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Best Shopify Apps for Security

Disable Right Click + Country

Install from the Shopify App Store

Disable Right Click + Country visitors from certain countries or with certain IP addresses from accessing your store. Reduce fraudulent chargebacks and frauds. Disable Right Click + Country provides protects the content from being copied using keyboard shortcuts like Copy, Paste, Dev Tools, and disabling drag & drop. Using the app feature Anyone, including your Competitors, can not copy-paste your site content in most modern browsers and then claim it as their own. Providing full protection.

Block country to prevent visitors from certain countries from accessing store

Protect Images: Disables right clicks, "Save As", drag/drop to save

Disable Keyboard Shortcuts: Disables save-page, copy and paste shortcuts

Prevent PrintScreen and screen capture

This app helps you to protect your store content, images, and texts

Shop Secure allows you to block visitors from certain countries by whitelisting or blacklisting. Block a specific visitor by their IP address. Shop Secure also stays GDPR compliant with a quick GDPR consent banner that asks for visitors’ permission for cookies. Shop Secure keeps you away from GDPR’s heavy fine just in a few simple steps. Disable right-click and keyboard shortcuts in your store. Protect your work from unfair competition.

Block visitors from blacklisted and allow whitelisted countries, control fraud

Create a quick GDPR consent banner, with EU only feature

Disable right-click, and some keyboard shortcuts to prevent image stealing

Disable hold touch on phone screen to prevent content stealing

[HumanPresence] Shop Protector

Install from the Shopify App Store

New: Compatible with Online Store 2.0

Fraud and spam are two of the biggest frustrations for eCommerce businesses. Our team of web security experts designed Shop Protector to specifically eliminate these threats for Shopify store owners. Our app runs silently in the background of each connected Shopify site to analyze and protect your store in real-time against malicious activity designed to disrupt your business.

Increase security. Decrease frustration. Grow sales.

Stop form spam on all forms without Recaptcha.

Implement checkout protection options to secure your store from bots.

Bulk cancel suspicious orders with 1 click.

Customize order rules to stop know bots and fraudulent activity.

Protect your inventory from bots and improve the customer experience.

reCAPTCHA Spambuster eliminates spam on your Shopify store by integrating with Google's reCAPTCHA v3 API. It’s a no-hassle solution, working seamlessly with existing comment, contact, and login forms. Say goodbye to annoying image clicks with the invisible protection of reCAPTCHA v3. Plus, our advanced detection algorithm effectively flags spam on your blogs. An easy, efficient way to protect your store from spam.

Invisible Protection with reCAPTCHA v3. No image clicks.

Easy Integration applied to existing forms. No extra setup.

Advanced Spam Flagging with accurate spam detection for blogs.

Effortless Installation get set up and secure in minutes.

Protect User Experience with no distractions or disruptions for your users.

The Squadkin - Cart OTP app provides the validation of the customer’s cart before the customer's checkout process for his/her order. This validation process is done through the OTP (One Time Password) Method. Which is sent on the customer's registered mobile number or the customer's provided mobile number when filling the OTP form with the help of Twilio SMS Gateway Integration. Only when the customers input the same OTP, they are able to proceed to checkout.

Unlimited Cart Verification

Country Selection

Twilio SMS Gateway

Fraud Protection

24*7 Free Support

Fraud Scanner by TS Apps

Install from the Shopify App Store

Fraud Scanner gives control to store owners to set rules to protect their business. These rules and parameters will stop transactions or pause them for later review.

With simple rules and notifications, Fraud scanner gives power back to the store owner and helps mitigate fraud before it occurs.

Fraud Prevention - With simple rules, Fraud Scanner gives stores owners control!

Rule Indicators - Fraud Scanner gives wide opportunity to dial in your rules!

Notifications - Know when orders have fraud indicators before its too late!

Memberly ‑ Private Store

Install from the Shopify App Store

Private Store App enables you hide entire store or specific products, categories and pages from non-loggedin users. Manually review and validate new user registrations to build a curated community and offer them exclusives products and services.

A perfect B2B solution to create an exclusive members-only store or restricted members-only sections in your store.

Use your standard login/registration form or custom login/registration form with an option to add image or video in background.

Privatize your entire store or specific products, categories and pages

Allow only registered customers to access VIP area

Manually validate new user registrations to build curated community

Add background image or video in login/registration form

Show user tags dropdown on signup & redirect users to specific page after login

FutrGuard protects your store by misleading competitor spy tools with fake sales and other counterintelligence methods.

Instant protection.

Monitoring and analysis of new spy tools.

Does not slow down store speed or change analytics.

Improvely helps you get the most out of your website marketing. Our dashboard shows you where your traffic is coming from and which promotions are generating your sales, while protecting your pay-per-click advertising budget from click fraud.

Shows you all the websites, social media channels and ads bringing you traffic.

Conversion tracking shows you the source of each new customer and sale.

Visitor profiles show you your best customers and how they found your site.

Click fraud alerts tell you when someone is wasting your advertising budget.

Zero Spam protects your contact forms from spam bots and unsolicited email. Adding froms using Zero Spam also lets you add more fields to your contact pages, than what comes out of the box with most themes.

Zero Spam uses Google reCAPTCHA to protect your inbox from spam emails. Furthermore our algorithms filters out a lot of unsolicited emails as well.

Protect your contact forms using Google reCAPTCHA.

Add more fields to your contact forms than what is standard in themes.

Change colors and looks of the contact form using CSS.

Anti‑fake code Verify

Install from the Shopify App Store


  1. Make each product with a unique anti-fake code.
  2. Make your business avoid the proliferation of fakes.
  3. Customers through various sales channels (Including but not limited to other online stores, third-party platforms, offline stores, and other agent distribution channels) purchase products and verify the authenticity, so that customers become online members of the brand store, to conduct member interaction and re-marketing.

#Features Create/Manage anti-fake code, Update...

Manage the access to your store by creating a complex but intuitive configuration of rules that will let you target visitors based on their IP addresses or geolocations. Chose to either block them or redirect them outside of your domain.

Get total control over your store’s incoming traffic. With simple rules, you can create strategies to get an edge over your competitors . Redirect traffic to country-specific stores, block rivals and protect your store.

Create rules to target traffic based on geolocation & IP address.

Block or redirect visitors using the target rules.

Create whitelists to add exceptions to your targeting strategies.

Lock access to any product, collection, page, or blog post on your store. Protect your content with either a password, or use customer account tags or emails to grant entry to locked pages. Easily prevent hidden products from showing up in search, SEO, and collections. Passwordify is perfect if you want to have wholesale products for your retailers, custom made products for specific customers, and more.

Lock/protect any product, collection, page, or product

Allow entry with password, or customer tags or emails

Easy setup

This app provides you with easy checks to automate the process of flagging or auto-cancelling fraudulent and risky orders. The app comes with a default set of parameters but you can customize them to your needs.

There are two kinds of checks you can enable.

  • Historical Checks based on a customer's history
  • Address/Phone number checks Flag a customer who cancels too many orders.

Flag a customer who cancels too many orders.

Flag suspicious address or phone numbers.

Specify your tags to auto-cancel all high-risk orders

Apart from installing you don't need to do any changes in your store. It starts protecting your store right away once you install and enable the app. It solves your main worry which is steeling of your store images or content of your store. Once you add this extra layer of security on your store you can freely focus on the other stuff to grow your store sales.

You don't need to spend time to do any setup after installing this app.

No code changes or theme file changes are required.

Just install the app and turn it on and it will start protecting your content.

UniConsent Cookie Compliance

Install from the Shopify App Store

Streamline the GDPR / CCPA / LGPD privacy law compliance process. Website cookie consent management, GDPR cookie banner and data subject requests management solution for digital publishers, SaaS, Marketing company, E-commerce websites. IAB TCF 2.2 certified CMP and Google certified CMP.

Certified IAB TCF 2.2 CMP by IAB EU and Google

IAB TCF 2.2 Signals for retargeting ads and marketing

Fully customizable multiple stages consent collection pop-ups, bars

Multiple languages support

Cookies scan and disclosing

Spy Protect your store from spy applications and break their order tracking algorithms by constantly generating fake orders data. Hide the popularity of your products with Spy Protect and keep your competitors from stealing your niches, ideas and most importantly, your customers.

Protects your store from spy applications that try to track your orders

Constantly generates fake orders data

Keeps your competitors from receiving insights into your popular listings

LimitemはShopifyのサイト全体ではなく、個々の商品ページにパスワードを追加できます。商品に設定できるパスワードは1つだけではなく、CSVファイルを利用して1つの商品に複数のパスワードを設定、購入対象者に独自のパスワードを割り当てることもできます。 また、『商品検索機能』で商品数が多いショップでもロックをかけたい商品をすぐに見つけられます。




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