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Best Shopify Apps for Customer order tracking

Synctrack PayPal Tracking Sync

Install from the Shopify App Store

Synctrack is an approved official PayPal partner for syncing order tracking numbers and carriers to PayPal. Synctrack adds tracking info to PayPal and Stripe automatically and instantly on autopilot. That helps you reduce Stripe and PayPal disputes, money on hold, PayPal limits, and reserves. The more your store syncs PayPal tracking info for orders, the faster PayPal will start releasing your funds. Synctrack keeps your business transparent, saves time, and avoids PayPal disputes.

Real-time sync PayPal tracking and Stripe: Minimize the time money is on hold

Sync tracking to PayPal and Stripe for orders within 365 days with just 1 click

Multi-stores: Manage & PayPal sync for all stores in 1 place with 1 subscription

Instant Digital Order, Store Pickup Sync, mapping with PayPal-supported couriers

Sync PayPal Tracking for orders from Facebook, Instagram and others to PayPal

TrackingMore ‑ Order Tracking

Install from the Shopify App Store

Automatically sync your orders and update shipping information from over 1100 carriers worldwide. Your customers can easily get order shipping updates on the multilingual tracking page and proactive customer notifications without asking the "Where is my order?" question. Upsell new products via. feature products & discount upsell on tracking page and emails. Provide the pre-sale and post-purchase estimated delivery date to build customer confidence and boost conversion rate.

Integrate over 1100 carriers with accurate carrier detection and auto-sync order

Manage all orders in the shipment dashboard, monitor exceptions

Customized tracking page & notifications to boost sales and engage customer back

Estimated delivery date (EDD) on product & cart pages to boost conversion rate

Perfect for dropshipping mode, hide or replace keywords of shipping details

17TRACK Order Tracking‑PaySync

Install from the Shopify App Store

Improve the shopper experience while increasing upsell & cross-sell opportunities! By providing a self-service tracking page, your customers can quickly answer the "Where's my order?" question without making any service requests. Status notifications and featured products on the tracking page drive incremental sales. Suit for hide off-shore fulfillment. Decrease chargebacks & speed up funds release with PayPal Push. Have questions? Reach out to us via chat or email 24/7.

Global Tracking. Track your international & domestic packages together.

Customized tracking page. Let buyers lookup orders on your site.

Triggered Email. Let customers know as soon as their order status changes.

Buyer Protection. Allow customers to protect orders against loss, damage, delay.

Gain insights in a glance to shipment delivery and exception performance.

COD King‑COD Fees & OTP Verify

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app is one stop for any cash on delivery orders requirements.

Order verification - App verifies COD orders using OTP or links through SMS, and Whatsapp reducing fake orders to merchants and drastically saving shipping costs by reducing RTO. COD Show Hide - Show or hide COD payment method based on country, zip, product or cart value. COD Fees - Adds additional COD fees/ cash on delivery fees. Convert them to prepaid and Send Abandoned cart messages to increase your sales on cash on delivery.

Confirm COD Orders through OTP or link on SMS & Whatsapp & reduces fake orders.

Cash on delivery fees - Charge extra if customer places COD order.

Show or hide COD on Checkout based on parameters(location, value, product etc)

Send OTP, order confirmation and fulfilment messages (Also supports branded SMS)

Convert your COD orders to Prepaid by giving discount - Supported Only in India.

Rush ‑ Order Tracking & EDD

Install from the Shopify App Store

Rush increases repeat sales with a better delivery tracking experience that solves customer anxiety. Automate carrier matching for shipment tracking. Build beautiful "Track My Order" pages, automate SMS & email shipment notifications, send order status updates, and open a new revenue channel with upsells & cross-sells at each step of the delivery journey. Customize order tracking page and add estimated delivery date with 1,300+ carriers. Free Onboarding & Setup, Private Slack, 24/7 Support. Go!

Drive repeat traffic & sales with branded "Track Your Order" pages

Increase customer lifetime value with SMS & email delivery notifications

Boost conversion rates with estimated delivery date & AI prediction on PDP

Improve customer loyalty with carrier masking & origin address for dropshipping

Integrate with Klaviyo, Yotpo SMSBump, Postscript, Attentive (soon)

Tracktor Order Tracking

Install from the Shopify App Store

Tracktor turns first-time buyers into repeat shoppers by increasing customer satisfaction and lowering your support costs. With professional-grade package status & order tracking integrated with all of the major carriers (1,500+ and counting), you and your customers gain incredible visibility into the status and location of every item in transit. With Tracktor, everything is fully customizable, so you can get creative and delight your customers!

Track orders across the globe with over 1,500 integrated carriers

Empowering your customers help themselves and prevent "WISMO" calls

Trigger email/SMS notifications when a package is out for delivery or arrives

Manage what customers see with your branded tracking page

Access timely tracking insights with a 3D interactive map of all order locations

PostShip Order Tracking

Install from the Shopify App Store

De-stress your team & delight your customers with order lookup & shipping notifications.

Seeking superior tracking app beyond Parcel Panel & Track123? Outpace 17track & Tracktor with intuitive tracking pages. Eliminate order tracking support queries, providing a great post purchase experience to your customers.

Our proactive notifications excel over Aftership in catching delays & informing customer. Reduce customer anxiety and build anticipation with order status notifications. 1400+ Carriers

Intuitive and Beautiful order tracking page for your customers to track orders.

Smart order lookup page to manage & analyse all your shipping data in one place

Branded order lookup page for your customers that increases customer loyalty.

Powerful Shipping analytics and 24/7 live chat and email support.

Better perfomance than Aftership, Tracktor and Wonderment in terms of accuracy.

CODFIRM COD Verification Suite

Install from the Shopify App Store

With CODfirm, you can verify your Cash On Delivery (COD) orders to reduce COD RTO (Return to Origin) issues. CODfirm sends OTP to every COD customer to validate their shipping mobile number and intent to purchase. The app then checks the order's credibility and highlights orders that have a high risk of RTO. Using smart offer/ discounting feature you can also incentivize your customers to convert their COD orders to prepaid using CODfirm. Use CODfirm to massively reduce COD losses.

OTP verify COD orders to validate shipping phone number and intend to purchase

Detect high risk COD orders before shipping them out

Convert COD orders to prepaid by giving customers to pay with one click via UPI

Send COD to Prepaid conversion messages to customers via Whatsapp

Send confirmation, shipping, out for delivery and delivered alerts via WhatsApp

Proveway PayPal Tracking Sync

Install from the Shopify App Store

Proveway syncs tracking to PayPal from Shopify on autopilot. Proveway automatically instantly syncs tracking numbers to PayPal. That avoids unwanted disputes, money on hold & reserves. Proveway keeps your business transparent & provides massive ROI on your time. Proveway turns on PayPal Seller Protections for each transaction as soon it syncs tracking to your PayPal account.

Auto - Sync Tracking to PayPal & Stripe. Avoid Being Prone to Random Holds!

Past Order Sync - Process past 3 Month Orders in 1 Click.

Instant Digital Order Sync, Advanced Courier Mapping & PayPal Courier Match

Insight of orders shipments in 1 clicks across 900+ Couriers.

Brand page tracking page so customers can track the status of their order.

TrackiPal PayPal Tracking Sync

Install from the Shopify App Store

TrackiPal is an approved official PayPal Partner for order syncing on the app store. TrackiPal automatically synchronizes PayPal tracking info for shipped orders to your PayPal accounts. The sync works in real time and saves you tones of hours of data entry. The more your store syncs PayPal tracking info for orders, PayPal will start releasing your funds faster. You can even reduce PayPal disputes by more than half! Sync your orders with TrackiPal: Approved by PayPal for syncing order tracking.

Automatically sync PayPal tracking info for shipped orders to PayPal accounts

Sync new orders in real-time + bulk sync old orders with 'Back in Time' feature

Monitor status of PayPal tracking sync from a powerful, easy-to-use dashboard

Boost your PayPal merchant record to reduce and remove rolling account reserve

TrackiPal is approved by PayPal: Build trust and get your funds released faster!

StatusPro ‑ Order Status

Install from the Shopify App Store

Reduce queries and improve customer satisfaction by keeping customers informed on order status, with custom statuses that apply to your business. Each custom status can be associated with it's own email template, which are quick and easy to create. A convenient order lookup page further helps to minimize customer inquiries by allowing customers to track order progress.

Send auto emails to customers (or third parties) when order status changes

Have order status change automatically or when order is fulfilled

Order lookup page allows customers to track their order status

Update order status via QR code scan on your smartphone

Set order due dates to help manage your orders

Route: Post‑Purchase Platform

Install from the Shopify App Store

Route deeply connects brands with their customers to delight them at every opportunity, transforming every part of the buying journey from ordered to delivered, and everywhere in between.

Give shoppers peace of mind at checkout with shipping insurance that protects against loss, theft, or damage—and carbon neutral shipping on all protected orders. Offer immersive package tracking that keeps your brand top-of-mind and delivers personalized product recommendations that drive additional purchases.

Package protection gives your shoppers confidence & peace of mind at checkout

Instant claims resolution that saves time, support costs & customer frustration

Branded package tracking that builds anticipation & enhances customer experience

Carbon neutral shipping that protects the planet and increases brand loyalty

Revenue-driving product recommendations that increase customer lifetime value

Wonderment Post‑Purchase

Install from the Shopify App Store

Quickly find stalled shipments, shipping exceptions, and problem orders. Reveal patterns with your fulfillment and carriers. Own the complete post-purchase journey with proactive notifications.

No More Shipping Blindspots

Prevent 'Where's My Order?'

Drive Repeat Customers

Omega Order Tracking Upsell

Install from the Shopify App Store

Synctrack Order Tracking from Omega is your key to cost-effective post-purchase excellence. Synctrack accurately tracks orders (especially China couriers like Yanwen, Yunexpress), and manages multiple orders in one spot. Elevate your brand with a custom order tracking page and delivery estimated delivery date/ETA. Keep customers engaged with email & SMS updates, and boost sales through strategic marketing assets.

Order tracking page with brand asset for consistent & professional feel.

Track orders in real time to keep your customers informed.

Estimated delivery dates (EDD), ETA to improve customer satisfaction

Filter unwanted keywords on order tracking page

Automate courier matching for seamless tracking experiences

Paltrack PayPal Tracking Sync

Install from the Shopify App Store

Add tracking numbers to your PayPal account automatically, and avoid having your money held by PayPal for days or weeks. Prevent PayPal limitations and save hours of manual data entry by letting PalTrack handle the tedious work for you. Keep your customers comfortable and avoid disputes, while also improving cash flow, making it easier for your business to grow.

Auto-Sync Shipped order tracking data to PayPal in real-time. Reduce PayPal hold

Auto Route your Carrier name to officially supported PayPal Carriers

Email reports : get notified with how many orders our app synced regulary

Become eligible for Paypal Seller Protection

AfterShip Shipping + Labels

Install from the Shopify App Store

Save time and money on domestic and international shipping across 100+ carriers with a web-based multi-carrier shipping platform. With AfterShip Shipping (Postmen), take complete control of your order fulfillment and shipping processes, from setting up carrier accounts, calculating shipping rates, generating discounted shipping labels, and validating addresses worldwide. Avoid cart abandonment by allowing customers to choose the cheapest and fastest shipping method at checkout.

Centralized dashboard to sync, manage and fulfill orders in one place

Shipping rates and transit time calculation across multiple carriers and service

Shipping automation rules to ensure fast processing and error-free shipping

Pre-filled commercial invoices and customs documents for international shipments

Multiple shipping options at checkout with accurate rates and delivery times

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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