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Best Shopify Apps for Image slider

Storista Shoppable Video & UGC

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sell more products by displaying Instagram Reels, image galleries & TikTok videos directly on your store with Storista. Enhance the customer experience while building social proof with high speed Instagram videos with products that can be purchased directly from the videos. Auto-play videos showcased on product pages and home pages to convert store visitors into customers. Always have fresh new content for customers to experience & purchase your products. No developer resources are needed.

Truncated 3-Second Videos for Preview & Full-Length in Fullscreen Mode

Videos are Viewable in Adaptive Streaming to Show Quickly for Customers Anywhere

Easily Connect Instagram Accounts to Auto-Sync All Content

Two Versatile Instagram Feed Layouts Including a Slider & a Grid Format

Optimized for Performance Across All Devices, Protecting SEO Rankings & Speed

Make slider using our app. Simply upload large image and let your customers appreciate your fashion images.

You can upload multiple photos at once. Control the slider speed. Add text or comments on your images. Add URLs to direct your customers after clicking the image in the slider. Completely mobile responsive.

Customize speed and add text and links to images from the backend effectively

Redirect customers to products or external links when they click the images

Install logo slider anywhere on your store home page or products/collection page

Ymq Product Image Slider

Install from the Shopify App Store

Show multiple variant images of the selected variant. Give your product page a clean & professional look, and improve customer experience & conversions. You don't need to manually assign variant images to each variant. If you would like to have your customers browse your products images as an image slider / carousel / image gallery with an option of zoom in and out as well as pagination, then our app is for you. Our image slider is fully mobile supported and compatible with all browsers.

Variant Image Automator shows multiple images per variant. Improves conversions!

Image slider - Classic image slider experience with right and left navigation.

Mobile & Desktop support - Developed by default for mobile and desktop support.

Fully customizable - Choose the colors to fit your theme.

Image slider / carousel / image gallery

AOD Before & After Widget

Install from the Shopify App Store

Before - After & Comparison by Apps on Demand provides you option for adding the image for comparison for showing the before/after images for the products or services they provides. Directly shown as section in the customize which makes it a perfect fit for Shopify 2.0 themes. It fully customizable from theme editor and requires no coding skills. The app is ideal fit for any industry that want to show before and after images of their products or services that will eventually uplift sales.

Add multiple sections with option of show either 1, 2 or 3 images in a row.

Fully customizable settings.

Desktop and Mobile Compatible.

Compare two images

Elfsight Image Banner Slider

Install from the Shopify App Store

Slider app for Shopify website provides you with the opportunity to Highlight your projects, the best works, or featured issues. The attractive visual effect of the slider will make your content impossible to miss and will help increase engagement. Focus attention on your best works or most popular offers via a slider that will take users to the purchase. Combine all the most important content in one featured place of the website to create a handy user experience.

Create a slider for any business task

Vary the elements and upload media

Choose navigation and controls

Dialogue‑Personalization & CRO

Install from the Shopify App Store

Dialogue enables online store owners to increase revenue and improve their website experience through AI-powered personalization. With Dialogue, store owners can tailor their website's shopping experience to each visitor, create automated recommendations, build smart customer segments, create upselling and cross-selling assets, launch personalized campaigns, generate engaging content, and use rich content, product bundles with discounts, AB testing & more to increase conversion rates and AOV.

Cross-sell and upsell. Show the ideal products for each user based on their need

Increase AOV with “Frequently Bought Together” Bundles. Add discounts & segments

Engage shoppers with mini-tutorials and product stories. using our generative AI

Personalized campaigns, personalized banners and segmented content

Shoppable Stories - Make shopping feel like scrolling through Instagram.

Common Ninja Before & After

Install from the Shopify App Store

Common Ninja’s Before & After Slider app allows users to compare two images with an interactive slider feature effortlessly. With it, you can highlight benefits, tell a story, compare products and services, and emphasize the differences between them. The app is easy to use, requires no coding knowledge, and comes with full customization options. It is fully responsive and features vertical and horizontal sliders, angled dividers, image ratio editing and more!

Horizontal & Vertical Slider Direction.

Multiple Sliders to create as many sliders as you want.

Various Skins & Layouts: Lots of beautifully designed templates to choose from.

Rich styling options with fully customizable design features.

Fully responsive and looks great on any device — desktop or mobile.

Pick-up your customers directly. Neno Hero Slider works theme-independently and can be placed directly under your header to greet your customers with image-rich messages or news from your assortment.

Create unlimited number of slides. Per slide you can set images for portrait and landscape, texts and a Call To Action button. Animate your images using the included animation presets for emotional effects. You configure the slider once from extensive options and then only manage its content.

Separate settings and images for different devices possible

Detailed customization with many settings to fit your brand experience

Greet your customers with pictorial messages or news from your assortment

CheckIt ‑ TikTok & Insta Feed

Install from the Shopify App Store

Shoppable video feeds with TikTok videos and Instagram Reels. Connect your TikTok and/or Instagram. Easily add UGC videos from TikTok.

Create live & static feeds, and Smart Product Feeds. Show content from TikTok and Instagram together in one feed.

Built for OS 2.0 Themes, add feeds anywhere via your theme editor with app blocks - no code. Boost customer engagement and drive sales by tagging products. Let customers shop while watching TikTok videos and Instagram Reels! (Formerly TikShop).

Video feeds with content from TikTok, Instagram or User Generated Content (UGC).

Social Proof your store - add TikTok UGC to your store, no code.

Tag products, make feeds shoppable. No external links, keep customers on store.

Bring TikTok and Instagram content together in the one social shopping feed.

Smart Product Feeds - dynamic product page feed with the latest product content.

Let them browse through all the products in an attractive slider form. Our app allows you to showcase more products in less space.

Our app is tested on all devices & is responsive. You can customize the slider speed, show arrows

  • Create sliders from collections
  • Directly add products to cart from slider
  • Customizable slider
  • Product images come directly from collection
  • No coding required
  • Customize your slider the way you want to enhance the look of your product.

Showcase your collections like top seller, new arrivals, etc. in slider

Install the slider easily using 1 click install. No coding needed at all.

The direct add to cart feature is now available

Rendez vos fiches produits interactives en y intégrant la Visionneuse 360° Omi et permettez à vos clients de voir les produits sous n'importe quel angle, de les faire pivoter en vue à 360 degrés et d’effectuez un zoom avant et arrière pour voir tous les détails de vos produits.

Visionneuse produit 3D à 360°

Visionneuse produit 3D en réalité augmentée

Intégration en 2 clics avec l'application Omi

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