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Best Shopify Apps for Gifts

Super: Gift Wrap, Gift Message

Install from the Shopify App Store

Super Gift Options allows you to offer gift with purchase alongside your customers orders. Offering paid or free gift options to customers as an add on (on the cart page/drawer cart) can increase revenue and increase revenue.

Customers can add unlimited paid or free gift wrapping, greeting card, personalized messages and gift receipt (hide price) via stylish pop up modal or a single checkbox option.

Super Gift Options is highly customizable and can be styled to fully match your store design.

Unlimited paid or free gift wrappings, gift message, gift receipt (hide price)

Show the gift options in the cart page, drawer/ajax cart and in the product page

Draw visitors attention with animation: Dancing/shaking gift options label

You can show the gift options for specific products only or for all products

Supports orders from Roposo, GlowRoad, AliExpress, Temu, ZenDrop, Dsers & more

Wrapin ‑ Gift Wrap & Options

Install from the Shopify App Store

Offers more value | Upsells your products | Personalizes the orders

Wrapin is a super thoughtful feature that shows that you care about your customers and the people they buy gifts for. Use it to gain an edge over your competitors and expand your store's features and functionalities. The app complements your existing theme, design, and layout.

Delight and enrich your customer experience by offering gift-wrapping and messages.

Use our new gift options and make your presents look even fancier.

Admin can Add Multiple Gift Options with Multiple Language Translation Support.

Automatically tag the order with gift-wrapped items and generate a reports.

Include a gift wrap option and message details in the order confirmation email.

Choose between paid or free gift wrap options & Admin can set gift message limit

Customers can add a personalized message for every gift-wrapped box.

The Happy Birthday app is a subtle loyalty program used to celebrate every customer's birthday with a personalised email and optional discount.

It provides businesses with crucial zero-party data, which can be leveraged for targeted marketing campaigns and deeper customer insights.

A birthday email is a way for Shopify stores of all sizes to deepen customer relationships, enhance retention and personalise marketing efforts, all while celebrating each customer's most personal day of the year.

An end-to-end birthday marketing campaign with minimum ongoing effort

A subtle, cost-effective loyalty program for Shopify merchants of any size

Powering relational eCommerce through birthday collection

Foster a continuous cycle of engagement and insight by sending birthday emails

Foster a continuous cycle of engagement and insight by sending birthday emails

Fastest setup, with great results!

Wrapped provides a wide range of enhanced gifting features for your store, with a powerful integration added to product detail page (PDP), carts, and checkout.

Our versatile widgets facilitate upselling by presenting options like gift wrapping, personalized gift messages, gift notes and more to your customers.

Offer the flexibility to add gift wrap to an entire order or individual items.

Wrapped is a must-have for optimizing customer experience and revenue!

Checkout Extensions (PLUS) - customers may add gift options in the checkout page

Cart line widget - customers may add gift wrapping to each item in their cart

Product page widget (PDP) - customers may add gift wrap from the product page

Cart page widget - customers may add gift wrapping for their entire order

Gift messaging - customers may add personalized gift messages to their order

Giftship: Premium Gift Options

Install from the Shopify App Store

Giftship offers a broad range of gifting features that work harmoniously on your storefront, and during the fulfillment process. Give your customers the ability to send items to different addresses in a single checkout. Collect and automatically print gift messages. Offer a delivery date option and auto-tag your orders. Every gifting use case, including product / cart options, upsells, box builders, and much more, is available and ready to help you take your gifting business to the next level.

Gifting Options - Gift Messages / Delivery Date Picker on Product or Cart pages.

Enhanced Checkout - Ship to multiple addresses from a single checkout.

Smart Upsells - One-click, Popup, Dropdown, Thumbnail Image.

Box Builder with Multiple Storefront Layout Options

Back-end Engine - Smart Auto-tagging, Order Printer, Customize All Tools.

By default Shopify doesn't come with a gift wrap feature, customers who want to gift wrap their products can now use our app with many extra features to customize it at the same time. It automatically adds the gift wrap feature to your stores allowing you to create different price ranges for different gift wrap products. You can add a gift wrap on a product level. In short, with Gift Wrap Plus you can add gift wraps to one product, many products specifically, collections.

Create Gift Wrap for choice of Collections Only

Easy to install Gift Wrap Plus, no code knowledge required.

See Stats of your best performing gift wraps and other activities.

Create Gift Wrap for All Store Products

Create a Gift Wrap for specific Products Only

GA: Gift Wrap | Product Addons

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Product Accessories and Gift Wrap application is a tool, which will help you to make offers better with custom add-ons. With a help of it, you can create different custom offers with additional products, which will help you to increase your selling income. Allow customers to select gift wrap & message for their orders. The product accessories and gift wrap is easy to access and streamlines the customer journey.

Increase your AOV with the same traffic

Add-Ons product (warranty, gifts)

Sales enhancement

Track revenue and AOV

\ Shopify JapanアプリアワードにてFast-Growing App Developer of the Year受賞 / 豊富な機能をお試しできます!まずは一度インストール!

通常ギフトはもちろん、eギフトにも対応、熨斗やラッピングのオプション、複数配送(マルチシップ)、カタログギフトにも対応したギフトアプリの決定版です。 ギフトを通じて顧客との新しい出会いをつくることができ、購入率のアップにつながります。 アプリを利用してギフトの売上の増加、またギフトを受け取ったが新規購入へ転換、新規顧客獲得にも役立ちます。


店舗にあったギフトサービスの導入 → 利用者が増える → 売上が向上する!というサイクルを回すことができます。



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Gift Card Pro: Gift Card Suite

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Gift Card Pro, your customers can now send digital Gift Cards directly to recipients via Email or Text. When a customer goes through the Gift Card purchasing process on your store, they can choose from multiple Gift Card designs, add a pre-set or custom monetary value, include a written gift message, record a video message, and select a specific date and time that they would like the Gift Card to be delivered. You can choose the options your customers see, and build a unique experience.

Customers can schedule send Gift Cards via Email or Text Message.

50 Beautiful Gift Card Designs Included. Or Upload Your Own!

Pre-set / Custom Gift Card values. Add specific Gift Card values to choose from.

Personalized Gift Cards With Gift Messages Or Recorded Videos Messages!

NEW: Bulk Ordering. Send To Up To 1,000 Different Email Recipients In One Order.

Govalo | Gift Card Suite

Install from the Shopify App Store

Let's face it, most digital gifting experiences miss the mark.

Govalo changes that.

With wrap-around branding, Govalo customizes your digital gift cards, which increases your AOV and retention.

Plus, because Govalo is obsessed with the merchant and gift-recipient experience, we also offer giftable subscriptions, giftable products, store credit, and corporate gifting.

Meet your customers where they are, and provide them with a seamless way to buy more gifts from your store.

Fully customizable digital gift cards sent directly to the gift recipient.

Giftable subscriptions.

Corporate Gifting solutions.

Giftable products.

Advanced analytics, including exportable reporting.

Gift Card Factory improves gift card experience by allowing your customers to send and schedule gift card delivery directly from PDP using Gift Card Postman extension.

By using our app you can also save a lot of time when creating gift cards. Just with few clicks you can autogenerate thousands of gift cards and get them delivered to your email.

Additionally you can import any existing gift cards from other platforms. Your customers can easily use their old gift cards on your new Shopify store.

Import gift cards from other systems.

Autogenerate thousands of gift cards with just few clicks

Update any gift card property (including balance and expiry date)

Send gift card balance reminders to your customers

Reward your customers with free gift card for any order above the threshold

LDT: Gift Wrap, Gift Message

Install from the Shopify App Store

With our gifting solution, you can elevate your customer shopping experience with seamless gift options, including Gift Wrapping, Gift Options, Greeting Card, Personalized Messages. Surprise your loved ones with a special touch, choose from a variety of gift sets, express your heartfelt emotions, and even schedule the delivery date. Elevate your shopping now!

Multiple gift wrapping, unlimited gift options, greeting card, custom options...

Customers can add a message and delivery date for every gift-wrapped box

Pricing strategy apply for order or item

Product page, Drawer Cart, Cart page, Cart items widgets, Checkout UI Extension

Manage and auto tag gift orders, multiple language support

Gift Lab: Gift Wrap & Message

Install from the Shopify App Store

Gifting is a great way to acquire new customers & increase average order value!

With Gift Lab, you can design a stellar Physical & Digital gifting experience for both the sender & the recipient.

Increase order value by offering multiple Gift Wrapping, Greeting Card, Gift Add-Ons(Upsell) Options!

Personalize with the Gift Note & Video Messages! Reduce operations overhead by sending via emails.

Let customers choose when they want to get the gifts delivered with Delivery scheduler.

Increase Order Value with Gift Wrapping, Greeting Cards & Gift Upsells

Set up a Digital Gifting Experience with no change to your physical operations

Personalize the Gifts with Notes, Greeting Cards & Video Messages

Allow customers to pick a date for Delivery

Complete Design Flexibility, Multi-Language and Premium Customer Support!

Giftit: Valentine's Gift Box!

Install from the Shopify App Store

Have a great sale this Valentine's Day with just a few clicks! Giftit enables your customers to buy your store's products with gift options. These gift options include gift wrap papers, gift boxes, heartfelt gift messages, gift receipts, gifted order tag, and more. Delight your customers & earn more by cross-selling gift options bundled with your products. A dedicated support team will help you constantly You can edit the widget based on your store theme and style. Install the app, enjoy it.

Add storefront widget on product & cart pages perfectly fits your store theme

Add gift options to your products with different sizes and styles

Add gift messages and receipts in the customer's order on your dashboard easily

Auto-apply gift order tags to your products seamlessly

Full customization for text, themes, and more for diverse stores' themes

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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