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Best Shopify Apps for Sitemap builder

Store.SEO Image Optimizer AI

Install from the Shopify App Store

Increase sales, traffic with our SEO booster & image optimizer app, improving Google ranking, and page indexing. With our SEO optimizer and speed booster, fix SEO errors, do keyword research, product SEO, page SEO, technical SEO, on-page SEO, compress images, and more. Bulk update image alt text & create templates for meta data, meta titles & descriptions at ease. Connect with SEO tools- Google Analytics & Google Search Console & generate SEO reports. Our SEO experts will help you to grow more.

Powerful SEO scanner with detailed reports & analysis to improve Google ranking

Get keyword analysis, templates for meta titles, descriptions & instantly index

Image optimizer & compressor to boost page speed, bulk Image alt text editing

Connect Google Search Console & Analytics with SEO manager & submit sitemaps

Get marketing & Local SEO boost with JSON-LD schema markup to boost SEO rankings

Unlock your store's SEO potential with our sitemap app! Generate a HTML sitemap that is optimised for SEO, customise Shopify's XML sitemap by removing unwanted pages, and control crawling with NoIndex/NoFollow meta tags. Boost your store's coverage, resolve duplicate content issues, and enhance indexation for Google SEO and other search engines. Have a multi-lingual store? No problem, translate your sitemap with our app. Experience the power of our Sitemap Builder today!

HTML Sitemap Builder - Generate a Google SEO friendly HTML sitemap instantly

XML Sitemap - Modify XML sitemap and submit to search engines

Control search engine crawling: Use NoIndex NoFollow Meta Tags to exclude pages

Maximise indexation: Optimise sitemaps and meta tags for better search coverage

Multilingual functionality for your sitemaps: Effortlessly translate sitemaps

SEO.Bulk Image Optimizer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app helps store owners to optimize common SEO problems like alt text, meta tags, sitemap, site verification, 404 error link, pagespeed insights.

Optimize and improve your website speed for a better customer experience. So you can easily increase your traffic and order conversion rate.

Maximize time and cost savings in website optimization in accordance with Google. Our SEO optimization is fully automatic, easy and fast. Therefore, you can completely install without knowing the code.

Optimize seo image ALT to increase search traffic for images for products.

Optimize seo meta tags including title and description for products.

Build and submit your store's sitemap to Google to ensure every page is indexed.

Detect broken links, 404 errors to navigate to a specific link on the website.

Pagespeed Insights is a tool to optimize website performance and experience.

Sitemapper Pro Sitemap Builder

Install from the Shopify App Store

A big reason why customers leave a store without purchasing is because they can’t find what they’re looking for. Sitemapper solves this problem by creating a sitemap page that lists all the products available for sale, making it easy for customers to find and purchase what they want. By linking to all your pages, Sitemapper creates a “flatter” store structure that is favored by search engines. These search engines will then index your pages and display your store in relevant search results.

Drive more sales by helping customers quickly find the products they desire.

Enhance your store’s SEO by improving its search rankings on Google and Bing.

Save time with automatic synchronization of all updates to your pages, products,

XML Sitemap Robots.txt Manage

Install from the Shopify App Store

Index pages faster on search engines, and boost your search ranking. Manage XML Sitemap and Robots.txt and seamlessly through a user-friendly panel. Use Robots.txt to guide search engine scanning and efficiently perform content indexing with XML sitemap.

Increase search engine visibility with XML Sitemap.

Determine how search engines crawl your site using Robots.txt.

Improve user experience and SEO performance using HTML Sitemap.

Manage your pages with Index/NoIndex tags for search results.

Custom XML Sitemap Builder Pro

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app creates tailor-made XML and HTML sitemaps for your store's products, collections, pages, and articles, which are optimised for SEO and ready to be submitted to search engines. By utilising these sitemaps, your store's indexation and SEO will be improved, as search engines can easily discover and index all the pages within your store. Whether you have a small or large store, Custom Sitemap Builder provides a fully customisable solution to fulfil your sitemap requirements.

Create a fully custom XML sitemap for your store to improve SEO

Create a fully custom HTML sitemap for your store to improve indexation

Works with large stores with millions of products and more, there's no limit

Enable search engines to easily discover and index all pages

Sitemaps are optimised for SEO and ready to be submitted to search engines

Sitemap Builder helps you by creating an HTML sitemap for your store right after you install the app.

The HTML sitemap creates a new page on your website which helps your customers easily find products, by listing all your products.

The HTML sitemap also helps Google understand what type of products you are selling, which can help boost your SEO ranking.

If you are having a hard time getting organic traffic on Google, an HTML sitemap is one way to help improve your search engine optimization

Create an HTML sitemap instantly with one click install - super easy & effective

Step-by-step guide on how to submit your XML sitemap to Google for better SEO

HTML sitemap customizations are available via our handy settings screen

The Sitemap Generator app produces in one-click HTML Sitemaps that auto-update. The app allows full customization, you can able to show case pages, products, collections sitemaps links. HTML sitemap is a file with a list of all links in your site, it allows search engines to understand site content easier. HTML sitemap page help users in navigation. Sitemaps are essential for SEO performance and help in organic traffic and boosting sales.

Create HTML Sitemaps with one click. Easy to use. No coding required!

Flexible HTML page layout ties in with your store design perfectly!

Customizable. You get to decide on the content of your HTML Sitemaps

Instantly updated. HTML Sitemaps are updated automatically.

An XML sitemap is a file of links in the standard markup language that Google (and other search engines) usually prefers. Its primary function is to provide URLs of the site to search engines. With the app, you can create custom XML/HTML sitemaps for your website, Exclude URLs from HTML/XML sitemaps. Include custom URLs to the XML sitemap. Matches the look & feel of your existing store. No code/design is necessary.

Improve the page rankings of your store and products on popular search engines.

Install the app simply by one click and use it conveniently without coding.

Define the view type of the sitemap to provide the most useful navigation.

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