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Best Shopify Apps for Custom pricing and quotes apps

Webkul Wallet Management

Install from the Shopify App Store

Customer can have a digital Wallet for all the transaction like purchase, cashback's etc on your Shopify store. The app is useful as now-a-days digital transaction are popular among all customers transacting online. Once the app is installed on the Shopify store then all the customers registered on the store will have the wallet created for them through the app. Admin can also set the cashback Rules Once these rules are set, Customer will be getting the cashback based on these rules.

Direct money transfer to customer’s wallet & let them manage funds securely.

Admin can create own cashback rules.

Customer can add money to the wallet.

Customer can pay for the order through the wallet also.

Admin can add the FAQ for the customer to brief about the wallet system.

With the ability to accept offers on products, customers can name their price! Giving you the option to accept, decline or counter their offer. If accepted or countered, user will receive a custom text or email that takes them to directly to checkout with a discount applied on the requested product. Increasing sales opportunities!

Add "Make An Offer" button to your products of your choice

Customize Offer Pop-up and Emails/Texts

Set ability for Auto-Accepting or Auto-Denying Offers

Fully embedded within Shopify Admin

Buy now or Pay more | Urgency

Install from the Shopify App Store

Getting sales are hard. With no social proof or reviews, its a challenge to convince customers to buy.

Why not change their trigger? Create urgency by incentivizing early buyers.

'Buy now or Pay more' automatically increases the price of a product in real-time based on your conditions

This way, your early buyers feel rewarded by taking a chance on you. And you get a higher conversion rate for new products even without all the social proof.

Set custom conditions. How much the value should increase by after X units sold.

Set a maximum limit the price can increase to.

Display a message on your product page to tell your customers to buy now!

Now it’s easy to offer Wholesale pricing or tiered discount on your store to increase the average order value. Set tiered pricing on selected products and collections based on customer Tags. Create customer groups and offer a special volume discount for different customers. You can also provide a quantity break discount using tier pricing for each product variant.

Discount based on quantity for Products and Collections

Offer Wholesale pricing to customers with a special Tag

Option to enable or disable each offer created

Price at each tier can be fixed price or a percentage off

CHARGIFY Product Fee Surcharge

Install from the Shopify App Store

CHARGIFY Product Fee Surcharge addon helps merchants customize order fees by applying extra costs to customers' shopping carts. Calculate additional product fees as a fixed amount or percentage-based amount. Set rules & conditions for deciding the fee amount to be applied. Display the surcharge amount with a descriptive label on the front store. Charge order fees to offer additional services like fast delivery, gift wrapping & packaging, custom orders etc.

Apply product fees to manage store's maintenance.

Add additional fee as a fixed or percentage-based amount.

Set conditions to apply product fee to the whole cart.

Show custom title for extra charge.

Boost average order amount by adding checkout charges.

U:Make an Offer Instant Bid

Install from the Shopify App Store

Price is the key element impacting customers' purchase decisions. Should customers have the chance to make custom offer and bid for negotiation, they would be more willing to complete their buying journey in your store, rather than looking for a lower price on the market. Umafy’s Make Offer tool enables you to negotiate and bargain with your potential customers automatically by taking into account your predefined price and stock rules.

Add the Make Offer button to your product page to negotiate with the customers

Stand out from your competitors by interacting with potential customers

Define your own rules on collection or product basis depending on your needs

Instant response to custom offers. No need to deal with every single offer

No code required, compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes

RFQ Request Quote & Hide Price

Install from the Shopify App Store

RFQ Request Quote & Hide Price encourages customers to solicit for a quote (via email or call) by concealing pricing details. Hide pricing information & add Call for Price button to preferred products or collection-wide. Retrieve quote requests from shoppers & process their queries using their preferred communication mediums - email or phone call to get the best deal. Convert quotes to orders by offering the flexible rates. Personalize the style of CTA buttons to deliver a unique user experience

Offer flexible rates for maximizing store sales & conversion.

Set Call for Price button for unlimited items or collections.

Accept quote inquiries form customers via email or phone call.

Customize the appearance of Call for Price button as per store theme.

Hide pricing information of products on storefront.

Pricing is a highly influential factor in making a purchasing decision online. Your price is the top reason most customers exit the store. What's a more effective way than inviting them to name their price and create a personalized discount offer? A well proven method offline, yet highly underused online.

You will set the Accept Price for products or collections. The app then adds a Make an Offer button on the product page so customers can start negotiating with you.

Instantly closes the customer offer based on the acceptable price you set.

Exit intent popup to invite for their price before they leave.

Capture email & phone leads for all the offers.

Add negotiation for only certain products or entire collections.

Support for multiple languages.

Auctions are a tried and true selling strategy to maximize the amount of revenue generated for a unique product. Auction Plus facilitates bidding, notifies your customers of their winnings and directs them to checkout - automatically. Schedule your auctions in advance to generate buzz for your products, engage with your customers and fuel word of mouth referrals.

Add auctions to your store, no coding required

Provide your customers with a hassle-free way to bid with auto-bidding

Schedule your auctions to build anticipation for your products

Automatically notify your customers of their winnings and send them to checkout

North American-based live chat and email support

MS Custom SizePrice Calculator

Install from the Shopify App Store

If you sell wallpaper, murals, fabric, carpet, posters, or any other product that can be custom-sized, you can use the custom size price calculator product visualizer on your store.

Custom Size Price Calculator is mainly designed to help businesses calculate prices based on dimensions, quantity, etc. Customers can also visualize products based on given dimensions.

However, every business has unique needs. Our team can customize this Price calculator app to your business's specific needs.

Calculate the price & Visualize the product in a custom size before Purchase.

Calculate the Price Based on Dimension like Hight and width or Quantity.

Set one price for all products or product-wise pricing as per need.

Ability to select your default unit, price per unit and minimum price.

Ability to place the custom price calculator on product pages

Offerly: Make An Offer Button!

Install from the Shopify App Store

Give customers the opportunity to name their own price! With Offerly merchants can setup automations to respond to offers and also negotiate manually. Essential for any Art, Vintage or Collectables store! Setting up Offerly is a breeze and with customization options you can brand everything to your liking! If you need any help or have any questions our team is always ready to help!

Add "Make an Offer" button to your products

Ability to set rules to auto-accept, auto-decline or auto-counter offers

Customize pop-up and e-mails to fit your branding

Discover strategic pricing insights

Increase sales by negotiating with customers

LM Request Quote & Hide Price

Install from the Shopify App Store

If your customer is looking for discounted price before purchasing the product. Here is the app which fulfill your customer needs. With this app, merchant can hide price, hide add-to-cart button for any product. After receiving the quote / price request, merchant can approve, cancel & convert quote to order quickly. It's a key knowledge to help you boost sales .Customers can also order in bulk and bargain for better prices.

Hide price and add to cart button

Convert quote request to real order

Unlimited quotes

YouQuote: Request a Quote Form

Install from the Shopify App Store

Allow customers to request a custom quote. Provides customers to add to quote to a quotelist and submit a request to the shop owner in an easy way. Can request quotes from product pages or collections pages. Easily create draft order, edit, add discount. Admin can view the quote list with quote id, date, customer name, email and comments or details and also search the request quote by date to date, email and type. This app is a full featured quoting tool for shopping cart

Allow customers to Submit wish list or quote list

Merchant can check requests and send quotations with draft order to customers

Merchant can add/change the fields of the quote form

Send email to merchant for each quote request

An optimal medium of communication between the buyer and seller

Measurement Price Calculator

Install from the Shopify App Store

MPC is a pricing calculator App that allows customers to conveniently calculate the price of their products by entering measurements in respective units. Sell variable-sized products with the custom price calculator. You can sell wallpapers, tiles, fabric, murals, carpets, boxes, or any other product based on unit length, width, area, or vol. Compatible with All Free and premium themes if you have any compatibility issue support team will fix it for you.

Custom price calculator App Help to Sell Product Based on Different Measurements

Sell variable-sized products based on length, weight, area, volume, and even box

Set unit price & allow customers to calculate product price based on unit price

Set maximum and minimum limits for each measurement dimension

App carries the user-provided measurements on the cart and order detail page

Gives the capability to set special discounts to specific wholesale customers. It is a powerful extension which lets you create and manage any types of discount and pricing rules for wholesale buyers. Different discounts can be set according to the customer's group. It has the freedom to create endless discount rules. It is an easy way to run flexible promotions to sell more! And give new prices and offers to attract more customers. Increase your sales by offering allure and needful discounts

Make discount rules for different customer groups

Use the same store for both retail and wholesale customers

Works with Volume Discount of Quantity Break & Tiered Price app

Works with Quick Order page and Bulk Order Form of Orderbazi app

Collection and Product Specific discount rules, minimum quantity support

Addify ‑ Name Your Price

Install from the Shopify App Store

A powerful app to let your customers to decide the price they are willing to pay. Suitable for custom pricing, check price a customer is willing to pay, offer negotiation on low performing products.

Add minimum and maximum price limits to restriction customers to pay using the price within the defined range.

Enable custom pricing for specific products, categories and customer tags like B2B, VIP customers, and more. Ability to customize error message & label.

All customers to enter custom prices to purchase product

Enable price input field for specific products, categories and customer tags

Limit minimum and maximum price range

Show or hide minimum and maximum prices on product page

Customize labels and error messages

With the Wholesale Quickie, effortlessly display retail prices to regular customers, while granting wholesalers exclusive access to discounted prices. Our Quick Order Form enables wholesalers to swiftly place their orders while on the go. Offer volume discounts to encourage bulk orders. During the checkout process, present a variety of payment choices exclusively tailored for wholesalers.

Personalised pricing based on customer type

Volume pricing to encourage bulk orders

Variety of payment terms exclusively for wholesalers

Quick order page for wholesalers

Sell more: change prices automatically based on product sales volume. You don't have to spend time manually updating the prices of your products Get all the work done by the app! Let the dynamic pricing app lower prices for poor-selling products and watch their performance increase, making you more money.

The app increases your sales by automatically setting up the best product price.

The app automatically reduces or increases the price.

Set what amount the price will jump to if the product sells well.

Negotio "Name Your Price" App

Install from the Shopify App Store

When consumers have the opportunity to submit offers, they stay on your online store and negotiate with you, rather than searching for a lower price on another merchant’s store. Negotio provides automated, immediate interaction with consumers, which allows merchants more time to focus on fulfilling orders and growing their business.

Instant response with automatic “negotiation” based on your pricing rules.

Negotiate on multiple items individually or an entire cart of items at one time.

Make pricing rules for a single product or an entire Collection/Category.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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