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Best Shopify Apps for Audio player

Box Music ‑ Background Music

Install from the Shopify App Store

Box Music app allows you to set up the background audio/music based on any occasion or celebration. You can even set your own music to improve customer interactions and increase sales and conversions. The app is very flexible to customize and control the background music like the change between default icons, custom icons, colors, background gradients, specific messages, and much more. Songs are available in multiple genres. (ex. Valentine) Easy to set up the app in theme 2.0 for any page.

Set background music for your entire store with one click

Choose a songs from our library or upload your own

Choose an icon combination from our library or upload your own

Choose a solid color for your icons based on your brand or a gradient background

Songs categories like Romantic, Horror, Valentine, and many more

Osaria Audio Player allows you to add an audio player for each product on your homepage and product pages. This is the best way to showcase your audio contents for your customers and improve their experience on your shop. We've been creating since 2012! We make user friendly apps and softwares. Your user satisfaction is our motivator, which is why our customer service is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to reach us to share your feedback or for assistance with our products.

Allow customers to preview your audio product before they buy!

With this app, adding music to your products becomes a piece of cake.

Add an audio player for each products on your homepage and product pages.

Upload files from your computer

Add your player wherever you want on your theme with the snippet.

Common Ninja Audio Player

Install from the Shopify App Store

Common Ninja’s Audio Player app is a great, versatile tool for those who’d like to add audio to their website. With it, you can enrich your content, promote your projects and improve your users’ experience. The app is easy to use, requires no coding knowledge, and comes with full customization options. It is fully responsive and features the ability to upload MP3 files, link URLs from various video and audio hosting platforms, shuffle the playlist and more!

Multiple audio sources. Use MP3s or links to audio and video sites.

Shuffle will enable your users to listen to your audio in random order.

Playlist and Minimal display - customize it to complement your style

Multiple Skins & Layouts: Lots of beautifully designed templates to choose from.

Fully responsive and looks great on any device — desktop or mobile.

MX: Background Music Player

Install from the Shopify App Store

MX Background Music Player allows you to set your customers in the mood to shop by a playing a song of your choice in the background of your store. Celebrating holidays and occasions in your store can enhance your interaction with customers and improve conversion rate & sales.

The player is highly customizable and offers full control on its color, size, volume, music loop and auto play. The player supports TikTok, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, SoundCloud, Apple Music & YouTube MP3 formats

Play a song of your choice in the background of your store in one click.

Use our holiday royalty-free songs or your own song from YouTube or Spotify.

TikTok Mode: Get insights about TikTok song trends and weekly top TikTok songs.

Fully customizable design: Control the color, size, location, loop & autoplay.

Holiday Songs: Dozens of holiday music songs for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Music Player by Websyms

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app gives you the ability to add as many songs as you want with each product and page.

To do this:

  • Click create playlist and choose the product/page/global and add as many songs as you want and save.
  • You can change the music player theme from the player theme settings page.
  • You can change the color combinations of the music player according to your needs so that it suits your store colors.
  • You can also choose if you want to autoplay the music, want to shuffle the songs.

We give you the ability to create unlimited playlists with unlimited songs.

You can choose the player theme from the themes available in the app.

No coding required. Just install the app and start using it.

Widgetic (Audio Players)

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app is an essential tool if you sell audio products, as it addresses a common problem of customers not being able to listen to a sample of the product before purchase. By allowing customers to preview tracks, our app enhances the shopping experience, leading to increased engagement and sales. With easy playlist creation and management, our app also makes it simple for merchants to reinforce their brand and provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

The app includes 6 distinct audio players.

Several layout styles are included with each audio player.

Customize the UI to match your site using our visual editor.

Control icon placement with [player] in track descriptions (eg. Click [player]).

Want a cool way to show off the music your brand and stores has been digging lately? Use The Shop Music to connect your Spotify account, and create an embeddable widget that showcases the most recent music played from that account.

Give your consumers insight into what you've been listening to and what they should check out too!

Simple Installation. 1-click install makes it easy to embed

Small or large. Choose the size of your widget to fit the style of your store

Your store, your design. The widget takes your themes fonts, styling and colors!

Podcast Player by Elfsight

Install from the Shopify App Store

Elfsight Podcast Player is a simple tool which lets you to playback podcasts directly on your website. The tool is exceedingly modifiable: you may alter its placement, putting it anywhere on the page, change its size, repaint the background and all other parts to blend it with your website’s style, employ dark theme, show images and show or hide 3 additional player elements like progress bar and many more. Entertain your visitors, switch the autoplay option and amuse your visitors!

Grow your leads and stand out of the crowd

A manageable podcast player right for your site

Make your plugin eye-catching or neat

ES Background Music Player

Install from the Shopify App Store

Elfsight Background Music is a simple tool that lets you playback audio tracks directly on the pages of your site. The widget is hugely customizable: you can change its position, insert it anywhere on the page, alter its size, repaint the background and all other elements to mix it with your site’s style, apply a dark color scheme, display covers and display or hide four additional player elements, for example, progress bar, title and many more. Add as many tracks as you want to entertain users!

Diversify your website content

An amusing player for your web page

Make your eye-catching or neat

AWPlayer, the ultimate audio app, enables you to sell tracks and albums effortlessly. Compatible with MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and AAC formats, it automatically generates audio samples and extracts full sound waves for each track. Seamlessly embed our advanced player on product pages, enabling customers to preview the samples and visualize the sound waves of the entire track.

Sell a single audio track or an entire album

Supports MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and AAC audio formats

Automatic audio sample and sound waveform generation

Advanced audio player for audio samples displaying the full track sound wave

Radio Player by Elfsight

Install from the Shopify App Store

Elfsight Radio Player is an uncomplicated widget allowing you to stream radio stations straight on your site. The tool is exceedingly modifiable: you are free to alter its position, embedding it anywhere on the page, alter its size, recolor the background and all other elements to mingle it with your website's style, employ a dark theme, display covers and demonstrate or hide three other player parts, for example, title, status and more. Upload as many stations as you wish to entertain users.

Customize your content and stand out from the crowd

A convenient player for your website

Make your Shopify Radio Player noticeable or uncluttered

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