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Best Shopify Apps for Legal

TnC: Terms and Conditions Box

Install from the Shopify App Store

TnC allows you to easily add a terms of service checkbox to your store in just 1 click. After enabling the app, a check box will immediately start appearing in your store's cart page & Ajax cart/drawer & customers will be required to tick it in order to checkout. The date and time of when the checkbox was ticked will be logged in the order's additional details section and can help you against chargebacks. You can apply the check box for visitors from specific countries and for specific products.

Add an I agree to terms check box & require AGB, GDPR, EULA, RGPD & LGPD consent

AI Terms and Conditions Generator: Use the power of AI to create your policies

See when customers ticked the terms and conditions checkbox in the order details

Supports express checkout payment gateway (PayPal, Apple Pay, Glowroad, Kopy)

Recommended for AliExpress, Roposo, Temu, Zendrop & Dsers dropshipping stores

Termzy ‑ I Agree To Terms

Install from the Shopify App Store

One click setup without any hassle! T&C checkbox will immediately appear above the checkout button. Purchasing at an online store is not without its risks, both for the buyer and the seller. You want to ensure that you make a potential customer accept your terms and conditions before buying a product from your store. That is where we come in. The policies that your customer needs to accept may include the European Union’s data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Get the date and time the customer agreed to your T&C on additional notes.

Show the T&C checkbox in customer account Login, Register page & Contact page.

Inbuilt language translations support & set the T&C checkbox checked by default.

Show the Terms Checkbox for all or specific countries & on specific products

The app supports additional checkout buttons Ex. PayPal, GPay, Apple Pay, etc.

Enzuzo is a fast and easy way to build, customize, and launch privacy tools for your growing eCommerce business. We have everything you need—legal policies, store policies, cookie banners, and more, to address GDPR and CCPA privacy compliance risks. Join our many merchants and agencies using Enzuzo to build trust with their customers.

Make your own policies (privacy policy, terms of service, disclaimer and more!)

Customizable cookie banner and cookie manager to manage consent

Automate customer data requests (DSARs) like data deletion and unsubscribes

Setup store policies like returns, refund and shipping policies

Create a data request form (Do Not Sell My Data) for CCPA and GDPR compliance

Our team researched the important product guarantee icons needed to convert sales for a Shopify store. The result is a powerful combination of options for you to choose from.

You can link your chosen icons directly to the pages used to help build trust with your shopper. From there, you can detail your return policy, product guarantees, free shipping rules, and more.

26 different icons across 5 handcrafted design styles to choose from.

Add the icons to any page in your store to build more trust with your shoppers.

No developer needed and absolutely no code to install even for custom placement.

Adjust colors for every trust icon for a perfect match to your store design.

Data Exporter ‑ Tax Compliance

Install from the Shopify App Store

Businesses with tax obligations in certain countries are legally required to provide transaction records to prevent potential tax evasion. With the Data Exporter - Tax Compliance app, you can export complete, unaltered Shopify store data to share with tax authorities—or retain for your personal records. Exported data is compiled to comply with regulations specific to your location.

Compatible for the following countries: Australia, France (Article 88), Germany (GoBD)

Export store data for specific calendar years.

Receive a CSV file sent to your email address for easy access and sharing.

Includes all transactions made through the Shopify Point of Sale app.

Terms and Conditions Pro+

Install from the Shopify App Store

Looking for a complete terms and conditions checkbox solution for your Shopify or Shopify Plus store? In the Shopify Terms and Conditions Pro app, you need to show an elegant Terms & Conditions checkbox (or whatever policy you want your customers to agree with) on your store. Make your customers agree to your terms and conditions with our Premium Terms and Conditions Checkbox before they check out & keep a record of the customer agreeing to your terms for legal compliance with data and time.

Show the Terms and Condition checkbox agreement on your Product and Cart Page.

Show Terms and Conditions Checkbox with Popup or simple Checkbox mode.

Products & Collection Specific Terms & Conditions box on Product & Cart Page

Supports Dynamic Checkout Buttons like Paypal, Appel Pay, G pay, Shop Pay

Show / Hide terms and Conditions Checkbox on Cart based on added Products

CheckboxAssistant ‑Agree Terms

Install from the Shopify App Store

Do you want to display checkboxes for agreeing to terms and conditions and privacy policies but don't want to spend time implementing Liquid theme edits or JavaScript? With our app, you can easily install checkboxes without touching any code. Simply edit the text and links in the admin panel's editor. You can choose to display checkboxes on important screens where users need to agree, such as the member registration screen, product screen, or cart screen.

Effortlessly add terms and conditions checkbox without coding.

Customize checkbox text, links, and warning messages via the admin panel editor.

User-friendly interface with intuitive operation.

Händlerbund Rechtstexte

Install from the Shopify App Store

Als Online-Händler sind aktuelle Rechtstexte im Shop unerlässlich, um teure Abmahnungen zu vermeiden. Eine praktische, sichere Lösung ist die Händlerbund App für die automatische Aktualisierung der Rechtstexte. Dabei müssen sich Händler keine Gedanken mehr über die regelmäßige Überprüfung und Anpassung der AGB & Co. machen. Dank der Schnittstellenanbindung zum Händlerbund erhalten Online-Händler:

  • immer aktuelle und rechtskonforme Texte
  • rundum Rechtssicherheit für den Erfolg im Business

Einfache Einrichtung ohne umständliche Nachbearbeitung von kopierten Texten

Automatische Aktualisierungen direkt in Ihrem Shop

Erstellung aller Rechtstexte durch auf IT-Recht spezialisierte Rechtsanwälte

Agree Terms & Conditions PRO

Install from the Shopify App Store

Need extra confirmation or bring customers attention to your policy before they make a purchase? Our Agree To Terms app is exactly what you need. Whether it be for Terms & Conditions, Age Verification or All Sales Final Confirmation, this app will ensure that your customer accepts the terms of your choice in order to proceed to checkout.

Customize your Agree Terms and Conditions to suit your store needs. Add a redirect link or text as per your requirements.

Checkbox on cart page to address your Terms and Conditions ( T&C )

We have one click install for your cart page.

Works with Buy now button. It works with Google pay, Paypal on checkout page

The Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV) requires German retailers with tax obligations to connect their electronic cash registers to a technical security system (TSE) and report all POS transactions. This app is a cloud TSE solution and is certified as compliant by the GoBD. To comply with KassenSichV regulation, use this app to record and export POS transaction data. The data, which comes directly from Shopify’s unaltered database, can be shared with your local tax office if required.

Activate TSE per retail location and record transactions. Deactivate at any time

Quickly export data for any location where TSE is active

Receive a ZIP file sent to your email address for easy access and sharing

Includes DSFinV-K, TSE certificates, and transactional data made through Shopify

TSE data appears on printed receipts for auditor checks

TRDN: Terms & Conditions Popup

Install from the Shopify App Store

Displaying terms and conditions, policies, and warnings helps protect your business from various inconveniences both during and after a purchase. This app enables you to display your terms while keeping the customer on the checkout page, ensuring they don't leave after briefly reviewing and agreeing to them. After all, we don't want anything to hinder them from completing their shopping, do we?

Easy and quick installation, no extra settings required

Compatibility with all payment methods and browsers

Non-skippable terms: your customer must agree to your conditions before checkout

Prompt support and customized solutions

Terms:Pro Terms and Conditions

Install from the Shopify App Store

The easy way to get terms and conditions consent from your customers and save consent date and time to your order details.

Ensure that your customers agree to Terms and Conditions, Service Policy, Privacy Policy, Tax Responsibility Agreements, Age Verification, or whatever else you want them to agree to.

Works on both the Product and Cart pages and has an Inline view or could be displayed as a T&C popup. Ensure compliance with age-restricted product regulations with Age Verification.

Add the 'I agree to terms' checkbox and require GDPR, CCPA, LGPD & LGPD consent.

The date and time of consent to terms and conditions are shown in order details.

Flexible T&C popup or checkbox to get your customer consent.

Works on both Product and Cart pages.

Inline mode or popup box on your choice.

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