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Best Shopify Apps for Page redirect

Experience smooth 301 redirects with our effortless solution. Quickly fix 301 redirects using bulk URL uploads for effortless site migrations or updates to products and pages. Retain valuable traffic and sales by preventing visitors from encountering frustrating 404 page errors. Our alerts and tools make resolving 404 errors a breeze for a seamless user experience. Improve your SEO by automatically identifying and resolving detrimental 404 errors that could impact your search engine rankings.

Simplify bulk 301 redirects for site migrations or page updates with ease.

Minimize 404 errors to prevent site abandonment & increase user experience.

Seamlessly redirect live pages to other active pages.

Receive alerts & reminders for managing 404 error pages.

Use patterns to redirect old URLs and avoid 404 pages for incoming traffic.

Redirect Pro ‑ 404 SEO

Install from the Shopify App Store

Your customers hate landing on 404 error pages. How do you prevent it? Delisting old products litters your site with broken links and shatters your hard-earned SEO search ranking on these pages. You're left using 301 redirects to play an endless game of 404 whack-a-mole. Redirect Pro detects broken links in real time, allowing you to swiftly redirect them and maintain a seamless customer experience. Automated redirect rules save you time, protect your SEO rankings and help increase conversions.

Detect and resolve 404 broken links in real time to protect SEO search rankings

Smart redirects fix broken URLs on auto-pilot for products, collections and more

Customize automatic redirects for broken URLs of any given structure to new URLs

Migrate your store with a few automatic redirect rules instead of 301 redirects

Upload unlimited redirects from a spreadsheet for fast migrations to Shopify

SEO Doctor for Search Engines

Install from the Shopify App Store

The world of SEO is deep and often overwhelming. If your store contains hundreds, if not thousands, of products the task of optimizing your entire store manually can seem impossible. SEO Doctor allows you to configure the app to automatically (or manually) fix all current and future on-page SEO issues that might come up as you add new products. This can help you save dozens, if not hundreds of hours, accelerating your chances of increasing organic traffic and ranking higher on search engines.

Fix common SEO issues with meta tags, broken links, image file names, and more

Use a guided checklist to fix each issue with your products

Save time by setting conditions and rules with autopilot to fix issues in bulk

Track your optimization progress with a dynamic overall score and ranking chart

Supports JSON LD Data

With the GeoIP Country Redirect app, you can redirect customers to the regional version of your store. It is a well know fact that shoppers trust stores in their native language. Redirecting visitors to the correct version of your store can significantly improve conversions. We offer fast and friendly support. The app is built to handle large volumes of traffic.

Automatically Redirect customers to different store based on their IP address.

Display Permissions Popup and ask users before redirection.

Exclude Google Bots. All versions of your store will be indexed by Google

Exclude IP from redirection. Country Based Blocking

App supports UTM Parameter Forwarding.

Omnishop | Country Redirect

Install from the Shopify App Store

If you have multiple stores for multiple countries you need to use this app! Based on geolocation you redirect or block visitors. Geolocation is based on visitor's ip address.

This app helps you to target the better international stores fit for your customer. Better experience for the user and better conversion rate for your store.

We don't redirect search crawlers bots. We don't distort your statistics. We don't touch your SEO.

Redirect or block your visitors depending on their country

Choose the look & feel: - Popin - Banner - Automatic redirection

Create your rules in the back-office in just a few clicks

Smart Mobile App Banner

Install from the Shopify App Store

App promotion on the website is made easier with the help of a Smart mobile App Banner. A simple display of the banner on the website with app information can be done using this app. The viewers of the website can easily access the apps linked to the website with the help of this banner option.

The smart mobile banner app has options to add details like App Name etc.

The banner placement on the website can be at the top or bottom of the page .

The button link of the desired app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect

Install from the Shopify App Store

When your visitors land on a 404 page, with no idea where to go next, there’s every chance they might not convert into buying customers. Ablestar's Link Manager scans for broken links, tracks missing page errors and—more importantly—fixes them quickly.

Quickly Scan Through All the Pages on Your Site to Know What to Fix

See When Actual Visitors Encounter a Broken Link and End Up on a 404 Page

Create Redirects to Send Visitors on Broken Links to a Page of Your Choosing

Email Notifications if You Suddenly Experience a High Number of 404 Errors

Unlock the potential of your marketing efforts with dynamic QR codes. Modify offers, product details, and promotions on the fly anytime. Engage with your customers in a whole new way both offline and online. Add QR codes to your emails, product labels, and packaging to share critical product information, offers, rewards, and much more. With pre-filled carts, customers keep coming back to reorder your products. It's time to up your game with Super QR Codes now!

Easily create stunning QR codes that capture customer's attention.

Create dynamic QR codes and print them worry free, later update them anytime.

Build amazing shopping experience with pre-filled shopping carts.

Create QR codes in bulk and save time.

Track the performance of your QR codes to gain engagement insights.

Addify ‑ Quick Buy Now Button

Install from the Shopify App Store

Quick Buy Now Button is a powerful app that allows you to redirect your customers to cart or checkout page to expedite the buying process. Replace default add to cart or add new quick buy button. With Quick Buy Now Button App, you can also add a link to buy from external source like Amazon, eBay or any other marketplace listing to purchase your product.

The rule based management enables you to create multiple rules to add different buy now button actions for different products & customer tags.

Add a new buy now button on any product

Choose from 4 actions (Redirect to cart, checkout, external link or show popup

Display button based products and customer tags

Add new or replace existing add to cart button

Customize button and popup text, size, color and more

Redirectify has a focus on relevancy. By providing live path suggestions, the app ensures that your redirect targets are relevant to your customers, keeping them engaged with your content.

Avoid tedious manual work with rule-based automation for common issues such as product deletion. Issues are picked up in real time with proactive and live 404 tracking, and processed by your rules. Migrating from another ecommerce platform to Shopify? Rules are a great way to smooth the transition.

Catch 404s as they happen with live 404 tracking

Fix deleted products before they become a problem with proactive 404 tracking

Find relevant redirect targets with live path suggestions as you type

Automate your workflow with rules to avoid manual intervention

Fix 404s in bulk by uploading a CSV file (combines well with rules)

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Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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