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Best Shopify Apps for Image editor

Pixc’s Photo Resize automatically resizes, optimizes, and updates your product photos so everything is uniform in your online store. This app will make your store look more professional while saving you time and effort so you can focus on growing your business.

The app is designed to give you a better experience. The intuitive algorithm analyzes your store quickly, allowing for few-clicks resizing. Set your preferred image settings and let it work in the background for a seamless experience.

100% Automated: Resize, optimize and update your product photos automatically..

Choose from cropping or adding frames to suit your photos’ better.

Improve page loading speed with image optimization.

Let it run in the background, no need to open the app every time.

Restore your original photos at any time, depending on your plan.

SEO King ‑ AI Edition

Install from the Shopify App Store

SEO King provides the most advanced tools to manage SEO, photo optimization, keyword research, translation, and more. Scan your shop and discover any potential issue such as broken links, 404 errors, and index issues. Bulk edit alt texts, meta meta titles, meta descriptions, urls, photo filenames and product photos across your entire site. Manage sitemaps, json-ld, and robots.txt. Also includes an auto-updating feature and built-in artificial intelligence (GPT 3.5 / 4).

Bulk resize, edit, and compress photos

Optimize sitemaps, JSON-LD, and keywords

Generate articles and product content using AI

Auto-translate optimized content for additional languages

Try the live demo before installing!

Alt-text is one of the important components to help your website attract traffic. Using alt-text on your images can make the user experience better, but it can also help you with the obvious SEO benefits.

Google uses alt-text of the image with computer vision algorithms and the content of the page which contains that image to understand the subject matter of the image. So alt-text is mandatory if you want your images to show up on Google.

Scan all product images to find out which images are missing alt text

Use AI to generate alt-text for product images

Use the template to generate alt-text for product images

Show process while syncing

Pxl ‑ Photo Background Remover

Install from the Shopify App Store

Creating professional product photos can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. Our app gives you the chance to shine against completely clear photo backgrounds. By harmonizing images across your entire store, you remove distractions, help your customers focus on your products and make more sales in the end.

No need to do any editing on your side, our AI does everything for you. It automatically detects your subject in foreground and will beautifully remove the background.

100% Automatic - One click and your background is automatically removed

Customizable - Choose any background color you want to match your store design!

Bulk Actions - You can remove up to 15 backgrounds at the same time!

Resizify is a Shopify app that will help you optimize your store's images with ease. It automatically compresses images at the time of upload, so you don't need to worry about size limits or error messages like "20MB is the size limit". With Resizify, you can upload high-quality images and reduce its size without compromising quality. The app also offers support for various image formats like JPEG, PNG & MP4 and more. It also supports advanced settings like custom compression levels.

Image Resize & Editor

Bulk Upload & Compression

Google Drive, Instagram & Facebook Integrations

Compress Existing Images

SEO Audit Dashboard

WorkMagic AI Marketing Content

Install from the Shopify App Store

WorkMagic gives you your personal team of AI marketers & AI creatives to help you get more out of each day.

Our suite of AI tools will help you plan and execute your marketing more efficiently, whether it's generating new creatives from scratch, analyzing data, or deciding your next action to bring in more revenue.

AI Product Photos - Choose from our 120+ templates or design your own background

AI Model Photos - Go from regular clothing photos to high converting AI models

AI Copywriter - get content ideas and draft social posts, emails, and more

AI Automation - Easily go from content creation to posting on social channels

Copilot - Your AI marketing assistant ready to answer any question you have

Spin Studio ‑ 360 Product Spin

Install from the Shopify App Store

Show off your product to online customers in a 360 view and help prospective buyers overcome any doubts about its quality!

Instead of viewing plain images or passively watching videos, your visitors can interact with 3D spinning images of your product and examine it from any angle. It’s almost the same as checking out a product in a physical store and simplifies the customer’s purchasing decision. You can also let customers interact with your product by folding or unfolding it, for example.

Magic 360 spinning images to show every detail of your product.

Adds 360 view animation for customers to feel more confident about your product.

Creates 360 view from set of photos or 3D models.

Fancy 360 view icons for thumbnails in your product gallery.

Easy to use 360 view drag-n-drop builder.

PixPix image editor is a simple to use editor with a lot of image editing options.

PixPix have a simple and intuitive interface, you can browser your products listing or directly search for a specific product using keyword search.

With Shopify Admin links integration, you can directly open a product in PixPix from your product details page in Shopify admin section.

Crop, resize and do more to any Product image with two images editors

Lightweight and simple interface to find the product and images you want to edit

Quickly access the product directly from Shopify product view

Squirai Image Optimizer

Install from the Shopify App Store

The app minimizes your image weight while maintaining the image quality. The app can compress product images, collection images, blog post images, asset images. The compression action can be done manually or in bulk. You can select separate products or all collections and check the preview before hitting the Start button. Images with optimized and keyword-rich ALT text can help to improve SEO and get better ranking in Google Image Search.

Image Compression

Automatically Updating ALT Text To Improve SEO Ranking

Convert Image Format From PNG To JPG

Display Text-Based Watermarks On Images

With Pebblely, you can use AI to generate beautiful photos of your products with a click of a button. Just select one of your products, describe the background you want, and generate unlimited variations. Instead of spending time and money on typical photoshoots, you can create high-quality, realistic marketing assets in seconds to grab your customers' attention and drive sales.

Remove the background of your existing product images automatically, if required

Use AI to generate photo-realistic backgrounds for your products in seconds

Select from 17 predefined themes or describe a custom background

Add multiple products to get endless variations

Edit generated images and reuse backgrounds for different products

Photobear: Image & SEO booster

Install from the Shopify App Store

Photobear Image & SEO Optimization

Improve every product listing on your store by enhancing its photos and SEO descriptions:

  1. Speed. Our AI engine understands the human vision system, reducing photo file size while looking the same.
  2. Aesthetics. Double photos resolution with a click.
  3. SEO: our AI converts your product listings to paunchy SEO descriptions for increased traffic.

You can improve every product listing on your store wiht a single click, boosting traffic and conversions

Place your product on custom backgrounds with realistic shadows and lighting

Double your photo load speed using AI

Double your photo resolution for crisp beautiful details

Automatically generate product listing SEO using AI

Bulk operations optimize every single photo on your store with a single click

Quik Optimize Images+Watermark

Install from the Shopify App Store

Protect your brand and elevate your store's performance! This powerful app allows you to enhance page speed, boost SEO with alt text and add customizable watermarks to your product images with just one click, safeguard your images with anti-theft watermarks, and effortlessly compress images. You can control the placement, size, and opacity of the watermark, compression ratio and can preview it instantly on any product image. Solving image-related hassles by enabling bulk image edit.

Super easy to use, just add a text or logo, select the position and click apply.

Use custom image alt-text format to improve your store's SEO & boost sales.

Secure shop with Disable Right Click, Disable Console, Disable Text Selection

Stand out from other drop shippers by establishing your brand watermark.

Easily restore original image or alt-text on all products with one click.

Pixcleaner Background Remover

Install from the Shopify App Store

Remove Background of Image quickly - In the visually driven world of online retail, the clarity and quality of product photos directly influence purchasing decisions.

Pixcleaner Background Remover is designed to transform your product images into high-quality, distraction-free visuals with just a click. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, our app automates the background removal process, offering a seamless solution for enhancing your store's aesthetic and product presentation.

Remove background of your pictures

Edit and Customize the background of your pictures

Correct the segmentation of Automatic background remover using our touch tool

Bulk background removing and image editing

Easy Image Sitemap is the app that automatically builds, submits to Google Search Console, verifies, monitors, and updates a fully compliant .xml Google Image Sitemap for all images associated with each product, blog article and page in your store — all in real-time.

Build and submit your fully compliant image sitemaps.

Monitor your Google Indexing data over time.

Ensure that Google always has your latest data.

Snapshot: AI Product Photos

Install from the Shopify App Store

Product photos are hard. You either waste time trying to create the perfect lighting, background, and angle, or pay for costly professional photos.

Snapshot lets you create stunning product photos in the rainforest, on top of the alps, or in just about any setting you can think of, with just a few clicks.

Save countless hours and thousands of dollars on photographer and equipment fees.

Instantly create eye-catching photos for all of your products and add them to your store in seconds.

Save thousands of dollars on product photography fees

Get your images in seconds, not days

Use our hand-crafted pre-made themes for plug-and-play product photos

Use our advanced prompt editor to craft any product photo you can dream of

Asgimo AI Background Remover

Install from the Shopify App Store

With the help of AI, you can efficiently list your products by quickly removing backgrounds in bulk. You can select multiple products and photos in batches and remove backgrounds with just one click.The AI system automatically detects your product photos and effectively removes the background, resulting in clear and visually appealing images. and we automatically integrate Shopify with your product gallery, allowing you to replace or add images to your gallery without the need to download.

Accurately identify products in photos and remove the background

Preserve the original photo size and display it clearly

Select multiple products and photos at once for bulk removal

Add or replace your product gallery

Widgetic (Before and After)

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Before and After Gallery app lets e-commerce merchants showcase their product's effectiveness through side-by-side image comparison. Ideal for fitness, beauty, and home improvement industries, it boosts customer engagement and sales by simplifying the product's value proposition.

Add descriptions for each of the two images.

Set the orientation to vertical or horizontal.

Customize the UI to match your site using our visual editor.

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