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Best Shopify Apps for Collection manager

Jedi ‑ Collection Sort

Install from the Shopify App Store

Jedi - Collection Sort is a dynamic app tailored to enhance the way products are displayed in your collections. With its user-friendly interface, the app allows for effortless organization of your producs by configurable rules, ensuring customers find what they need swiftly.

Sort products by Best selling, Inventory, Metafield, AI sort, and many more...

Create multiple layers (Batches) and apply sorting on each layer

AI sort lets merchant flexibility to sort products based on multiple parameters

Automatically sort products in a collection every hour or at chosen frequency

Automatically push Products on Sale to the top of a collection

Amazon Importer ‑ EniMoh

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Enimoh App you can easily import any product from any amazon website, our app will also help you import all the product variants like size, color, etc. You no more have to spend huge time typing content or copy-pasting product images, Enimoh will get the job done with just clicks. Additionally, you can also use the app for Amazon Affiliate, we have advanced settings by which you will no more need to add your amazon tag manually & also have Amazon button on product pages.

Easy product import from amazon with all product variants like size, color, etc.

Built-in advanced amazon affiliate feature with dynamic amazon button and tag.

Update prices, stock, etc. from amazon to shopify everyday with a ease.

Hide & Push Down Out Of Stock

Install from the Shopify App Store

Redirect, Hide or push down out-of-stock, unavailable stock, or low stock products based on their stock level, attributes, or tags. Republish back-in-stock products. Utilize advanced automation rules for 24/7 restock alerts & tracking. Back in stock alert notifications & low stock notifications with customizable reports. Automated tagging including inventory location, sales channel, descriptions, missing pictures & more. Update collections in real time, scheduled, or manually. Set up instantly!

Automatically redirect, hide, or push down out-of-stock or low stock products

Automatically republish back-in-stock products to never have any down time

Advanced automation rules based on locations, image, attributes, tags, & more

Customizable OOS, low stock & back in stock alerts, notifications & activity

Update collections in real time, on a schedule & date range, or manually

Ultimate Collection Manager

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app offers versatile collection management, allowing you to create and sort collections in various ways, including auto-updating them based on criteria such as "Back in Stock", "Best Selling for 90 days", and "New Arrival". You can also export collections to CSV and import files to efficiently update them, as well as duplicate or update existing automated collections. In addition, our analytics feature provides a direct look at which collections are performing the best for you.

Create advanced collections and sort them with various sort types

Duplicate collections and update rules for existing automated collections

Export collections in bulk or create / update collections

Make the most of your data when creating and sorting your collections

QeSlider ‑ Collection Carousel

Install from the Shopify App Store

Enhance your collection pages with a responsive slider, displaying chosen product variants. Say goodbye to cluttered pages and multiple images, as this slider serves as an image gallery, streamlining the browsing experience.Customers can effortlessly scroll through and explore product variants without leaving the collection page.Keep collection pages concise and visually appealing, eliminating excessive scrolling.With variants readily available, customers can browse efficiently and purchase.

Keep collection pages concise and visually appealing, eliminating Scrolling

Convert clicks into orders effortlessly with "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" Button

Two slider option : auto-slide or manual browsing with the mouse pointer

Responseive collection Slider

Singleton | Variants in List

Install from the Shopify App Store

With this app, you can offer your customers faster way of shopping. Customers can add their favourite product variant to the cart directly from your collections, without viewing the product page. For example, you can show your customer available sizes or colors for each product, directly in the home page, all collections, or search results. If you want just show your customers variants of all products in your collections, you can do it also without option to add it to cart.

Show products variants with "add to cart" buttons in your collection pages

Show products variants separately, or as variants combinations in one dropdown

Show or hide unavailable (out of stock) combinations of variants

Show quantity input and allow to choose quantity of products for customers

Show variants of all products in your collections, without option to add to cart

Mentis Collection Duplicator

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app helps create an entirely new collection from existing collections. That includes adding or removing any number of products from the collection, changing the order of items, and making copies of pre-made collections. Doing so, the app enables merchants to save a lot of time since they don't have to repeat creating a collection from scratch, and then order the products in the same way.

Seamless duplication of large collections used as landing pages

Easily test subtle changes to your collections

Scale more, with less time spent on collection creation

Collections Categories M Ai

Install from the Shopify App Store

Collections Catagories M Ai: perfect for stores with lots of products. This app leverages AI to sort and make collection and categories uncomplicated. By analyzing titles, descriptions, tags, and keywords, it creates smart suggestions for both category breadcrumbs and collections. Improve your store with AI generated, SEO friendly descriptions and product images. Boost SEO with AI while providing a visually appealing shopping experience through intelligent category and collection management.

AI-powered auto categorizing for creating efficient collection filters

Smart keyword based collection sorting with AI for seamless product organization

Personalized AI Google Category recommendations for improved SEO user experience

Generate SEO optimized descriptions with AI + category breadcrumbs

Auto fill missing images for enhanced SEO and visual appeal

Dynasort Collection Sorting

Install from the Shopify App Store

Automatic collection sorting & collection merchandising based on price, margin, metafield, inventory, product age, sales, tags, on-sale, product type, and more. Collection order rule sets based on weighted values that automatically sort collections taking the work out of collection management, extend your collection sorting options, and update collection order to merchandising perfection. Set a collection ordering schedule or order collections continually as sales or inventory changes.

Optimize collection sorting automatically by product tag, inventory, & much more

Dynamic logic adjusts collection ordering as product data changes

Sort by product ratings and review count from Yotpo, Okendo,,

Comprehensive analytics to drive your collection merchandising decisions

Create collection sorting rule sets, and apply them any number of collections

BL | Collection Sort & Manage

Install from the Shopify App Store

Tailor your product displays effortlessly, offering a seamless shopping experience to customers. BL's versatile sorting options empowers your online store with ease. Sort products in collections by your desired weightage, and explore multiple sorting options together. Simplify the browsing process, enhance customer satisfaction. Experience the difference as BL Collection Sorting transforms your store into a finely-tuned retail platform.

Effortless Sorting: Effortless sorting for intuitive collection organization.

Weighted prioritization: Customize sorting by product importance.

Versatile options: Explore multiple sorting methods simultaneously.

Elevate sales with enhanced customer experience and simplified browsing.

Bulk Transporter | Migrate

Install from the Shopify App Store

Bulk Transporter lets you import and export products, variants and metafields easier than other apps available.

Manage(create/update/delete) Products, Variants, Collections and Pages. You can also manage their respective metafields in bulk easily via our csv and xlsx format.

Bulk Import Export of products via csv or excel.

Add / Remove Metafields in bulk.

Track progress of your uploads easily, export errors.

Partially update product details, no need to upload the entire catalog.

PushLast: Sold Out Push Last

Install from the Shopify App Store

Hide out of stock product at the end of your Collections. Never worry are you showing the correct products to your customers. Use your store to only sell what is in stock!

Easily Sort Out Of Stock Products Automatically

Hide Out Of Stock Product at the End of your Collections

Push Out Of Stock Products to the End of Collections

Tax Override Eshop Guide

Install from the Shopify App Store

As a merchant, you can use matching to automatically transfer products from an automated collection to a manual collection so that the products do not have to be entered manually in the manual collection and, for example, tax overrides, which are only possible in manual collections, apply to the automatically transferred products.

Match manual and smart collections

Synchronise your collections via live sync

Automated product updates of your manual collections for tax overrides

Duplicate your collection content automatically

Up to 2000 products per collection via Live Sync

Ripple Collections Builder

Install from the Shopify App Store

Your store is continuously evolving. Easy Custom Collections Builder will let you create your custom dynamic collections which will change as your store evolves. The APP detects changes in your products and keeps collections up to date with each sync.

You will be able to create new collections and apply multiple filters, as well as sort or merge existing collections.

Boost conversion presenting products in an appealing way to customers

Work less with dynamic collections that evolve with your customers' interactions

Merge and sort existing collections to create tailored collections

Redsun: Out of Stock Manager

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app is a powerful app designed to enhance your store’s product management capabilities. It allows to prioritize available products by automatically pushing sold-out items to the bottom of collections. It automatically hide and unhide sold-out products, keeping your storefront clean and organized. Additionally, our app offers the flexibility to redirect customers to alternative options when a product is sold out, improving their shopping experience.

Automatically pushing sold-out items to the bottom of collections.

Easily hide and unhide sold-out products to maintain a clean and organized shop.

Redirect customers to alternative options when products are out of stock.

Effortlessly manage inventory and improve customer satisfaction.

IMPEX Collection Import Export

Install from the Shopify App Store

IMPEX Collection Import Export app provides a comprehensive solution for managing collections efficiently. Manage smart and manual collections effortlessly with advanced enhancements. This app enables bulk import and export of collections data via CSV file, allowing merchants to include or exclude product details as needed. Using its CSV template, just input the collection data & import the file in one go. Advanced filtering options for retrieving only the essential & necessary data effectively.

Import & export all collections data via CSV file with a single click.

Streamlined procedure for collection management effectively & quickly.

Data abstraction from collections with or without product details.

Abstract the list of products from smart & manual collections.

Ready CSV template for quick data input & bulk import.

Sortimize Collection Sort

Install from the Shopify App Store

It is smart and dynamic collection sort app to increase the conversion performance of the collections in your store. One can create or select from a wide selection of sort rules that runs on a daily basis. It takes over 10 minutes/day to analyze and sort products in just one collection based on the products' sales performance. With Sortimize, it just take half a minute to sort collections and you won't need to sort your collections again and again.

Select dynamic smart sort rules for unlimited number of your collection

Use product metrics and/or tags to sort collections

Create your own sort rule with product metrics and tags (PRO)

Push out-of-stock products to the bottom and/or new products to the top

Track the page value of your collections

Talon Recent Collections

Install from the Shopify App Store

The most powerful hook in keeping your customers coming back is to show them something new every time.

This can be exhausting. But this app makes it easy.

New arrivals are a snap to create based on smarter collection rules missing from normal Shopify smart collections.

Configure a smart collection with the app that can automatically update based on product added or updated date.

Organize a seasonal collection that stays up to date with the season.

The app makes it simple.

Compatible with all themes and apps - this app does not modify your theme

New arrivals collections that are organized by when they were created or updated

Seasonal collections via date range that are organized by when they were added

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