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Best Shopify Apps for Staff manager

Careers Page ‑ Job Posting J.

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Our app is user-friendly and smart, with two key sections for job management, applicant handling, and Staff. When you add job listings, it automatically generates a careers page showcasing all listings, each with its own detailed view. Candidates can effortlessly submit their resumes and cover letters. Plus, you have complete control over app language settings, ensuring it's available in your preferred language. Create career pages and job posting in minutes and style them in your store design.

Effortless Career Pages: Easily create attractive career pages.

Intuitive Job Management: Add, edit, and remove job listings with ease.

Efficient Applicant Handling: Streamline application processing.

Language Support: Customize language for your job board / job listing

Centralized Applications: Unified platform for candidate submissions.

Employers and managers use Workfeed to create work schedules that strike a perfect balance between the needs of their workforce and the demands of their business.

By doing so, they pave the way towards optimized labor costs, a top-notch work environment, and outstanding business results.

Employee Scheduling - Schedule months ahead in minutes.

Time and Attendance - Keep track of working hours, availability, and attendance.

Time Clock - Track working hours down to the minute and avoid costly errors.

Employee App - Easily share schedules and updates in the app.

Revenue and labor forecasting - Schedule more accurately with on revenue data.

Control costs with real-time data on Shopify sales vs wages

Make sure you’re running on budget. Deputy gives you a clear view of how your Shopify sales compare to your wage costs so you can improve your labor cost percentage.

Create AI optimised schedules with a single click

Craft the perfect schedule for your business using Deputy's AI powered Auto-Scheduling, reducing unnecessary wage costs with accurate labor forecasts.

Understand your sales data in real time to efficiently plan your roster

Avoid costly timesheet mistakes and make sure staff are paid correctly.

Export timesheets to your payroll software with one click.

Hiring managers spend valuable time evaluating and interviewing candidates and even then may end up hiring the wrong person for the job. So, all the energy and time spent on hiring goes to waste. With Easy Job Posting, we do not guarantee that you will get the right person, but we can say for sure that the hiring process will be far easier, efficient and will save you precious time. And in this age, time is money.

Make Hiring More Efficient

Post Jobs

Collect Resumes

Do you ever struggle with managing your team member’s hours worked? Are you still tracking time using a spreadsheet?

Simplify your day to day operations with this easy to use time clock tool.

From your team member's side- they see a "punch card" where they can punch in and out of their shifts. There is also an administrative option from this front-end facing interface. Plus, both your team members and admins can see who is actively clocked in.

Existing Clockedin users can be migrated into Shopify POS users

Bulk user creation via CSV file upload - allowing for Clockedin only user

Add and remove team members, give them PIN codes, and manage their access levels

Admin can adjust time when appropriate

With digno you can easily measure performance of your stores and personnel as digno calculates a multi-factor score that is based on sales progress, employee productivity, and KPIs evaluation results. Digno positively impacts employee behaviors and employee-management relationships through built-in transparent reward system and continous feedback. Digno will motivate your teams to overachieve at scale with a single place to learn quickly, engage effectively, and grow revenue.

View aggregated data of your sales and understand team performance in real time.

Set sales KPIs for your team and measure performance with timebound goals.

Evaluate your store and employee performance with digno dashboard & leaderboard.

Reward top performers and show that the quality of employee input is valued.

Easily review sales & revenue analytics with digno intuitive reports.

Shift: Win POS Staff KPIs

Install from the Shopify App Store

Set weekly goals for retail staff KPIs (both team and individual goals), selling specific products, and even custom KPIs (such as loyalty program signups or SMS opt-ins). Gamify shifts to win more sales with a leaderboard to drive competition, easily see and reward top performers and the team when they win, and soon offer automatically sent rewards to teams and individuals who exceed their goals!

Set & track multiple custom goals for your team to hit together or individually

Gamify shifts for your retail store employees to increase sales

Track employee performance and encourage friendly competition with leaderboards

Incentivizing employees can make a major impact on store revenue, while keeping your team engaged. SparkPlug was purpose-built for retailers to activate employee influence through leaderboards, goals, and commissions.

SparkPlug securely integrates with your Shopify store in minutes. Launch brand-sponsored or store-wide incentives based on sales goals, completely automated.

Employees stay motivated without needing to download an app, with SMS for enrollment, leaderboard standings, and payouts.

SparkPlug's incentive platform is totally customizable.

Easy and secure integration with your store via Shopify POS.

SMS signup for your employees so you can launch your first incentive on day one.

Connect with your favorite brands and vendors; and let them sponsor incentives.

JobFly Career Page Builder

Install from the Shopify App Store

Converting customers to your next big job opening.

Job portal lets you to gain that extra way to hire people from your store who may / may not be your customer & choose the best applications for your job right from your store

Here are the key features:

  1. Create career page on your shop and publish to shop menu.
  2. Ask different questions to your customer/job applicants.
  3. Download resume.
  4. Short list candidates.
  5. Mail candidates on click
  6. Export the list to CSV format so you can...

Mainichi ‑ Everyday Todo App

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このアプリを使えば、もうそのような心配はありません! 商品登録業務や発送業務など、業務ごとにTodoをカテゴリーで分類して管理することができます。また、複数のスタッフが居る場合は、Todoをそれぞれの担当スタッフに割り当てることもできます。






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