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Best Shopify Apps for Color swatches

Introducing Prime Swatches, the app that redefines product displays. Link similar products within your store and improve user experience. With Prime Swatches you can create product relations within your store and display color swatches that make it easier than ever to navigate between similar products.

Unlimited Product Groups creation

Divide each group in multiple subgroups

Multiple eye-catching Color Swatches display options

EVS ‑ Easy Variation Swatches

Install from the Shopify App Store

Spice up your product page with Easy Variant Swatches. Replace boring dropdown variants with Image, Color, and Button Swatches. We are visual creatures and displaying visual variant selectors can boost conversions. The App is super easy to set up and is backed by Quick, friendly, and emphatic support.

Display Variant Image as Swatches. Display Color Swatches

Customize the Swatch Display. Select Color, Shape. Add custom CSS

Display Swatches on Collection Page

Advanced Editor for customizing swatch templates

Display Related Products as Swatches.

CL Variant Image, Color Swatch

Install from the Shopify App Store

Show product variants as beautiful color swatch, and variant image swatch to elevate the customer experience and drive sales. Showcase variant images or effortlessly upload your own to enhance the variant selection process. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! Customers are more likely to purchase items that they find visually appealing. Leverage the dynamic combination of Color, Image, Button, and Dropdown options. Show variants on collection & single product page.

Color Swatch, Image Swatch, Buttons, and Dropdown

Automated variant image or upload yours for image swatch

Automated variant color or pick your for color swatch

Fully customizable to match your brand

Customer supports

Aco ‑ Product Options & Addons

Install from the Shopify App Store

Elevate the shopping experience for your customers by offering tailored product customization like never before. Our user-friendly solution lets you effortlessly create custom forms with a range of field types. Whether it's personalized engravings, upsells, or unique product variations and product variants, our app empowers you to enhance your product listings with ease. The creators of the renowned WooCommerce Custom Product Addons now brings you the same level of customization in Shopify

20+ fields with advanced validations for precision and accuracy.

Enhance user-friendliness with Drag & Drop form builder & grid/column alignment.

Choose fixed or % pricing, apply dynamic math to input, quantity & base price.

Easily apply conditional logic to display/hide fields & sections as needed.

Allow repeating fields based on quantity or customer actions to add flexibility.

VIM: Variant Image Module

Install from the Shopify App Store

No more messy product page. The app offers a robust system for assigning and managing multiple images to product variants, improve product presentation and user experience. Set up a product in seconds. App is simple and flexible to use, clean installation and no code injection means you can turn on and off at any time without little to no impact on your store.

Show multiple images per product variant

Improve product presentation and sales conversion

Clean installation, with no-code injection into themes.

Works with all themes: old, online store 2.0, and custom themes.

Set up a product in seconds.

ITORIS Easy Color Swatches

Install from the Shopify App Store

The purpose of the app is to convert your product variant options (typically dropdowns) into color swatches, image swatches, or text swatches. Create swatches for all products in bulk, or for specific products only. Customize the design of your swatches, the shape and size.

Swatch types: Text swatches, Color swatches, Multicolor swatches, Image swatches

Create swatches globally for all products, or for specific product individually

Various swatch shapes and sizes, fully customizable design of swatches

Ever looked for variant swatches on the collection page? Swatch specialist will make that happen. An App created to help the customers find the right product by displaying all its variant swatches on the collection page. Thus increasing ease of exploring and customer satisfaction by giving them the swatches on the very first page they land on, the collection page.

Customizable color swatches

Increase Sales and Conversions

User-friendly interface

The app streamlines access to your products, eliminating the need for users to navigate to individual product pages. It enhances user flexibility and efficiency, saving valuable time. With our "Quick View" button, Quickview and Color Swatch features instantly display all essential product details in a convenient popup window with just one click. Additionally, users can swiftly add products, along with their desired quantity, to the cart via AJAX. This seamless experience extends to variants like

Instantly view essential information with a single click using the "Quick View"

Automated variant image swatch

Upload custom image and color swatches

Spr Product Swatch Variants

Install from the Shopify App Store

Using the Product color swatches app you can easily create multiple groups with different colors and custom images. Product swatches can be a single-color, two-color, product image, custom image, and pill text. App swatches group instantly loads on the product page and doesn’t slow down your product page. The app works with all types of themes.

Mange group with multiple product style swatches.

Create single-color, two-color, custom image, product image, or pill swatches.

Customize swatch label, out-of-stock, shape, and button style in appearance.

The Swatcheroo is an app that uses product variants options and automatically replaces them with swatches. You do not need to create new variant options for the app, just edit the style for existing options on your store. You can easily customize all existing options in your store (like Sizes, Materials, Colors) with one click. No programming/coding required: The app installs itself instantly and requires no coding. It works with Shopify themes without any modification from your side.

Supporting all product option types (like Sizes, Materials, Colors).

Customizable Style. Set on any page of your store.

Easy to use app and requires no coding! Instant install and leaves no code resid

HOLA POD: Easy Custom Product

Install from the Shopify App Store

Create unlimited POD templates and apply them to different products or specific variants. Your customers can easily design and customize a variety of products, including t-shirts, clothing, mugs, phone cases, hats, and more. With multiple design options such as image uploads, text, colors, patterns, and fonts, the customization possibilities are endless. HOLA POD: Easy Custom Product allowing your customers to design anywhere on the product from any device.

Create unlimited POD templates and apply them to unlimited products or variants.

Ready to use fonts, colors, position, and size adjustments, or add custom.

Merchants and customers can quickly preview and adjust templates or designs.

Customize design buttons and theme settings to match the website style.

Get print-ready and detailed files in PDF format from customers' orders.

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Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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