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Best Shopify Apps for Age verifier

AVP ‑ Age Verification Popup

Install from the Shopify App Store

Ensure compliance and protect your Shopify store with our app's fully customizable 18+ age verification popup. No coding required. Age verification can be done with birth date option. with our app Age check features, you can easily create a safe and compliant website that is ready for premium verification

Use the Age Verification Popup app to ensure 18+ legal compliance.

Use the preset age popup templates or customize them with your store branding.

TheAge Verification Popup app is fully functional and responsive on all devices.

The Age Verification Popup is fully functional and responsive on all devices.

Easily add age verification to your online store! The app automatically installs on your store (no need to mess with code or wait for a developer to help you!) and adds a professional age verification screen that can appear when the customer enters your website and before they checkout.

The app integrates seamlessly with your online store and the age verification screen has been designed to work great on all devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Verify age just before checkout by disabling checkout button or showing a popup

Add age verification status to order details for record keeping

Only show the age check screen where you need it using custom page rules

Verify age using simple yes/no buttons, birthday entry, or with a checkbox

Edit text, images, add disclaimer, integrate w/ Klaviyo, customize with dev API

Garketing Age Verification

Install from the Shopify App Store

With a quick and simple setup, all you need is to set up the age of targeting users! This app will help you: Set the minimum age for visitors to confirm to access your store. Support plenty of customization with a swift and supportive team. Specific the age by region (so you can apply the law following different countries). Save verified customers within a day, so they will not need to recheck their age.

Set up the minimum age for visitors

Restrict all pages or selected one from underage users

Redirect underage users to other websites.

Different layout to customize for your themes

The installation and setup for the app are effortless. Very few options are to be set in from the merchant site i.e the logo image of the website, the template of the verifier that is the question set, or the date of birth entry. Users will be denied access to the website if they do not meet the age verifier requirement.

Installation of the app is easy and minimal setup are required for the app.

The age verifier pop up can be set for home ,product or collection pages.

The Smart Age Verification Pop up is fully customizable.

Age Verification Popup SB

Install from the Shopify App Store

Enhance your business compliance effortlessly with our Age Verification Popup App. This age check app is better selection for age-restricted products like alcohol, smoking, tobacco, CBD & Vaping industries. Customize the age check limit 18+ and design the popup to seamlessly match your website theme. Our optimized Age Gate popup app ensures a hassle-free experience across all devices. Let us handle age verification for you and keep your business secure and compliant.

Restrict minors with age verification compliance on all pages and specific pages

Multi Age check mode 1. Age affirmation with Yes/No button  2. DOB Verification

Integrate Age check on cart page & display age verified tick badge on order page

Interactive, optimized and mobile responsive Age gate popup template

Highly customisable age gate popup for logo, text & styling

DRINKS is a real-time tax and regulatory solution that enables alcohol producers and retailers to scale online sales and create best-in-class customer experiences within a native Shopify checkout experience. Integrated into Shopify checkout, DRINKS allows merchants to take full advantage of the Shopify ecosystem with powerful, fully customizable, set-it-and-forget tax and compliance.

Real-time tax and compliance seamlessly integrated into Shopify checkout

Hundreds of pre-configured compliance rules, all automatically updated

Dynamic store customizations block or hold non-compliant orders

State-approved real-time age verification, configurable by state

Detailed report generation for state tax filings

Age Verification Popup Elite

Install from the Shopify App Store

Ecom Trend Age Verification Popup Elite app restricts underage visitors entering your Shopify store with a date of birth (DOB) verification. You can set the minimum age limit to access the website like 18+ or 21+ to ensure legal compliance and protection. Customize the popup in line with your store branding and theme. You can prevent underage access on entire website or specific pages. The app is fully responsive and functional on all devices and themes. No coding required.

Set minimum age requirement with Date of Birth (DOB) Verification.

Restrict all pages or specific pages.

Use the preset age popup templates or customize with your store branding.

Fully functional and responsive on all devices with no coding required.

Use the Age Verification Popup app to ensure 18+ legal compliance.

If you sell alcohol, tobacco, vape or other age restricted products, Lifter Age Check is an essential app that verifies the age of visitors when they arrive on your website. Lifter Age Check looks professional and beautiful on your website so your customers have a positive first impression when arriving on your storefront. Choose to show the age verification screen any page or on specific pages if your store only sells specific products that are age restricted.

Fully Customizable to Match Your Brand

Looks Professional and Beautiful

Optimized for Mobile

Multiple Verification Options Including Birthdate and Yes/No Buttons

Only Show the Age Verification Screen on Specific Webpages

Using the power of AgeChecked, an online age verification service provider, the AgeChecked app brings a truly compliant solution to Shopify stores selling age restricted products such as:

  • Alcohol
  • Vaping products
  • Knives, sharp garden tools and corrosive materials
  • Any other goods, services or content that you choose to restrict.

Verify Your Customers Age

Protect Your Business

Fast & cost-effective

Effortlessly establish age verification processes, ensuring legal compliance and enhancing trust with customers. With seamless integration, responsive and customizable design, and user-friendly verification methods, it offers a competitive edge that prevents unauthorized sales of age-restricted items. Elevate your brand's reputation, ensure secure shopping, and maintain trust with customers by using our app, your ultimate solution for age-restricted products. Prepare for BFCM (Black Friday)

Legal compliance assurance: Age verification for age-restricted products.

Tailored customization: Match pop-up to your brand's visual identity.

Customer-centric, user-friendly experience: Intuitive for customers.

Versatile age verification methods: Yes/no, birthday entry options.

Seamless and effortless integration: Quick setup, no coding skills required.

Do you sell age-restricted items? Do you stock cannabis products, alcohol or other adult paraphernalia?

If you have these or similar producs on your store then an age gate is required in order to guarantee that you comply with both local and international laws.

Age Gate will not slow down your store or make your visitors wait around, even with large custom background images, and you don't have to worry about CSS, hex colours or pixels - styling your age verification has never been easier.

Prevent and restrict underage users from entering or using your site

Protect your business by keeping it compliant with your countries product laws

Unique instant loading technique will not slow down your store

Easy to customize with no manual theme or code editing required

Cruxtab Age Verification

Install from the Shopify App Store

The application is easy to set up and install. There aren't many parameters that need to be entered from the merchant website, such as the date of birth input, the template of the verifier that is the question set, or the website logo picture. If a user does not meet the age verification criterion, they will not be allowed to access the website.

You can set the age verify pop-up to appear at home.

You can also verify age by birthdate

The application requires very little setup and is simple to install.

1account Age Verification

Install from the Shopify App Store

1account offers award-winning solutions to validate your customers’ age and identity data in real time. Knowing who you’re selling to is vital when selling age-restricted products, to ensure they’re the appropriate age and so you fulfil due diligence.

The easy-to-install app conducts lightning-fast checks on multiple data sources during check-out, achieving pass rates of up to 95%. We make the journey as automated as possible, so you don’t lose customers to complex and time-consuming processes.

More sales – With a pass rate of <95%, we verify more people and save you time

Document validation – Customers can upload an ID to verify their data if needed

Automated emails – Unfinished purchases are chased with direct customer emails

Data checks – We use more data sources to deliver the best possible results

Peace of mind – Automated checks let you focus on what matters most to customers

#Description This should be everyone’s right to access the online content but it is not right that everyone must gain access to everything available online. For this, the perfect solution would be the Age Yard Box App. This will help restrict the customers from accessing a popup from the website that will notify them regarding the age restrictions. Regardless of your business, whether it is an online gaming company, merchandise selling age-restricted items, or any financial organization,...


Install from the Shopify App Store


■年齢確認機能 カートページで年齢確認のテキスト文章やPOPアップを表示します。 制限をかける年齢は管理画面より設定が可能です。

■アカウント作成時に年齢の項目を追加 新規アカウント作成時に、年齢の項目を追加し顧客の情報として保存します。 ※顧客管理内のタグに保管されます。

■商品毎に年齢制限を設定 すべての商品に一律の制御をかけることはもちろん。 商品毎に異なる年齢制限を設定することも可能です。




You can install this application in your store with no code whatsoever. Simply sign up for an account at and configure your theme, branding, and workflows on our backend. Enter your payment details and pay as you go. No long-term contracts. No minimum monthly commitments. Additional checks available include a global watch list and other anti-money laundering checks, criminal background checks, employment verification, and more.

Be sure you are selling to a true identity.

Prevent bad actors from misrepresenting themselves.

Avoid selling in areas you cannot serve.

Prove your customer's age before order fulfillment.

Enchant Product Age Verifier

Install from the Shopify App Store

You want to be compliant with local laws by prohibiting under age users but why should you have to restrict all your products? With our app, you can choose the products you want to be restricted and set any age you want. Get compliant in less than 1 minute!

Keep your business compliant with regulations and prohibit underage visitors.

Control which products you want to block from underage customers.

Use a custom message on your age verifier to personalize your popup

Age Check Age Verification Ace

Install from the Shopify App Store

You can easily add age verification popup on your store with the app. This app is a good solution to be installed on Shopify stores selling wines, Alcohol , Vaping products - sharp tools or any other content that requires an age restriction. Restrict selling products to underage customers. Let your customers self certify. Visitors can either verify their age or they can verify age by Yes/No button.

Choose Date of Birth verification or simple text verification

You can change the text, color, size of headline and sub-headline

Fully responsive and works on desktop, mobile and tablet as well

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