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Best Shopify Apps for Live shopping

ServvAI: Events & Appointments

Install from the Shopify App Store

Servv AI platform enables businesses to increase sales and enhance customer experiences by creating online and in-person events and appointment bookings. Its features include advanced Zoom integration, support for multiple users with dedicated portal, webinars, live shopping, and recordings. It also offers recurring events, email notifications, customizable templates, and Google Calendar integration. Additionally, it provides event and appointment widgets for easy display on websites.

All-in-one online/in-person events, appointment bookings, webinars, & recordings

Support multiple members with Zoom/Google accounts and dedicated member portal

Automate email notifications, store emails, reminders, and customize templates

Zoom integration supports multi-user setup. Two-way Google Calendar sync.

Supports all themes with no coding required. Appointment/event widgets available

Sprii simplifies the process of hosting live shopping events on social media platforms and your website. Integrate your Shopify store with Sprii and effortlessly import your entire product catalog.

Viewer comments on your live shopping event translate into pre-filled shopping carts on your Shopify store. This saves you valuable hours on administrative tasks and lets you focus on selling more and building relationships. With Sprii, you can scale your live shopping quickly without extra effort.

Automatically import your entire product catalog to Sprii within a few minutes.

Let your customers place their orders simply by commenting on your content.

Host live events on social media and your website simultaneously if you want.

Use automated inventory, prescheduling, and more to save time on administration.

Take full control of your communication with automated replies and messages.

Firework Shoppable Video & UGC

Install from the Shopify App Store

Trusted by leading brands including Vuori, Olaplex, JD Sports and American Girl, Firework’s Interactive Shoppable Videos help you engage, connect with, and convert your customers. Winner of Glossy Fashion and Digiday Video Awards, and named Fast Company’s Next Big Thing in Tech, Firework’s pre-built Shopify integration makes it easy to get started quickly, with zero impact to your site.

Create shoppable videos, personalized videos & interactive videos at scale

Sync social media, bulk-import TikTok feed, Instagram reels, stories, YT & more

Multiple formats, QR code overlay, quizzes, polls, & coupons embedded in video

Retarget customers with custom video email embed capabilities

Analytics & dashboard to measure performance, GMV, engagement, conversion & more

SoldLive: FB & IG Live Selling

Install from the Shopify App Store

Just connect your FB/IG pages and you're ready to sell live! SoldLive reads in all your Shopify product inventory and assigns #'s to them. Your shoppers comment the # to get DM'd a checkout link for that product. The checkout is tied to a Shopify draft order, and your shopper checks out directly from within Facebook or Instagram Messenger. No registration required for your shoppers. And no commission taken from your hard-earned sales!

Cart and hold all items for shoppers during a Facebook or Instagram live sale

Automated invoices synced with your Shopify inventory and checkout settings

Super simple. No training or onboarding calls needed. Start selling immediately

No difference in viewership between going live with overlays vs directly on FB!

Liveshelf currently offer a real-time integration between LiveShelf and Shopify that automatically syncs your LiveShelf orders to Shopify and helps you keep inventory counts up to date on both platforms. Our integration also gives you the ability to import new products directly from Shopify to our platform without establishing products. This will let you gain exposure among more groups of customers, which is a great way to drive traffic and sales.

Product Catalog Import

Inventory Sync

Order Sync

Livescale, Live Shopping

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Livescale's Live Streaming Shopping app, you will be able to interact with your audience in a fun and interactive way, and reduce the path to conversion. Once Live Shopping is part of their Marketing Mix, our clients see a positive impact on their sales conversion rate, as well as their community engagement.

Shoppable products: viewers shop products in the video experience or a web site

Polls: collect real-time insights and data from your viewers

Analytics: real time and detailed analytics on viewers, engagement and sales

Google and Facebook integration: add your tracking pixels to measure performance

Brand ownership: white label app, and you have full control of the experience

Open a surging new sales channel with gear you already have. We make it easy to stream or record beautiful, on-brand shoppable video with iPhones and iPads. Sync your Shopify collections to display products on up to 10 platforms at once, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and even your own website. Grow your audience, then authentically engage while driving sales with our built-in commerce tools. Customers enjoy a seamless interactive live shopping experience on your website and Facebook Live.

Feature Shopify collections as you stream and manage inventory in one location.

Embed video on your website and visitors can shop your products in real-time.

Stream to Facebook and viewers can comment on your video to shop, live or later.

Customize your visuals with logos, photos, text, even additional camera angles.

Create more content with less effort by repurposing and resharing video clips.

Reactive Video Platform

Install from the Shopify App Store

Reactive makes it easy to turn visitors into customers through shoppable videos and live-streamed shopping events.

Use Reactive to amplify your sales with influencer marketing campaigns directly on your store. Create live events or upload videos from your socials to make shoppable video content that uplifts site engagement & conversions. Add live and shoppable videos to your product pages and landing pages to captivatingly tell your customers why they should buy your product.

SITE SPEED PERFORMANCE. Little to no impact on site speed.

SINGLE CLICK SETUP. Go live or upload video in seconds. No developers needed.

FULLY THEMEABLE. Customize the app's appearance to match your site's design.

REPEATABLE LIVE EVENTS. Replay live events with full interactivity.

ADVANCED ANALYTICS. Track sales and promotions in real time.

Bring your customers together with lives on your e-commerce! Create engaging events to showcase your products and interact with them. Monitor the impact on sales and create brand content at scale. Centralize and broadcast all your favourite UGCs on your website, such as your replays, Skeepers Influence posts, or your own UGC content.

Easy and fast onboarding

Connect to your Skeepers account

Synchronize your products from Shopify

Display your Live Shopping events and Shoppable

Customize the Skeepers widget from your theme options

LiveSell, Live Video Shopping

Install from the Shopify App Store

LiveSell increases engagement by letting sellers interact directly with customers via live voice, video and text. Simply install the app and connect to your LiveSell account. Next, create and customise beautiful online spaces designed for selling. Spaces can be embedded in your online store or hosted on your own domains. Perfect for one-to-one meetings or large audience shows. The same experience across desktop and mobile. Have fun growing your sales!

Engage with customers via livestream events on desktop, iOS and Android

Brand and customise your live meeting spaces exactly as you wish

Embed your meeting spaces or host them on your own domains

Interact via voice, video and text in one-to-one meetings or large shows

Delight with live polls, streaming to social, watch party, recording and more...

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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