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Best Shopify Apps for Wholesale pricing

Discountly‑POS & Tier Discount

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Discountly app, you can create discount rules to offer tier discounts on a range of quantities for different customer groups. This lets you offer different volume discounts on collections, products and variants for customer groups such as Diamond, Platinum, Gold, etc. Customers will get the benefit based on the corresponding discount rule after they log in to their accounts. Discountly app also allows you to create as many customer groups and add customers to it manually and automatically.

Create customer groups manually and automatically.

Create discount rules for all customers and different customer groups.

Choose from 5 different discount grids to display on the product detail page.

Customisable discount grid and saving message to make it as per the store theme.

Create volume discounts based on item quantity as well as order value(subtotal).

Wholesale Discount Solution

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our B2B Wholesale pricing solution provides a range of benefits including Discount Groups, Wholesale Section, Tiered Pricing, Volume Discounts, Quantity Breaks, Fixed Prices, Fixed Shipping Rates, Custom Wholesale Registration forms (wholesale sign-up), Net Terms, Manual Orders, Discount Codes, Cart Quantity Limits, Wholesale Cart Saver, and more.

Our wholesale solutions cater to every merchant, and you can seamlessly integrate them into your existing retail store without any hassle.

Wholesale section allows a quick buying experience for your wholesale customer.

Create discount groups for specific wholesale customers/all non-logging customer

Provide Volume/Tiered pricing & quantity break discounts to wholesale customers

Offer an order now pay later feature to your wholesale customers using Net Terms

Wholesale signup forms allow your customers to register their wholesale accounts

K: Tiered Pricing for Quantity

Install from the Shopify App Store

Kaktus is user-friendly, customizable, and increases conversions. Volume Discount & Quantity Break know how to maximize your store’s revenue and benefit! Easy to set up your own tiered prices and tiered discounts according to the quantity or options of your product. Set many discounts for the customer type you want. Use the dashboard to optimize your volume discounts and win more sales. You can customize the widget in one click without any technical experience with any store theme.

Flexible Volume Discount and Quantity Breaks

Increase Your Website's Revenue

Track revenue and AOV

Very easy to set up

Mobile optimized

Elevate your pricing strategy with our Discount App. Explore discounted pricing, volume discounts, cart upsells, and wholesale pricing discounts effortlessly. Maximize your revenue with tiered pricing discounts and attract more customers with enticing cart discounts. Upgrade your approach to discounts today.

Unlock Savings: All-in-One Discount App - Product, Volume & Cart Discounts.

Native technology that works seamlessly. No coding required.

App Blocks for Live Editor: Customise content on the fly.

Custom Labels, Multi-Currency Discounts. Boost sales for global stores

No Double Discounts, Country Exclusions, Round Discounts.

Wholesalify is designed to allow merchants to sell wholesale and retail simultaneously. It's a perfect solution when you need to offer discounted pricing to specific groups of customers. While retail clients see original prices on your website, logged wholesale customers will automatically see discounted rates based on your configuration. And you can have an unlimited number of such groups - so that each partner will be treated in a unique way.

Different customer groups (e.g. Silver, Bronze, Platinum)

Various discount levels (specific products, collections, entire store)

Fixed and percentage discount types

Works based on customer tags

SaleX: Bulk discount generator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Increase your AOV with this APP. Motivate your customers by giving them unique discounts. Attract new customers with bulk discounts capable of giving a discount on either a specific product variant or an entire collection. You can set up your unique customer funnel. All the logic is created in seconds. We provide you with a bulk or unique discount coupon generator. You can create unique discounts or let our generator create them yourself in seconds.

Create unlimited unique or bulk discount codes right into your Shopify store.

You can see the example of codes and get an estimated time to generate them.

Сomplete freedom in generating automatically or manually creating coupon names.

All your discount coupons are easy to find in the Shopify store.

Expert support: We are here to help you get set up!

Wholesale Quantity Breaks

Install from the Shopify App Store

Create discounts for your regular customers and wholesalers. Apply your own design. Set minimum, maximum allowed quantity, and the quantity increments. Create customer groups and configure different product discounts for each group. Enable sliding scale pricing. Customize texts. Group product variants in the cart under the same discount rule.

Unlimited discount rules with fully customizable design

Custom customer groups with different discount rules

Minimum, maximum quantity, default quantity, quantity increments

Flexible sliding scale pricing

Your useful case with different tools for managing your Web Store. We've carefully put together some essential tools for your store so that instead of multiple apps, you can only install one.

Easy and fast setup as well as operation of the application

Wholesale tool allows you to set different prices for different customers

Bar tool: Describe the delivery terms, worn your customers about COVID-19 rules

Pix B2B Wholesale Simple

Install from the Shopify App Store

We added three metafields to the product variant. For customers with the specific tag "pixb2b1" or "pixb2b2" or "pixb2b3", the product variant price will be recalculated in the basket. Each of the new metafields corresponds to one group of users.

After installation, you will find 3 new metafields for the product variant.

Tag customers with the tag "pixb2b1" or "pixb2b2" or "pixb2b3".

In the cart, marked customers will see price from the related price meta field

It is specifically designed for merchants who belong to the wholesale category. Merchants can create a wholesale discount group with the wholesale discount for their customers. These discounts include the discount in percentage, in fixed price, and while setting new prices of the products. It has an advanced user interface where you can manage all your retail and wholesale customers, inventory, and ordering with your Shopify store. It's an advanced, modern-age wholesale app!

Set different pricing volumes and discounts for different customers.

Use tier pricing discounts to set Minimum quantity rules for the products.

Multiple themes and quick installation setup for better business connectivity.

Buddyapps Wholesale orders

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app offers a unique feature that allows your customers to create draft orders without any upfront payment.

With this feature, your customers can simply place an order for the product they want without having to worry about making payment upfront. They can then pay for the product at a later time, making it easier and more convenient to get what they want without any hassle.

Our app is perfect for those who want to make ordering and you can send invoice after some days.

Allow customer to make order without upfront payment.

Customers can make payment after sending an invoice.

Payment will be done in your Shopify store itself.

Buy One Collective App is an integrative tool that transforms a merchant's individual customers into collective bulk buyers through its subscription based pre-order campaigns. Through these campaigns, merchants allow their existing and new customers to collectively bulk purchase products in exchange for discounted or wholesale prices. Note: Your store must be compatible with Shopify Themes V2 and Shopify Payments enabled.

Avoid refunds and secure purchases with the preorder & payment deposit feature.

Streamline preorders into bulk collective purchases for wholesale rates.

Allow the wholesale preorder campaigns to help you stock only what you sell.

Manage wholesale discounts per product. Insert how many items the box contains and set a discount.

Customers will see how many items they'll have to buy in order to get the discount.

Discounts will be applied at the end of the shopping cart.

Manage wholesale discounts.

Set how many items each one of your product boxes contain.

Sell more by offering the whole box of the product.

We set out to build a simple and reliable way to sell products by weight that fit into your existing work flows. It’s the perfect companion for grocery stores, spice stores, hardware stores, butcher stores, bulk stores, fabric stores or garden stores — anywhere you need to sell or purchase by weight. We don’t integrate a scale, instead you type in the weight or unit number. We support kg, 100g, g, oz, lb. Contact us if you need another unit and we’ll add it.

Enable products for pay by weight with a seamless admin workflow

Native POS extension creates a clean, integrated experience within Shopify POS

Data stored using Shopify product metafields to enable easy reporting workflows

Savior's Dynamic Discounts

Install from the Shopify App Store

Dynamic Discounts app empowers merchants with unparalleled customization options. Set discounts for multiple Products & Collections based on specific customers, tags, and countries.

Offer discounts on individual or multiple products, either by quantity or total cost, with ease. Customizable discount tables and notifications make this app a game-changer for B2B and B2C businesses, providing a comprehensive solution for boosting sales and rewarding customers.

Discounts for Multiple Products and Collections Based on Customers and Country

Allows users to upload or create a CSV file to receive discounts.

Allows Priority options between CSV file and Discount Rules to execute first.

Allows to Create multiple customizable tables for discounts.

Allows to create multiple Customizable congratulatory notifications.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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