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Best Shopify Apps for Managing inventory

Effective inventory management is a strategic advantage to your brick and mortar retail business. Selling out of in-demand products can be harmful to your sales—but keeping too much inventory on hand can drain your resources. Leverage Stocky by Shopify to optimize your inventory decisions. Spend less time worrying about what products to purchase and more time maximizing your profits with the best product mix for your business.

Create and manage purchase orders and communicate with suppliers.

Receive product recommendations based on which are the most profitable.

Replenish stock quickly to meet demand and transfer products between locations.

Conduct stocktakes by counting or scanning stock on hand and make adjustments.

Use in-depth reporting to make good inventory decisions through stock analytics. ‑ Inventory Sync

Install from the Shopify App Store

Boost sales and increase your average order value by selling product bundles in your store! Offer multipacks, curated sets, tiered pricing and more. provides an adaptable and intuitive bundle product tool – a fast, flexible pathway to more sales. Easily sell multipacks, fixed bundles or “mix and match” bundles that enable your customers to select options such as size or color. Inventory automatically syncs fast. Great support and easy to set up your bundles.

Easily create bundles, multipacks, tiered pricing, curated sets and more.

Allow customers to build their own bundles, picking variants they love.

Automatically syncs inventory very fast, sell with confidence.

No discount codes used - Discount codes can still be used in the checkout.

Easy installation - Works works with all sales channels

Ordersify: Restocked Alerts

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Ordersify, you can easily send restock notifications to customers and set up pre-order and coming-soon campaigns. We also send automated alerts and email reports about low-stock and out-of-stock products, saving you time. The low-stock bar helps customers to know exactly how many products are in the inventory. In addition, product badges allow users to see the status of items, such as "coming soon", "pre-order", "out of stock" and "low stock."

Send notifications to customers with your email domain and branding.

Support 10+ popular languages including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Ital

Send low-in-stock reports instantly and restock alerts daily.

Support multiple locations, and choose a specific warehouse to get notified.

Easy to create pre-order, coming soon campaigns.

Multi‑Store Sync Power

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sync Power creates a seamless process of making sure that your inventory is the same in every store. The app automatically updates inventory in stores when there is a new order, refund, cancellation or restock. Sync Power allows you to synchronize products and collections between stores as well. It updates product fields in every connected store whenever there is a change. Connect locations inside linked stores and sync inventory on a location level. Flexible two-way sync. Great support 24/7.

Synchronize inventory levels across stores / locations.

Synchronize products’ fields across stores / locations.

Create products automatically in all connected stores / locations.

Complete multi-location support for flexible synchronization.

See if any SKUs/Barcodes are not set up properly and missed sync process.

Sync your products and inventory between stores.

Manage multiple stores with the same products all from one place!

Expand your business by selling your products on partner stores. Automatically create wholesale orders on your store and invoice the retail shop through Shopify.

New products, updates to product details, inventory changes, etc., can all be synced out to subscriber stores within seconds.

Great for drop-shipping, wholesalers, multiple storefronts and more!

Real time sync of product and inventory info, updated on child shops in seconds.

Become a wholesaler and drop ship your products through multiple retailers.

Sync only what you need, disabling sync of select product features as needed.

Automatically adapt prices by a percentage on sync.

Wipeout Hide out of stock

Install from the Shopify App Store

Displaying sold-out products clutters your store. With Wipeout, make shopping more enjoyable for your customers and increase sales.

Wipeout scans your online store once a day and hides any sold-out products. Products hidden by the app will no longer be visible to your customers on the online store and the Collection.

When a sold-out product comes back in stock, Wipeout automatically publishes it to your online store. Install the app now. We are with you each step of the way.

Hide sold out items automatically

Publish back in stock items automatically

Schedule automatic hide & publish. Or, Manually hide & publish anytime you want

Reverse hide or publish. If you are unhappy with the results undo it with 24 hrs

Bulk exclude products

Cin7 Core, formally DEAR, makes enterprise-level inventory management, manufacturing, sales integration, reporting, and automation accessible to all businesses. Leverage the power of multi-module inventory management software to keep the moving parts of your business all in one location. Automate time-consuming tasks, whether you are in retail, wholesale or manufacturing. Track customer orders from quote to fulfillment. Core helps you achieve complete visibility of sales across all channels.

Get a holistic, 360-degree view of production costs and inventory status.

Simplify your inventory management with real time updates.

Streamline your warehouse productivity and fulfilment processes.

Manage sales across multiple channels into one platform.

Etsy Integration ‑ QuickSync

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sync your inventory, products, and orders quickly and easily. Save time and avoid canceled orders from inventory errors. Our app also syncs and transfers product details, images, SKUs, barcodes, prices, categories, and variants.

^Disclaimer: 'Etsy' and its logo are trademarks of Etsy, Inc. This app uses the Etsy API but is not affiliated with or endorsed by Etsy, Inc.

Streamline Inventory - Automatically sync products & inventory

Import/Export Products with Images, SKU, Barcode, Price, Category & Variants

Product Syncing - Make changes in Shopify and sync flawlessly to other stores

Order Syncing - Fulfill easy orders automatically from Shopify

This App only supports upto 30,000 products as of now!

Connected Inventory ‑ InsCoder

Install from the Shopify App Store

Connected Inventory helps you synchronise the inventory across different products/variants:

  1. Connect the products/variants having the same SKU value.
  2. Connect the products/variants by manually selecting them inside the App.
  3. Connect the components to the bundle product, like hampers with different products, a box of wines vs a single bottle of wines, etc.
  4. Support Shopify’s multi locations feature.

Selling bundle and tracking the inventory of base products correctly

Connect multiple products/variant’s inventory by assigning the same SKU

Connect multiple products/variant’s inventory by manually picking

Bee Low Stock Alert & Forecast

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app provides a quick and effective solution to track low stock products and replenish them. Merchbees notifies you and your vendor when the inventory of product is below a chosen threshold. This way, you can restock the products before they are out of stock. You can also set the maximum stock level (order up to level), and Merchbees calculates the reorder quantity automatically. With forecasting module, thresholds are calculated based on the sales velocity of each product and updated daily.

Create unlimited instant and scheduled alerts, and get email/slack notifcations

Set maximum stock level (order up to level), auto-calculate reorder inventory

Set dynamic thresholds based on sales forecasting and stock cover days

Use multiple filters; location, collection, vendor, tag, product, or SKU

Sales, forecast, and inventory reports with export functionality

Inventory Planner Forecasting

Install from the Shopify App Store

Inventory Planner offers accurate forecasting and analysis, alongside intuitive inventory reporting so merchants can make smarter replenishment decisions. After installing, Inventory Planner will sync your sales history. With additional information provided like vendor lead time, Inventory Planner automatically produces your forecast and replenishment recommendations. Avoid losing revenue from stockouts, stop tying up cash in poor-performing products, and optimize cash flow.

Reliable, data-led demand forecasting of sales/inventory

Intuitive, customizable reporting of inventory performance

Release cash from overstock of slow moving products/safety stock

Save time creating Purchase Orders

Set alert levels for your entire store or each product so you know when to order

QuickSync: Product & Orders

Install from the Shopify App Store

🚀 With QuickSync, managing your online stores across Shopify, Clover, Ebay, TikTok, Etsy, and more has never been easier. Sync your orders & inventory seamlessly in real-time across various locations. Streamline operations, avoid order cancellations, and ensure smooth updates of Products, Images, SKUs, Barcodes, Prices, Categories, and Variants for an optimal management experience.

Sync Inventory: Realtime Inventory Updates

Sync Products: Maintain products in one store and instantly sync to the others!

Order Syncing - Maintain all your orders directly on Shopify!

Import/Export Products with Images, SKU, Barcode, Price, Category & Variants

Multi-Location Support - Sync all your inventories across all your locations.

AI Inventory Management Report

Install from the Shopify App Store

Assisty provides precise inventory forecasting and replenishment advice, along with comprehensive sales reporting to enhance your restocking strategy. Customize settings like vendor lead time, inventory thresholds, and sales history range. Our tool automatically generates forecasts, helping you prevent revenue loss from stockouts, reduce excess safety stock, and optimize cash flow. Supported by our dedicated technical team, available 24/7 for assistance.

Sales Reports: Track Business Performance with Comprehensive Sales Reports

Inventory Tracking: Streamlined tracking to prevent stockouts

Inventory management: Tailored Reorder suggestions for cost-effective inventory

Demand Forecasting: Predict demand accurately for optimal stock levels

On-Demand Development: Instant customization for your specific business demands

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