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Best Shopify Apps for Store data importers

MyShop ‑ Product XML Import

Install from the Shopify App Store

You can professionally connect the XML link you receive from any website to your Shopify website. With this connection, you can instantly transfer all products to your Shopify store. In this transfer, you can import product name, description, pictures, price and stock information seamlessly.

Thanks to its easy use, this plugin will give you exactly what you want.

Transfer all your products quickly with XML Connection.

Once connected, it will automatically check the STOCK and PRICE information.

It offers easy use thanks to its professional interface.

You can easily map any XML connection.

Prism ‑ Product Importer

Install from the Shopify App Store

"Prism ‑ Product Importer" simplifies importing products from third-party suppliers. Supports CSV, Excel & XML feed. Upload the product data file or URL then the app will import all information, images & variants into your store, saving time & minimizing errors. Ideal for streamlining the product import process & growing business.

"Prism ‑ Product Importer" will keep your product up to date with its powerful auto-sync tool.

Import products from XML, CSV & Excel.

Automatically update inventory and products data.

Filter out wrong or zero inventory product before store/update to store.

Brands and retailers leverage the Akeneo platform to dramatically improve product data quality and accuracy, simplify catalog management and accelerate the sharing of product information. Akeneo PIM provides a user-friendly platform to import, manage, enrich and publish your product data, including images and assets that create winning customer experiences.

Easy Configuration & Set-up - one-click installation directly within Akeneo PIM

Flexible Data Mapping Capabilities - support simple and complex product catalogs

Seamless Synchronization - import products, variants, metafields, and images

Job Reporting - easy-to-read, real-time status updates and error reporting

ISBNdb Book Data Importer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Looking for a way to automate the product entry process for your bookshop?

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual book data entry!

ISBNdb Book Data Importer magically pulls in book data like title, author, cover image, description, binding, release date, and many more from the ISBNdb.

The ISBNdb is a unique book data project, taking data from hundreds of libraries and other public sources worldwide.

Try the app to change the way you operate your bookshop now.

Enter an ISBN to import book meta data from the ISBNdb database.

Map any product field with corresponding ISBNdb data to adjust the book import.

You can edit the imported book data according to your needs. users create their custom showroom in our shop-in-shop.

Manage your productportfolio in one central dashboard so you only need to perform product-edits once and sync them to all your sales platforms. couples sales orders, product information and parcel services seemlessly. Our user friendly retailer dashboard offers a clear overview.

Connect sales platforms with your own webshop

Manage and enrich your complete product portfolio from one place

Parcel service optimalisation (easily find the best price for each shipment!)

Manage orders from all your sales platforms in one user friendly dashboard

In-person service and help with onboarding.

Get automatic and seamless notifications of workflow and activities across all your connected platforms. You’ll immediately know when someone places an order, every time a customer signs up, and if a product is updated in your store. Connectify can import all your order and product details into Salesforce or Hubspot to efficiently maintain your inventory and track all orders. After setting up events and connecting them with your chosen platforms, your tasks are conducted automatically.

Automate your business with exciting CRMs and fantastic email marketing tools.

Ability to decide which Webhook data will be sent to 3rd party platforms.

Events are logged and can be reviewed and exported for future review and use.

Backup Shopify data to your Mysql or Postgres databases.

Create your own apps in CRMs or use connectify app for quick setup.

Feed hundreds of sales channels automatically worldwide, without any development or maintenance.

Accelerate the delivery of your product data to all your sales channels and gain the flexibility to succeed in your peak business periods.

Manage the distribution of your product data on all your web channels and ensure the consistency of your omnichannel presence while improving your Time-To-Market.

Quable: The PIM solution designed for E-commerce !

Connect and synchronize your Quable PIM with your Shopify online stores

Easily setting up the mapping of your PIM and Shopify product attributes

Automate the export of your product data from your PIM to your Shopify sites

Seamless multi-markets management from Quable

With the Dropbox Tools app, you'll be able to streamline your file management and save time and resources like never before. This app will automatically sync your Shopify store's files to your Dropbox account, making it easy to access and manage your data, so you can start using it right away without any technical expertise.

Keep your files organized and easily accessible.

App is easy to set up and requires no coding or technical knowledge.

Backup all your product's images to dropbox.

Fuzed is a platform that allows Shopify store owners to integrate their store with marketing automation platforms such as Infusionsoft, or Ontraport.

This integration enables the duplication of products and sales information, syncing orders and products into the CRM, and segmenting the information for marketing automation.

Fuzed also allows for affiliate tracking and triggering marketing campaigns based on customer shopping habits.

Sync your Shopify data to your CRM automatically with Fuzed.

Connect with affiliates and referral partners to get more leads.

Trigger marketing campaigns based on customer shopping habits.

Rothco Product Import and Sync

Install from the Shopify App Store

Rothco API Integration., Import and Sync Products, Price and Inventory. Manage Price, using simple Mark-Up or Mark-Down parameters.

This APP that can auto-sync data from Rothco and import into Shopify.

Add products to the Shopify Store in just few clicks.

Instead of spending hours copying and pasting product data, let the app import.

Listing items and Import eBay order from your eBay store Features

Import items from eBay Import orders from eBay Import items from Shopify and Map them with existing ebay items

Listing items and Import eBay order from your eBay store

Real time orders synchronization from eBay and manage orders easily.

Map listing easily so that can easily import orders and customers data from ebay

Via the app, you can migrate data from your existing Woocommerce, Big Commerce store to Shopify store in one go. All you need to do is just configure your source store, select the entities that you are willing to migrate, and move the data to the target Shopify store effortlessly in just one click.

Why Choose A2Z Migrations App? Without using an app, it would be strenuous to transfer all the data at a time. It may take lots of time & effort as you need to prepare a CSV file to transfer products

Move data in 3 simple steps: Add source details>Select entities>Start migration.

You can select entities that you want to migrate by evaluating the pricing.

Get Woocommerce, Big Commerce products, orders & customers details into app.

Transfer the data securely to your existing Shopify store.

Simple & Secure Data Transfer.

Easily sync all of your product, sales, customer and event data from Shopify to Custobar. Enrich your customer data with online customer tracking.

Sync all products data from Shopify to Custobar.

Sync all sales from Shopify to Custobar.

Sync all customers and update marketing permissions between Shopify and Custobar

Sync and enrich customer data from between Shopify and Custobar.

Automatically install customer tracking to enrich your 1st party customer data.

Tired of manually entering orders in your EPOS?

HubRise connects your Shopify online store to multiple 3rd party solutions, including your Point Of Sales (EPOS) as well as your delivery management, delivery services, printing, eMarketing (SMS/emailing), business intelligence, inventory management solutions, and more.

When you connect the HubRise app, you can import your EPOS product catalog into Shopify via HubRise. Once you are set, orders made on your Shopify ecommerce website will be...

Dealing with various file formats from different jewelry brands can be challenging, but with the VDB Jewelry Loader App, you can effortlessly upload jewelry from your preferred suppliers and ensure it stays up-to-date. The app will import jewelry items as native products, complete with tags that can seamlessly integrate with your store collections.

No coding or developers needed

Import products via VDB or our user-friendly CSV file format

Automate inventory uploads through FTP

With Archipro Product Sync, you can automatically sync products to your Archipro profile. Connect your Shopify store with your Archipro account, and start syncing your product library. Have confidence in your product details, as changes made in Shopify are reflected in Archipro.

Auto-sync products to your Archipro profile.

Customise the products and fields you import into Archipro.

Have confidence in your product details with real time updates.

MapleMonk Analytics & Insights

Install from the Shopify App Store

MapleMonk dashboards & insights help improve both top line & bottom line by integrating multiple data sources such as Shopify, Amazon, FB, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Amazon Ads etc. to a scalable and centralised data warehouse & track key metrics across sales, marketing, customer, operations functions.

Get ready made dashboards and create custom dashboards that are auto-refreshed

Track sales metrics such as orders, revenue, cancellations, returns, ROAS, etc.

Get recommendations to improve marketing campaigns that aren't working

Analyse customer cohorts, RFM segments & get product recommendation by customer

Track dispatch and delivery SLAs & avoid out of stocks by tracking inventory

ALY Barcode to Product Loader

Install from the Shopify App Store

Scan a barcode, and our app fetches all vital product details, including images. Eliminate manual entry and embrace efficiency. Ideal for store owners seeking a streamlined inventory process. Upgrade your Shopify store with Barcode to Product. Skip tedious setups; let our app handle it! Revolutionize your product listing! 💡🚀

Instant Product Data Load: Scan barcodes for quick product info & images.

Field Locking: Auto-fill with consistent details during similar products load

Location Management: Add inventory level during the product import

Time-Saver Tool: Reduce manual work, simplify new product setup

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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