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Best Shopify Apps for Quick view

VP: Quick View ‑ Add To Cart

Install from the Shopify App Store

Quick View app gives your shoppers quick access to product preview in one click without reloading the whole site. The app will not only reduce shopping time but also bring a convenient experience to shoppers. Your shoppers can view product details quickly without leaving the catalog navigation. This makes browsing products easier and faster, which helps increase conversion rates. Products may be added to the cart from the Product Quick View pop-up.

Reduce shopping time, and improve customer experience. Increase your sales.

Let customers view the product information, add it to cart in a popup

Just click, no coding required!

AAA Quick View & Color Swatch

Install from the Shopify App Store

Instant Product Detail: Get instant product details to preview easily from any Collection page. | Add Product To Cart: Able to add products to the cart and update shopping cart via Ajax. | Customizable Pop-up: Pop-up and quick view button design is fully and easily customizable.

Visualize a variety of your product options with vivid swatches.

Lets you create swatches for product options (color, material, manufacture).

Demonstrate the exact view of your products in a couple of clicks.

Shoppers can view product details quickly without leaving the catalog navigation

Quick View Maker app provides the user quick access to the product information with smooth animation. This step saves time and gives a faster and much more intuitive browsing experience. Quick View is essential feature for online stores. The more you can show your product details to your customers, the more conversions you will get. When a customer searches for products on a store, they want the process to be fast. They want to explore the maximum number of products in the shortest possible time

Quick look at products without opening the product page and quickly add to cart

Highly adaptable view for all screen resolutions, laptops or mobile devices

Fully customizable quick-view and pop-up button design, you can easily customize

Trust badges and upload trust badges, Stunning 15 different popup effects

Color Swatch Option, Quick button settings, Customization quick view content

Shopclips ‑ Shoppable Clips

Install from the Shopify App Store

Improve Engagement, Trust and Conversions while reducing Bounce rates, Returns and Reorders, all by simply adding short videos to your store. Short videos engage and communicate product information far more efficiently and smoothly. Humans naturally relate to videos far more than text and photos.

Add Videos to as many pages as you like. No restrictions.

Fully customisable as every store is unique.

Full Analytics of the usage of the videos available.

Dot Banner: Shoppable Images

Install from the Shopify App Store

It is more than just a nice banner. Create banners or photo boards (set of images) with shoppable image maps straight from the shop admin.

Easily add links to products or pages to the banner and choose 1000 customizable hotspots of any size & color to promote your product better.

The hotspots (click points) support the title with an HTML description to add the information and URL to any pixel on an image. Easily include a product image and info in the hover tab.

Instant promotion: Go to the purchase instantly from protoboard or hotspot.

Perfect conversion: Users shop products straight from the home or other pages

Easy to setup: Customizable icons, icon color, size, and descriptions and popup

Instant View app allows you to enable a feature on the collection page that helps your customers to see the product information in an intuitive way. The Quick View feature plays an important role in creating more conversions from online stores. This saves your customers time and provides a faster browsing experience. Instant View app allows buyers to view product details quickly without navigating to the product page.

Highly adaptable view for all desktop screen resolutions and iPad

Truly compatible with most of Shopify themes

Social Media share

One-click Checkout

Color Swatch Option

Automate your processes and improve the relationship with your customers. This is DigyBot. DigyBot is the customized multi-agent technological solution with 24/7 availability that automates repetitive tasks, taking advantage of your existing technological resources. By integrating the DigyBot app you can quickly share with your customers the products they are looking for. You can even do an image search to send them related products that may interest them.

Integrate Shopify products into the Digyto platform.

Send information about your products to customers through social networks.

Show information about your products through social networks.

Fast View : Fastest Quick View

Install from the Shopify App Store

App show product with full-screen image zoom features, price with in-stock information, available variants options, product description, buy now / add to cart button option. This quick view app will reduce the buying time and also improve the customer experience through page enhancements. Now customers view more products with full details without visiting product pages.It makes browsing products more easier and faster.

Quick view product full details with buy now and add-to-cart in one click.

Customers get a smooth, easy-to-use experience by quick view and it features.

Customers view more products in a very short time which leads to sales boots.

Quick Product Navigator Slide

Install from the Shopify App Store

Display Frequently Bought Together product in a quick product navigator slide on the store's sidebar. Maximize your related products' visibility by showing a variety of selected products in the slide. You can display products in slides on selected product collections and pages.

Set a limit for also bought products displayed in slides choose a custom order for recommended and suggested products you want to show. Match slide colors with your brand with easy customization features.

Display products navigator slides on specific product, collection and pages

Frequently Bought Together & display product limit for both navigator slides

Customize multiple navigator slides text color, style and layout

Show product recommendations on specific products collections and pages

Maximize products engagement and conversions by displaying products in slides

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