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Best Shopify Apps for Discounts

Kite : Discounts & Free Gifts

Install from the Shopify App Store

Think Free Gifts & Discounts, Think Kite.

Drive Customer Engagement and Sales through a wide range of Free Gifts and Discount Offers with Kite. Offer Tiered & Volume Discounts with Quantity Breaks, Buy One - Get One (BOGO) Offers, Stackable Discounts, Discounts on Collections, Buy X - Get Y.

Auto-add to cart Free Gifts with Upsells, Product Recommendations and Product Collections. Completely customize UI & Widget. Analytics and 24*7 chat & assistance. Offer Free Gifts on Valentine's Day.

Auto-add Free Gifts to Cart based on rules like Cart Spends, Specific Products

Volume Discounts with Quantity Breaks: Buy 2 Get 10% off, Buy 3 Get 20% Off

Run Discounts on Cart Spend Tiers: Buy $50, Get 10% off; Buy $80, Get 20% Off

BOGO with Single Click Upsell Widget for Buy X Get Y and Buy X Get X

Customisable Widget, Offers Scheduling, Discount via URL & Stackable Discounts

Volume Discounts — Dealeasy

Install from the Shopify App Store

Easily create volume discounts, quantity breaks, and tiered pricing for your products. Dealeasy uses the new native discounts technique and hence - 1) works seamlessly with your theme, 2) does not break your checkout by creating draft orders. 3) automatically stacks with other discounts, 4) incorporates the latest and recommended way for apps to create custom discounts. You can have up to 5 automatic discounts and 200 discount codes that auto-apply.

Create volume discount using the new native discounts (functions) feature.

Easily display tiered pricing and quantity breaks on the product page.

Does not conflict or break the usual Shopify checkout flow.

Create up to 5 automatic discount tiers.

GOVX ID Exclusive Discounts

Install from the Shopify App Store

Verifying a customer's group affiliation online is difficult. So how do you protect your military, first responder, nurse or teacher discount from fraud? Let GOVX ID handle the verification for you! GOVX ID verifies your customer's group affiliation in seconds and distributes secure, single-use discount codes - all without the customer leaving your website. GOVX ID helps you acquire new customers and create customer loyalty while eliminating discount fraud.

Deploys seamlessly into your store theme with the click of a button

Customize the verification flow with your brand logo and welcome message

Creates single-use discount codes natively in your store for approved customers

Mobile-friendly, fast and secure verification process

Real-time verification for military, first responders, nurses, teachers and more

Heartcoding Sales & Discounts

Install from the Shopify App Store

As we are online store owners ourselves we totally understand your needs – therefore we created Heartcoding Sales & Discounts. You can schedule your sale campaigns, select discounts and apply them storewide, for collections or just single variants with our extensive filter options. Adjust up to 100 products per minute and customize your own storefront sale tag and countdown timer for your top/bottom bar and product pages. We coded this app for ecommerce beginners and professionals with heart!

From store owners - for store owners: We exactly understand your needs

Easy as pie - foolproof, time-saving and no superfluous or confusing features

Unlimited sale campaigns with unlimited products at the same time

Customize your own countdown timer for your top/bottom bar and product pages

Customize your own storefront sale-labels and show them in your store

Regios Automatic Discounts

Install from the Shopify App Store

Gone with the days of giving customers promo codes to receive discounts during birthdays, anniversaries, or to specific groups of customers at checkout.

The discounts automatically apply to customers based on tags & conditions.

Multiple discounts can apply to carts and checkout pages for product collections during product drops.

The discounts can be hidden to shoppers in certain locations, metafields, & more.

Offer wholesale customers special discounts never to be seen by anyone else.

Compatible with POS Pro, Shopify's Native Discounts, & Currency Conversion Apps

Offer Subscriber, Member, Wholesale, Volume, and Shipping Discounts

Limit Automatic Discounts to Specific Products, Collections, or Vendors

Wholesale Discounts Can Be Hidden to Retail Shoppers

Target or Restrict Discounts by Location, Metafields, Tags, and More

Discount Hub Unique Discounts

Install from the Shopify App Store

This is great way to reward your customers! App makes it easy for you to configure to whom and how much discount you would like to reward.

Customer tags, Product tags, Gift with purchase, Product type, Employee, Customer Lifetime Order Value discount, Custom shipping discount, buy x get y, volume tiered discount, product line item property attribute discount

Let us know if you have specific needs and we will make it happen! All discount types makes use of latest functions technology!

Variety of unique discount types! Customer, product, Buy X Any Y with limits

Allows you to combine discount with other store discounts that you've already.

No updates to your theme or any code injection, works seamless!

Draftable ‑ Draft Order Helper

Install from the Shopify App Store

With this app, you can create a checkout from draft order which allows customer/ you to input discount code, saving hassles of manually calculating discount. Add more info to the draft order such as line item properties, order notes, and also rearrange line items without having to recreate it.

Deduct inventories of the products in the draft order, to prevent overselling while the draft order is pending payment.

You can convert abandoned checkout to draft order while preserving properties.

Create a checkout from draft order, and let customer apply discount code

Add line item properties or order notes to draft order

Deduct inventories of the line items of the draft order with 1 click

Rearrange order of line items for your draft order

Create a draft order from abandoned checkout, with the properties from products

Bold Discounts ‑ The Sales App

Install from the Shopify App Store

Flash sales with NO COUPON CODES REQUIRED. Flash sales, daily deals or any automatic promotions you can think of. Display countdown timers or sale icons to create a sense of urgency for customers. 100% customizable! The auto-tag feature tags products on sale to automatically populates sale collections! Trusted by high growth brands since 2012 to run promotions, and backed by industry-leading support.

Set your discount, apply it to products, collections, or your entire store

Create urgency with a real-time countdown on your site to promote your sale

Run an unlimited number of promotions without the risk of discount stacking

Run promotions with advanced scheduling. Ideal for Black Friday and other events

Set collections to automatically include products with sale tags

Klip: Product Page Coupons

Install from the Shopify App Store

Revolutionize your Shopify store with Klip, offering an Amazon-style coupon experience directly on your product pages. Create customizable, clippable coupons that customers can redeem with a single click. Klip allows you to choose from percentage-off or fixed amount coupons, all in a design that aligns with your brand. Plus, our easy-to-use analytics let you monitor the impact of each coupon. Simplify savings, engage shoppers, and help boost your bottom line with Klip.

Create and showcase clippable coupons easily on your product pages.

Flexible coupon types: choose between percentage or fixed amount discounts.

Personalize coupon design to match your brand and engage shoppers.

Quickly monitor coupon performance and analytics with user-friendly dashboard.

Easily create and apply coupons to individual products, collections or tags.

Create mix-and-match bundle discounts that are applied automatically or using discount codes. Customers can customize choose-your-own bundles from multiple collections with advanced discount rules. Discounts are applied when eligible products are added to the cart, providing a seamless shopping experience. Simple Discounts works behind the scenes without the need for theme components.

E.g. Build-your-own 6 pack from 24 options at 10% off or Choose 2 items from Collections A and B at 20% off.

Grow AOV with bundle discount options

Inventory updates automatically

No code or theme components required

Ideal for stores with headless architectures

Multiscount: Tiered Discounts

Install from the Shopify App Store

With its stackable and tiered discount technology, you can now give a variety of discounts that will encourage customers to buy more and spend more. Choose from options like volume discounts, free gifts, order goals, and shipping goals to create custom discounts that work for your business. And with tiered discounts, you can reward your customers for spending more with you. Multiscount boosts revenue, drives bigger orders, improves AOV (average order value) and customer experience.

Discount types: volume discounts, free gifts, order goals, shipping goals

Widgets to advertise your discounts in product page

Built using native Shopify Functions = faster and more Integrated

Get more sales and bigger orders with advanced stackable and tiered technology

Banner during checkout displaying the available discounts for customers

Discount Kit gives you the tools you need to super charge your store promotions. Extra discount types provide more ways to express your sales campaign. App components put discount information right where it's needed most to entice shoppers.

A product volume discount and tiered pricing table directly on the product page encourages higher order values on every purchase.

New native discount types: Tiered volume, Gift with purchase & Order goal

App components built to entice and upsell your customers

Product upsells on the checkout page (Plus only)

Daily Deals ‑ Sale & Promotion

Install from the Shopify App Store

Daily Deals creates a dedicated deals page on your website for any bulk discount offer, promotion or sale that you create in-app. Schedule sales, enable temporary discounted pricing, offer a deal of the day & create a product or site-wide sale! With a bulk discount price editor, offer customers bold discounts with ease. Countdown timers create urgency, a flash sale drives orders & a post purchase upsell boosts returns. Increase store profits and grow revenue with the alpha of sale manager apps!

Schedule sales manually or run an automated deal, product discount or promotion

Discounted pricing on a deal of the day converts a confused customer into a sale

Create a flash sale or use countdown timers to create urgency & drive promotions

Boost a sale even after checkout with a post purchase upsell product discount

With our discount manager, gain actionable insights about a deal or promotion

BOGO & Volume Discounts | HA

Install from the Shopify App Store

Boosting sales is easy with BOGO offers, volume discount & combo offers. When a customer finds a free gift or quantity discount on product page then cannot resist to purchase more, & that's how you get 20% > more AOV with the app. BOGO offers, volume discount encourages customers to purchase more results in increasing revenue. Create offers like buy one get one, buy X get X, buy X get Y free, buy 2 & get 10% off, buy 2 & save $20, buy x+y & save 20%. Easy customisation & intuitive design.

Create BOGO, Free Gift, Volume discount, Product bundles to increase AOV.

Upsell with volume discount offers & cross-sell with bogo offer, product bundles

Encourage customers to buy multiple products with volume discount.

Show your BOGO, product bundles, volume discount on Bundles Page

Everyone likes Free Gift. Show free gifts on product page & increase conversions

Volume Discounts that can be easily setup, automatically applied, and professionally promoted!

Create bulk prices / tiered discount which increase based on order size or quantity breaks.

Setup tiered pricing to apply to all products or a custom selection. Apply percentage or fixed amount automatic discount per product. Ex: 5% off 2+ items, 10% off 5+ items.

Promote volume pricing on any page- product, collection, cart.

Draft Orders are optional - native discounts are now supported!

Setup & promote bulk quantity volume discount tiers to increase AOV & conversion

Use our discount promotion widgets to show customers their savings as they shop!

The cart summary of the discount app shows a breakdown & total discount on cart

Easily offer bulk discounts based on item/order volume quantity

Display discounted tiered pricing on product and cart pages to increase AOV

Propel Sale & Discount Manager

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Sales Manager & Bulk Discounts, you can schedule one-time, weekly, monthly, and custom recurring sales with just a few clicks.

Plus, with sale badges and countdown timers to add urgency, you'll not only automate your sales, you'll sell more too!

Try Propel Sales Manager & Bulk Discounts and see how popular brands use it to automate sales and boost revenue!

Create weekly, monthly and recurring sales in only a few clicks

Applies the greatest discount when multiple sales are active to prevent stacking

Discounting of up to 120 variants/minute

Add urgency and increase conversions with sale countdown timers

Promote your sale products with stylish sale badges

Easily run and schedule multiple sales on all channels. No more tedious manual updates - our app bulk changes prices of selected collections, products, and variants, putting them on sale as requested, and automatically reverts prices back when each sale ends. Choose from a variety of discount options including percentage, amount, or fixed sale prices to find the perfect fit for your business.

Easily put desired products on sale. App updates product prices in shop admin.

Schedule automatic sales to start/end at desired times, continuous or recurrent.

Limit sale to include or exclude specific variants, by title, SKU or inventory.

Tag products on sale with desired tags.

Sale count down timer to create a sense of urgency.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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