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Best Shopify Apps for Fraud

BM: Country blocker IP blocker

Install from the Shopify App Store

A powerful prevention App that stops unwanted visitors from accessing your store.

Block unwanted customers from visiting your store before they place an order Country/State/City & IPs/IP Range Blocking & Redirecting Block Bots and Visitors that use Proxy, Tor Browser or VPN connection Detailed visitor logs analysis Content Protection, disable right click & copy paste, protect image Geolocation Redirect Auto cancel orders placed by visitors, auto refund, and re-stock.

Block unwanted visitors access your website by blacklist their email/phone/name

Block/allow visitors from specific countries/states/cities by different mode

Block visitors from specific IPs or IP Ranges; set IP whitelist for exception

Block bots and visitors who use Tor Browser, a proxy or VPN connection

Disable Right Clicks, Keyboard shortcuts, mouse drag & image copying

Blocky: Fraud Country Blocker

Install from the Shopify App Store

Blocky allows you to easily block visitors by their IP address (including IP ranges) and geolocation country.

Blocky's powerful Bot Blocker can reduce fraud, filter and block bots, scammers, spytools & copycats that use VPN/proxy connections. Blocky also supports geolocation redirects to other URLs & domains and can provide you with insightful metrics about your store visitors or competitors (via GlowRoad, Roposo, Temu, Kopy, Shop 101, Flipkart), including their IP address, browser & location.

Traffic Blocker & Filter: Block visitors from specific countries and continents

IP Blocker: Block specific customers by their IP address or IP address range

Bot Blocker: Reduce fraud & false DMCA and block bots with Proxy/VPN connections

Visitor Analytics: See the IP address, geolocation country & browser of visitors

Geolocation Redirects: Automatically redirect visitors to other domain/URL

Disputifier: Smart Chargebacks

Install from the Shopify App Store

Never worry about chargebacks again. Our app answers all chargebacks for you using highly customized responses proven to increase your win rate. Plus, we help prevent chargebacks from ever occurring in the first place. With Chargeback Alerts, Fraud Prevention & Order Not Received Prevention, you can significantly reduce nearly all chargebacks without ever lifting a finger. Finally, enjoy automated chargeback management and free yourself from chargebacks.

Fully automated AI-powered chargeback fighting.

Block chargebacks with chargeback alerts.

Prevent fraudulent chargebacks with automated fraud protection.

Prevent order not received chargebacks with shipping notifications.

Win rate increase guaranteed. Success-based pricing.

Fraud Filter can provide an additional layer of protection to help you fight fraud and avoid chargebacks. By using Fraud Filter's simple rule-based functionality you can easily set up warnings for suspicious orders, or block orders completely.

When an order matches a filter you've created, Fraud Filter will flag it as suspicious to warn you or automatically cancel it for you, depending on what action you've chosen.

Create custom filters that meet the needs of your business

Orders that match your filters can be flagged as suspicious on the order page

Use filters to prevent certain known customers from placing orders on your store

NoFraud Fraud Protection

Install from the Shopify App Store

Block fraud – not good orders. NoFraud maximizes order approval rates and eliminates false declines with a powerful combination of machine learning and human expertise. Our AI-powered decision engine analyzes thousands of data points to deliver an accurate pass or fail decision on every transaction, while high-risk orders are proactively escalated for review to our team of expert fraud analysts. We pass orders other fraud solutions fail – and back our decisions with a financial guarantee.

Chargeback Protection: If you receive a fraud chargeback, we’ll pay you back

Highly Customizable: Create your own rules, allowlists/blocklists, and more

Flexible Workflow: Automatically capture valid payments & cancel fraudulent ones

Customer Support: Our expert fraud analysts are available 24/7 by phone & email

Quick and Painless Integration: Get up and running in minutes – not days

ClearSale Fraud Protection

Install from the Shopify App Store

ClearSale provides a complete, data-science-backed fraud solution that prevents chargebacks and false declines to optimize the shopping experience. Fraud and chargebacks can chip away at a retailer’s bottom line, but false declines can turn legitimate customers away. This is why ClearSale focuses on both, combining sophisticated AI technology and proprietary advanced analyses to help maximize a business’s revenue, approve as many valid orders as possible, and keep customers happy.

Prevent ecommerce fraud - Protect your revenue and stop fraudulent activity

Recover losses to chargebacks - Get compensated for fraud-related chargebacks

Improve the customer experience - Approve more orders and prevent false declines

Beacon Fraud Protection

Install from the Shopify App Store

Stop fraud before it happens. Beacon uses various fraud filter related data points like VOIP, invalid address and phone numbers, CVV codes, multiple accounts, and more in-order to cross check risky transactions and to track for suspicious behaviors before bad actors can get away. Customize and fine-tune the flagging and blacklist system to fit various business needs. Detect, reduce, automate, prevent fraud orders, chargebacks, and bad actors while not causing false positives.

ANALYZE - fraudulent orders using powerful risk data to spot risky behaviors.

TRACK - credit card fraud, account takeovers, promotional abuse, checkout bots.

CUSTOMIZE - the fraud system & set various fraud parameters for different needs.

AUTOMATE - order cancellation/void, holding orders, & control payment capture.

VERIFY - risky customers to confirm bad-actors and reduce false red flags.

Easyban ‑ Country Blocker

Install from the Shopify App Store

Easyban is an all-in-one app designed to help online store owners enhance their site's security and performance. With Easyban, merchants can block unwanted visitors by email/phone/name, country/city/IP, or whitelist IPs. Bot filtering, web content protection, and geolocation redirects protect against unwanted traffic and malicious activity. Automated order management saves time and prevents fraudulent transactions. Easyban is a must-have tool for merchants looking to protect their store.

Block unwanted visitors from visiting your store before they place an order

Block visitors from specific countries/states/cities, whitelist is availble

Block visitors from specific IPs/IP Ranages; set IP whitelist for exception

Detect and Block / Redirect traffic from Bots, Crawlers, Tor, VPN and Proxies

Detailed visitor log analysis with complete information and actions

Fraud Control provides you with the tools to automate fraud operations and maximize revenue. Understand your store's fraud risk with analytics, such as acceptance and high-risk order rates. Fraud Control will recommend predefined rules or you can create custom rules to block known fraudsters in the checkout before they become orders.

Fraud risk reports for your store.

Analytics to show fraud trends over time.

Automation through Flow to reduce time spent on fraud.

Block checkouts before they become orders.

Eye4Fraud | Fraud Protection

Install from the Shopify App Store

Stop paying for chargebacks. Our software catches fraudulent orders before you ship. And it’s 100% guaranteed — if a chargeback happens, we pay for it.

Increase revenue and slash overhead. More approved orders — and no chargebacks — means more revenue each month. Plus, you can stop wasting money (and manpower) on manual order reviews.

Accept international orders with zero risk Open up entire new markets by expanding your sales across the globe.

Sell with 0% risk, thanks to our guarantee. We made a mistake? We pay, not you.

Operate with speed. Nearly 100% our orders are approved instantly.

Talk to a real person — and get a same-day response — to any question or issue.

Approve phone orders too. We verify phone orders with a 90%+ approval rate.

Get set up in minutes, for free. We offer free on-boardin & integrations setup.

COD: Advanced Cash on Delivery

Install from the Shopify App Store

Cash on delivery (COD) is a great enabler for the e-commerce industry. But, it also is one of the leading sources of operational loss due to cancellations and bogus orders. Hence, reducing COD failures is a top priority for e-commerce players. Using CODBot, you can ensure that your COD order verification happens before you ship them out. It also helps with fraud filters and fraud analysis.

Verify a Cash on Delivery (COD) order, by sending an OTP through SMS or WhatsApp

Cut down RTO (Return to Origin) drastically by eliminating fake/bogus COD orders

IVR COD verification if the OTP delivery fails via SMS or WhatsApp

Signifyd‑Chargeback Protection

Install from the Shopify App Store

Signifyd’s Complete Chargeback Protection evaluates orders at checkout and delivers instant decisions backed by a financial guarantee against fraud and non-fraud chargebacks on all approved orders. This effectively shifts the liability for chargeback losses away from the merchant, allowing them to trust their customers and grow fearlessly while reducing risk.

Chargeback Protection: Obtain a full guarantee on approved orders, fraud or not

Real-time decisions, zero risk with Signifyd's identity and intent intelligence

Protect + grow revenue: Signifyd fraud protection helps approve more good orders

Insights Reporting identifies trends and patterns of fraud before they occur

Automate fulfillment and boost customer experience

Negate ‑ Bot Protection

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Negate, you don't have to worry about bot clicks eating up your marketing budget. Negate blocks events such as "add to carts" from firing when we detect a bot. With Negate, your pixels can continue to optimize for the right audience on your marketing platforms. Optionally choose to redirect bots completely off your website. Prevent ad fraud, card fraud, false analytics, and more with Negate!

Block and Optionally Redirect Bots Before They Trigger Your Marketing Pixels.

Keep Your Audience Data Clean On All Major Marketing Platforms.

Stop Fraudulent Checkouts, Abandoned Carts, and Form Signups.

Automatically Filter Out All Bot Traffic From Your Analytics Data.

One Click Install For Bot Protection. Protect Your Store In Minutes.

FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention

Install from the Shopify App Store

FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention protects your Shopify online store from payment frauds. Its comprehensive and advanced fraud detection algorithm engines will validate every single element (data point) pertaining to the order, such as IP geolocation, proxy, email, blacklist, credit card, transaction velocity and many more to accurately detect the fraud orders. You can customize your own validation rules and start protecting your online business.

Reduce Frauds & Chargebacks - detect and stop the high risk order automatically.

Customize your own fraud validation rules to suit to your business needs.

Support SMS verification to automate the customers' phone number authentication.

Receive notification via email/App/Slack when an order is canceled or pending.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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