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Best Shopify Apps for Warehouse management

ChinaDivision OrderFulfillment

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our long term relationship with a wide range of shipping carriers enable customers to get reasonable discount. Partnering with Shopify makes your e-commerce order fulfillment easy, fast and cost-effective.

Helping online

Helping crowdfunding

Sourcing, picking up goods, setting up SKU

ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our Warehouse Management Software (WMS) has been designed to help eCommerce brands run their warehouses using industry-leading technology and powerful tools.

Our software is used in our 8 owned and operated warehouses throughout North America, so we understand the pain points clients face on a daily basis. If you’re looking for details on how our WMS works, you can check out our videos on YouTube. We also invite you to come and visit us at one of our warehouses so you can see our WMS in action.

Reduce Mistakes & Mis-Picks

Reduce Warehouse Costs

Increase Efficiency

Get End-to-End Visibility ParcelView & PostHero

Receive Outstanding Client Support

Connect Ongoing WMS to your Shopify account(s) for increased efficiency in your own warehouse or to seamlessly outsource the warehousing to one of the 3PLs using Ongoing WMS.

Ongoing specializes in a web-based Warehouse Management System for logistics-intensive companies. Ongoing WMS is easy to learn and implement and has a wide ecosystem of integrations.

Automate label printing process, batch orders to pick faster, scan items for increased accuracy. Continue to grow your business!

Connect Shopify to a warehouse which uses Ongoing WMS. 3PL or your own.

Pick faster by batching orders, using a picking cart and get an efficient route.

Increase picking accuracy by using a handheld device and scan barcodes.

Perishables? Full support for lot numbers, expiry dates and serial numbers.

Connect multiple Shopify accounts to one warehouse for sharing the inventory.

Automate your ecommerce business with FulfilmentChina. We provide one-stop dropshipping service. You can start your ecommerce business easily. We don't have a minimum order quantity. It is friendly for new sellers. Experienced sellers can trust our product quality and reliable logistics.

No minimum order quantity.

Free warehousing.

Repackaging orders and customizing products.

Picqer helps you make the processes in your warehouse smarter and more efficient. With Picqer you work more calmly, walk less, eliminate unnecessary work and do things first time right. As a result, you process orders faster with the same team, without having to work harder.

Stock & Location Management

Picklists & Smart Picking Routes

Purchasing & Receiving Inventory

Shipment & Returns

Reporting & Automations

Despatch Cloud is an all-in-one order and inventory management system that helps businesses streamline their order processing by removing human error and eliminating manual processes. Users can easily organise and fulfil all their orders, adjust their multi-channel stock levels and view all of their shipment tracking information from one central location, simplifying order and inventory management and allowing for a better customer experience from Despatch Cloud's end-to-end solution.

Automatically import orders from the world's leading sales channels.

Access 100+ domestic and international couriers with your own courier accounts.

Automatically push fulfilment and tracking information to your sales channels.

Save hours of time with automatic courier selection and batch order processing.

Keep your customers up to date with on brand post purchase emails.

This integration bridges the gap between your Shopify store and Monta, enabling real-time data exchange. Whether you store your inventory in a Monta Warehouse or use Monta's advanced WMS software, you'll immediately benefit from the following advantages:

  • Reduce errors: Minimize manual data entry and prevent potential mistakes.
  • Save time: Automated data synchronization.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Fast order processing and accurate inventory data.

Reduce Errors: Minimize manual data entry and avoid mistakes in order processing

Save Time: Automated data synchronization

Customer Satisfaction: Faster order processing and accurate inventory data

E-Commerce made easy with our enterprise resource planning, warehouse management and cash register systems. Manage orders, products and inventory centrally and reorder from your suppliers in time. Send orders using mobile barcode scanners, automate return processes and much more. Manage all data from your Shopify store, marketplaces and retail stores centrally in Pickware following the omnichannel concept.

Enterprise resource planning for warehouse, shipping, purchasing, returns, and m

Pick and pack orders with mobile barcode scanners.

Automatically print shipping labels and notify your customers about the shipment

Create invoices and invoice corrections for your orders.

Centralized data management of products, customers, orders & inventory.

Pickify ‑ Orders Picklist

Install from the Shopify App Store

Pickify optimizes your pick list, streamlines your orders and shipping, and simplifies your warehouse management. Our grouping feature organizes new orders by product, so you can prepare them efficiently and minimize errors. With easy installation and use, you can start optimizing your fulfillment process and boosting productivity in no time.

Optimize pick list grouping orders by product

Easy installation and use, no code changes needed and no customer data collected

Generate summary report. Export to PDF, export to CSV or export to Excel (XLSX)

SS: Product Expiration Dates

Install from the Shopify App Store

Minimize lost revenue and give your customers confidence that your product inventory will always be safe, fresh and ready to use by using the Product Expiration Dates app to track your product's sell-by and use within dates.

Expiration dates and their quantities can be added to your product pages or anywhere else on your site.

Discount to-be expired products, remove them from your store, and receive email notifications before they expire.

Add best by, expiration, and use within dates to your product pages

Receive notifications before products reach their best by or expiration date

Discount and remove products nearing their best by or expiration date

Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment

Install from the Shopify App Store

Fulfillrite provides complete order fulfillment services. We integrate with your Shopify store to automate order importing. We then pick, pack, and ship your products to your customers immediately. Your customers get a personalized email with tracking information and shipping confirmation.

You get access to your own client portal where you can manage shipments, orders, tracking, inventory, etc. You even have control over shipping methods, so you can keep an eye on prices at the same time.

Ecom & crowdfunding fulfillment. Pick & pack, discounted shipping, and more.

Same-day shipping. All orders received by 2 PM ship the same day.

Real-time order and inventory tracking. See where your orders are at any time.

jackyun Cross‑border ERP

Install from the Shopify App Store

Jike Cloud Cross border Edition ERP can help businesses solve the unified management of multi site, multi store, multi language, and multi currency orders, support various international logistics docking, support overseas warehouse inventory management, support full process tracking of customs declaration, clearance, damage, and refund orders, support sales, cost, and profit accounting, and help businesses truly achieve digital management

Unified management of omnichannel orders and intelligent order processing

Improve efficiency and save labor

Light delivery of products, quick to get started, and fast order processing

Thanks to the application, Shopify customers receive their orders not only in the Shopify administration panel, but also in the warehouse system SkladUSA, where they can receive a tracking number for the order, and warehouse employees will send the order to the buyer, and the tracking number will be returned to Shopify through the API.

Integration of the SkladUSA web application

Sending orders to the system SkladUSA

Sending tracks back to shopify

Zenfulfillment app offers seamless order management by syncing fulfillment status, tracking information, and carrier assignment. It also includes address validation, ensuring accurate customer addresses. Real-time stock sync keeps you updated on inventory levels. You can easily monitor storage spaces in our warehouses. Detailed insights into returns, including arrival dates, conditions, and additional information. It stands out for its flawless streamlined integration and its simple dashboard.

Order synchronisation between your shop and Zenfulfillment in real time.

Fulfillment created in store including tracking and carrier when shipment is out

Real time sync of the stock based on location.

Provides custom carrier rates in your store checkout

Wherefour ERP/Traceability

Install from the Shopify App Store

Modern Manufacturing/Production Logistics For Shopify Sellers

Wherefour is a modern, mobile and cloud-based ERP that makes it easy to manage your inventory and provide one-click traceability of your raw materials as they go through a production, assembly or kitting process.

Process or Discrete Manufacturing

Our software is built to handle both discrete or process manufacturing with an affordable and approachable user interface that even works on mobile devices.

Inventory Control...

A fulfillment solution that opens new growth opportunities on top of meeting your standard requirements and enables you to spend your time on growth, not on dealing with fulfillment issues. We have made a powerful software that automates most functions, giving you complete visibility over your inventory, orders & shipments at a glance. Need a low-cost option for slower-moving SKUs? Launching a B2B order portal? Looking to amplify growth with a 1-day or 2-day delivery promise? We support it all!

Delight your customers and boost your revenue by offering 1- and 2-day shipping

Superior network keeps costs low while providing the highest quality service

Most reliable fulfillment with 99.95% on-time shipments and zero-defect picking

Have complete visibility over your inventory, orders and shipments at a glance

Always a US-based customer support rep to talk to when you need

Jazva is a cloud-based inventory management system built for B2C and B2B merchants looking to scale their e-commerce operations. Jazva offers powerful automation features, including multi-channel listing, inventory management, order fulfilment, and accounting - all through one platform.

Multi-channel automation

Listing Synchronization

Easy Inventory Management

ShipOut offers comprehensive and customizable solutions to improve your warehouse management and fulfillment workflow.

Inventory management system that can record every single change activity

We help users manage their orders, shipments, and inventories in one stop.

Real-time inventory monitoring and visible inventory age

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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