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Best Shopify Apps for Pre-launch

Tapita Coming soon/Pre‑launch

Install from the Shopify App Store

Tapita Coming soon/Pre-launch is a great way for pre-launching your store or put your website under maintenance. It allows you to select a ready-made template or drag-and-drop your coming-soon page from scratch if you want more room for creativity.

Quickly create a Coming Soon page using our library of beautiful templates

Freely customize every aspects of your page with our drag-and-drop builder

Multiple countdown timer designs and email subscription forms

Create multiple drafts and publish the version you like the most

Fully responsive on different devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop

UCC Under Construction Coming

Install from the Shopify App Store

Under Construction Coming Soon is an app that helps you maintain customer engagement while your store is undergoing maintenance. Its landing page builder, you can create a customizable coming soon page that notifies users about the maintenance mode and displays a countdown timer for the store's reopening. Choose from a range of pre-built opening soon templates designed specifically for stores in maintenance mode.

Auto schedule coming soon page based on daily, predefined dates and times.

Drag-and-drop widget for designing simple coming soon landing pages

Versatile Live Animated Backgrounds for Enhanced User Experience

Various countdown timers for your maintenance page for under construction page

Upify ‑ Easy Coming Soon

Install from the Shopify App Store

Easy Coming Soon app is an outstanding tool to show your visitors that you are working on your store. It’s not easy to create a Coming Soon page or Under Construction page without coding experience. This app will help you to create a Coming Soon page efficiently and quickly.

Create coming soon page or under construction page without coding experience.

Collection customer emails while your store in the making with coming soon page.

Building under construction page for your store awareness.

Design an engaging coming soon page with little work in just 2 minutes.

Allow customers to easily bypass the Coming Soon page by giving them a password.

PreCom ‑ coming soon preorders

Install from the Shopify App Store

With our app you can easily change the product status to "coming soon" or "pre-order". You can control when exactly the product should be available for purchase or shipping by defining the availability date. You don't need to wait and lose your sales as it allows you to sell the product when it's out of stock. Alternatively you can showcase the product on your website when it's not available yet so customers are aware of the upcoming items and will come back later to buy it.

Pre-order- let customers place orders before the product becomes available.

Coming soon - present products to your customers before they become available.

Add customizable date availability label to pre-order and coming soon products.

Display, customize coming soon and pre-order badges on collection pages.

Replace "Add to cart" with "Pre-order Now" or "Coming soon" buttons.

Under Construction Coming Soon

Install from the Shopify App Store

Is your store under maintenance mode and worried about losing customers? Under Construction Coming Soon app is a landing page builder that lets you create a coming soon page. Under construction app notify your users that your store is under maintenance mode and will be opening soon by showing a coming soon timer on the landing page. Create password protected under construction coming soon page with age verification. Pre-built opening soon templates for your under maintenance mode store.

Auto schedule launching soon landing page on daily, predefined date,time basis.

Drag and drop widget that lets you design an easy coming soon landing page.

Age verification to restrict underage visitors on your pre launch page.

Multiple types of coming soon countdown timer for your maintenance page.

Password protect with custom pre loader icon for your opening soon landing page

Pre‑launcher / Coming soon

Install from the Shopify App Store

With the app, you can set up a beautiful coming soon page where you can tell customers about your store. Your customers will be redirected to the coming soon page while you launch the store. You will be able to collect customer contacts that you can later use to contact customers.

Customize coming soon page details like logo, background, headline, sub-heading.

Add subscription form for collect customer's emails.

Configure the countdown time to inform customers about the launch time.

Add links to social networks where your brand is already represented.

EXT Thank You Page & Surveys

Install from the Shopify App Store

The EXT Thank You Page & Surveys app allows you to edit the default order confirmation page with a custom thank you page. Maximize your store conversions with post-purchase surveys. You can collect customer feedback on the thank you page with ratings, feedback widgets

Built a landing page with a variety of features and set a countdown timer for exciting offers, and deals. Create a hipe for your coming soon deals, and sales offer with multiple templates.

Collect Post-purchase surveys with ratings, anfeedback widgets on thank you page

Collect feedback surveys data into backend with complete customers details

Display your social accounts links on thank you page and maximize social traffic

Build a custom landing page with countdown timer launching dates and many more

Modify a coming soon page with customize logo, bg color,and social sharing links

The Fast Coming soon page is a great source to promote your brand and build awareness about your company. Use this app to give your business a running start with the Coming Soon app!

Any user who isn't logged into your site will see the Coming Soon page. Any other logged-in admin or developer can access the site as normal and do not see the Coming Soon page which allows you to work on your store.


  • Four pre-built themes
  • Easy setup
  • Choose logo, background & Favicon images *...

Selling your brand and building awareness is key to the success of your company. Start collecting emails and promoting your store before launching. The Fancy Coming Soon app allows you to instantly create a launch or coming soon page on your Shopify store. Just enable the app, activate your preferred theme, configure settings and you are ready to go. This app will help you to start promoting your new e-commerce store. It comes with an impressive selection of animated and plain background themes.

Multiple animated background themes with option to upload your favourite image

Speed tested: No impact to your online store

Interact with website visitor using multiple Chat Messaging Apps

Mobile Responsive

Collect customer emails while your store growth is in development

Coming Soon Pre‑Launch Builder

Install from the Shopify App Store

With our user-friendly app, you can quickly and easily design and customize your coming soon / under construction page to match your store's branding and style.

Our app offers a variety of customizable templates and options, allowing you to create a unique and engaging coming soon / under construction landing page that will keep your customers coming back for more. You can also easily add a countdown timer to create a sense of anticipation and excitement for your upcoming launch.

Email collection form (integrates with MailChimp, Klaviyo, and more)

Password protection that allows certain customers to bypass the page

Countdown timer to build anticipation

URL allowlisting of specific pages within your store

Advanced WYSIWYG editor

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