline users often miss out on online businesses. Create a familiar channel to bridge the gap and reach more customers with minimal effort. A traditional channel like a phone line can expand businesses' customer base and improve satisfaction. Creating an accessible channel for less tech-savvy customers can improve engagement.

Utilizing AI-powered by ChatGPT based on phone line.

Incorporates voice recognition and text-to-speech/speech-to-text technology.

Allowing merchants to extract information about products, prices in real-time.

Elfsight Click To Call Button

Install from the Shopify App Store

With the help of the Call button on Shopify you can Stay easy-to-reach with handy one-click dialing on your web page. Your visitors will appreciate it with one-click dialing and phone number demonstration, calling you will be maximum easy and receiving calls from new potential clients, you can increase your client database.

Making a call is maximum easy

Control the displaying of the widget

Switchable elements of the call window

Transferring your user information to whatsapp, you can chat with them on whatsapp. You can quickly transfer your customer information to your phone without error and communicate with them directly from the WhatsApp web.

You can create different customer or whatsapp groups if you wish.

You can transfer users to the phone book and send them SMS messages on your phone.

You can add custom groups.

Transfer users to whatsapp and whatsapp groups

Transfer users to mobile phohe for sending bulk SMS

Transfer users to computer for sending bulk message

iCall ‑ Web Call & Call Button

Install from the Shopify App Store

iCall provides you unlimited one-click web call and unlimited call agents, it also supports binding your real phone number in case you don't want to use web call. iCall allow you to setup a online schedule, the call button will be visible only in this schedule. iCall uses origin Shopify theme editor to customize the call button style.

Unlimited one-click web call

Unlimited call agent

Supports online schedule

Supports binding real phone number

Provides simple statistics

You can record the voicemail, and then you can listen to the recording before sending it.

You can see all the voicemails sent to you in-app and you can play the voicemail from the same place. You can also track from which page of your store, the voicemail was sent.

You can configure the app to send you the voice mail on your personal email as well. You can configure the email template and can also configure the thank you message and redirect the URL after sending a voice mail.

Allow your customers to record voicemails and send it to you quickly.

Works without any template customisation. Very easy to display on any page.

You can opt to receive email alerts on new voicemails.

Request Callback ‑ By Carton

Install from the Shopify App Store

Give your potential customers the ability to request a call back and close sales over the phone that may have been lost to simple unanswered questions or unresolved concerns. Our optional enquiry message means you can quickly and easily assign the right support and assistance to your customer. Stand out from your competitors by providing a high level of customer service and support.

Turn visitors into qualified phone sales leads

Customize the widget and form to make it look and feel part of your brand

Complete status management and conversion tracking

Callback request form is GDPR compliant

With this app, you can provide an additional ordering channel for your customers who prefer to place orders over the phone. Simply install the app and your customers can call your designated phone number and place their order with one of your team members.

Our app integrates seamlessly with merchants, allowing you to manage all phone orders within your admin dashboard. This makes it easy to track and manage your phone orders alongside your online orders.

This app is helpful for users who want to place orders on call.

Merchants can maintain phone order records from their app section.

Just click on a button from the product page, and place the order instantly.

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