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Best Shopify Apps for Product options

EasyFlow Product Options

Install from the Shopify App Store

Let your customers personalize products to their needs using our intuitive product options app. We offer the fastest loading time on the storefront for better conversion.

You can create infinite product options using text input, image swatches, dropdowns, checkboxes, buttons, datepicker & more. Upsell with multi currency supported add-ons for higher AOV. Bulk edit/apply options & manage option sets efficiently. With our product options app you can add options to your products faster than ever.

Unlimited number of product options & product variants

Text input, Image swatches, Dropdown, Checkboxes & many more options

Conditional logic: Show and hide options based on customer’s choice

Upsell with price add-ons to boost revenue, multi currency support

Bulk edit/apply: Spare time by copying and adding existing options to products

NS Image Swatch Variant Option

Install from the Shopify App Store

Provide diverse choices like color swatches, image swatches, or dropdown menus to accommodate various customer preferences and ensure consistency with your branding theme. Customize your preferred swatch options effortlessly with a simple & intuitive app interface. Automatically assign variant images or allow manual customization to allow users to visualize the actual product without the need for imagination. Elevate the customer shopping experience and boost conversions today.

Setup product options designs: color/image swatch, dropdown menu, buttons, etc.

Apply option settings to either all or specific products to save time & efforts.

Automatically sync or manually add your variant options for specific products.

Fully customize the style of your variant options & maintain brand consistency.

Mobile-responsive widgets that work well with most themes, no coding required.

SE: Option Price Calculator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Perfectly price your customizable and measurement-based products. Specifically designed for sticker, blind, wallpaper, cabinet makers, fabric, counters & parts stores. Use mathematical pricing formulas to calculate option, quantity, weight & discount pricing without limits. Pricing table and vlookups support make complicated pricing easy. Show discounted pricing for options with quantity breaks. Start pricing your products perfectly, get Option Price Calculator.

Price custom & measurement-based products more accurately than your competition

Use pricing tables and formulas for more dynamic & accurate option pricing.

Use product price & metafields as variables to separate pricing from app.

Unlimited product options: Swatch, Upload, Multi-select, Dropdown, Radio & more.

Create rules to show and hide options based on options selected.

groupmate Combined Listings

Install from the Shopify App Store

Do you need dedicated product pages for your variants? Want your customers to switch between them easily? groupmate can help with that. We simplify the management of your product groups and seamlessly integrate them into your theme. Without affecting your page speed.

Bonus: groupmate comes with an additional 'barebone' version, so that your dev team can truly customize the swatches to your needs and style guide, or build new functionalities on top of it.

Like the "Shopify Combined Listings" App, already available for everyone

Comes with different swatch styles (color, button and image)

Simple, non-intrusive integration in your Online Store 2.0 theme

Doesn't affect your page speed

With Genie Options, you can easily make customized options for your products. You can make them required or not, and set custom prices on created options. Allow your customers to create their own personalized items using a variety of option choices. Set up the product options with different prices, so that customers can choose the best option for their needs.

File upload, color swatch, variant picture, dropdown, checkbox, and text input.

Merchants can charge for the options added.

Create an unlimited number of options to assist merchants in increasing sales.

Compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes.

New AI features for background removal, image upscale, and image generation. Enhance your e-commerce business's profitability and set yourself apart with a comprehensive product designer.

Empower your customers to visualize and design your products directly on your website with an intuitive, highly customizable interface suitable for any audience.

Design and produce any kind of product.

Fully responsive and easy to use on all devices.

Simple enough designer for any kind of audience.

AI Features to remove background, upscale and generate images.

Amazing support and professional services for ambitious merchants.

HS Product Options & Variants

Install from the Shopify App Store

Help merchants create an unlimited number of custom product options, product variants, variants options to go beyond Shopify’s 100-variant limit. Increase average order value with seamless product bundle & add-ons, add a gift-wrapping surcharge... Use advanced conditional logic to remove friction in the order process. Product options & variants selected will show in Email, Order, etc.

Input text, numbers, color/image swatches, radio, checkbox, dropdown menus, etc

Add-on price: Add a bundle variant or just add price to increase revenue

Compatible with OS 2.0 theme, fit your brand's styles, allow deep customization

Conditional Logic: Show/hide relevant options depending on shoppers’ selection

Easily apply a option set to either all products or group products

ShopFields: POS Custom Fields

Install from the Shopify App Store

POS Custom Fields is designed for retail stores that need to collect additional in-store information at checkout. Easily enable staff to add extra details to an order, such as customer membership numbers or preferences. You can also include data for specific line items, such as warranty numbers, referral codes, or product customization details. Custom data is stored as order attributes or line item properties, ensuring easy access and reliable reporting.

Create unlimited fields to collect membership numbers, personalisations and more

Add custom data to an order, or specific line items using a variety of fields

Easy to install and set up with no disruption for your staff

Structured data means fewer mistakes and more reliable in-store data

Built specifically for Shopify POS to ensure seamless and reliable daily use.

Lenskit: Prescription Lens

Install from the Shopify App Store

Lenskit provides an easy way for your customers to add prescription lenses to frame product. You can customize the whole process, we offer prescription first, lens first, no prescription, contact lens prescription, 4 workflow types. Whether you're selling frames, lenses, or both, the process we offer is great to help you increase your sales. Try this app today!

Collect prescription by 1) manually 2) upload 3) email

Fully customizable, match your brand and theme, preset templates

Logic jumps for lens steps, conditional options on lens step

"Select Lenses" button on product page, app section on the other pages

Send prescription data via email

A fast and affordable Print Customizer which allows your customers to customize just about any Print Product.

Assign designs to your products and customers can personalize your store products like Business Cards, Flyers, T-shirts, Mugs, Product Casings, Canvas Prints, etc. Receive a print-ready High Resolution PDF file that will be attached to your store orders.

Change the app theme to blend with your store, and additionally add or remove functionality based on your personal needs.

High resolution print-ready PDF with crisp, clean vector elements in CMYK or RGB

Fully customize the fonts, colors, layout, to blend into your store look + feel.

It's the fastest product customizer you will find. Works on desktop and mobile

You make the art — we’ll print, mount, frame, and ship it for you! Raise the perceived value of your work, provide a completely ready-to-hang piece of wall art, and unlock additional revenue — all while making passive income. Tap into a new opportunity by offering your own original photos and works of art with a professional frame. You can offer any frame size as small as 5 x 5 up to 42 x 62 inches. Photo or Matte Print product variants available in sizes 5 x 5 up to 32 x 42 inches.

Upload your art/photos and choose frame sizes from 5”x5” up to 42”x62”.

Add a variety of frame, matting, and paper styles.

Each framed print will be carefully crafted here in the US.

Ships directly to your customers as as a complete, ready-to-hang piece of art.

Completely white-label packaging.

Mentis Product Grouping

Install from the Shopify App Store

Group separate product listings together by characteristics like design or color, and display these listings on each product page. If your business sells apparel and features the same design on multiple clothing types, this app allows you to tie all of those listings together, making each product listing easily accessible from the product page. After grouped together, the different product options will appear as clickable icons above the add to cart button on the product page.

Create product groups that tie product listings together

Display grouped products on each product page

Create your own product tile icons by uploading an image.

Track clicks made on your product groupings and measure their performance

Track purchases made on product listings after a user clicks through a tile

You can let your customers add a personal touch to his/her purchase by making your products customizable. Whether you sell customizable T-shirts, furniture, bags, or even bikes or cars. Our web-to-print product customizer allows customers to add color, customized texts, vector shapes, or images and lets them create their own exclusive designs. A smooth product customization experience can help increase sales, and reduce returns by letting create and preview the final personalized product.

Use pre-made product templates or create your own ones.

Get print-ready design files as an output in PDF, PNG, and SVG file formats.

Let your customers preview their personalized products in 3D or 2D modes.

Manage colors and other customization options that can be used by customers.

Create your own design templates by uploading custom graphic assets.

When a customer places an order on your store containing a Xdropship product, we’ll automatically process, ship the item(s) to your customer. We’ll even notify your buyers with automatic tracking updates once their orders have shipped! Seller Friendly Pricing - Make More Money! Xdropship offers seller friendly prices, which means that all of our products are factory direct pricing and give you way more profit per order.

Help customers better handle orders directly to the factory and transportation

Create products free in-app, with 100+ models to design.

Helping customers better serve their products

Printcart Product Personalizer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Printcart allows you to easily integrate Web-to-Print solutions to your website with innovative eCommerce technologies with better operations at a much lower cost. Our mission is to provide B2B SaaS the solution for any Traditional printing startups and enterprises that need a revolution. With Printcart- Web to Print, your users can design and customize a product to fit their needs, which will drive customer satisfaction and additional revenue growth on your site.

Manage printing workflow from products, projects, and designs on a Dashboard.

Powerful Online Design: Templates, Customize texts, Upload Clipart, and image...

The customizer interface works smoothly on any device and screen size.

Generate high-resolution print-ready files from orders: SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG Files

API Integration: Easy connect to our API to access your orders and design data.

Scala Hide Sold Variants

Install from the Shopify App Store

Scala Hide Sold Variants provides an easy way to indicate your customers what variants they are not able to buy. This greatly reduce lost sales from customers who find out their item is unavailable only when they are about to checkout. You can hide sold-out variants or add a custom disabled overlay for clarity. This lightweight app works without altering your theme files and requires no access to your customer or product data.

Hide sold-out, unavailable or any custom variant

No limits: works with unlimited variants and unlimited products

Hide variants based on custom rules such as inventory or tags

Works with dropdown, swatches and other custom apps

Doesn't read your customers and product data or alter your theme files

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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