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Best Shopify Apps for Cart modification - Other

Codify ‑ Order Cancel

Install from the Shopify App Store

Codify Order Cancel helps you provide options that allow customers to cancel orders that are not fulfilled and reorder the same order from the order status page as well as from the account and the order page. This makes the order cancellation process simple, as customers can cancel the order with just a few clicks without contacting customer support and waiting for a reply. You also have the option to automatically restock items after order cancellation, which will reduce your work.

Allow customers to easily cancel their order.

Allow customers to reorder the prior order with a single click.

Let customers add a reason for order cancellation.

Automatically restock items after order cancellation.

Customize the design to match your brand.

TSS Checkout Customization

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unleash the power of TSS APP for Checkout Customization. Customize gift blocks, delivery instructions, and more. Shopify Plus owners can collect customer preferences like gift notes, and delivery instructions with Custom Fields. Additional features: Banners, Reward Bar, Testimonials, Image Blocks.

Gift Block - Enable your customers to include a personalized gift message.

Encourage your customers to communicate their delivery preferences with you.

Personalize checkout page: branding, banner, Reward bar, Testimonial.

Image Block - Incorporate an upsell image block or promotions to showcase offers

Customize checkout for higher checkout experiences. Leverage checkout extensibility with custom checkout components. Drag and drop components into checkout using the new checkout editor. Increase sales with cross sells, personalize with banners, text, image with text, image upload, delivery date picker & notes, and more. Built specifically for Shopify Plus using checkout extensibility.

Increase revenue & average order value with upsells and cross sell components.

Customize checkout with custom content text, links, images.

Add custom fields to checkout for delivery-notes, choice-field and more.

Customize checkout with Customer set product delivery date.

Add trust badges and payment icons to the Checkout page.

Gestisci facilmente i campi di fatturazione nel carrello del tuo negozio. Permetti ai clienti di selezionare la fatturazione tra privati ed aziende e colleziona le informazioni in modo semplice e strutturato salvando i dati direttamente negli ordini. L'app supporta sia aziende italiane che internazionali. Potrai inoltre connettere Fatture in Cloud o ricevere una mail ad ogni richiesta di fattura per l'ordine.

Aggiunta tramite builder visuale (temi 2.0) o manuale via codice (temi 1.0)

Compatibile con carrelli a scomparsa sia statici che dinamici.

Personalizzazione estetica e delle etichette

Valida e salva i dati di fatturazione come attributi dell'ordine

Compatibile con le app di esportazione ordini e Fatture in Cloud

Ultimate PO Box Blocker

Install from the Shopify App Store

If you're a merchant tired of dealing with lost packages, failed deliveries, or the extra costs associated with reshipping, then Ultimate PO Box Blocker is for you.

Whether you're a small business owner or run a large e-commerce operation, our app is designed to make your shipping process more efficient and reliable.

Auto-Block PO Boxes: Block PO Boxes that FedEx, UPS, DHL won't deliver to.

Eliminate time, effort, cost resolving address issues after purchase.

Real-Time Validation: Instantly flag PO Box addresses at checkout.

No manual setup needed for immediate, seamless integration.

Checkito ‑ Checkout customizer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Take full control of your checkout experience with our Checkout Customization App. Easily reorder, rename, or hide shipping and payment methods based on various conditions like cart total, weight, address, and more.

Hide, Rename & Reorder Payment Methods on the checkout with custom rules

Hide, Rename & Reorder Delivery Methods on the checkout with custom rules

Hide Cash on Delivery for international orders or specific shipping methos

Advanced City and Phone Number Validation: Enhance accuracy and user experience with country-specific phone validation and city drop downs.

Customisable Payment Methods: Tailor payment options for specific customer segments and order details.

Phone Number Validation

Customisable Payment Methods

City Drop Down country wise

Bundler allows you to offer discounts on your products when the customer purchase them together in a bundle. Product bundles will help you increase your average order value, boost your sales and promote popular products together! Bundler app gives you the power to create classic bundles, Mix & Match bundles, volume discounts, frequently bought together, fast bundle upsell, grocery discount, discount popups, mix bundles, tiered discount, build your own bundle, automatic bundle discounts and more!

Our discounts, bundles and bundle upsells are compatible with subscriptions!

Increase average order value with classic bundles, quantity bundles and more!

Choose bundle discount type (percentage discount, etc.) for product bundles!

Create classic bundles, Mix & Match bundles, quantity breaks, tiered discounts..

Create bundles, discounts & quantity breaks in your shop!

Extendons Cart Customizer App

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Cart Customizer app allows customers to modify product variants such as color and size on the cart page. Edit cart page through a soft popup ensures swift order completion, reducing order returns and cart abandonments.

You can add a message for your customers, ask questions, or allow customers to provide instructions or ask questions. Monitor their responses in the analytics provided by the app. Editing options can be personalized and customized for a good appearance.

Allow customers to update product variants color & size, within the cart page.

Customize the cart change button according to your brand color scheme.

Display special instruction messages for customers, survey questionnaire

Help to maximize cart page conversions rate and save customers precious time.

Quick integration and competible with multiple themes

Streamline your checkout and increase sales by giving your customers a one-click reorder experience! Don't lose repeat customers at the most checkout step. ReorderPro provides a simple "Reorder" button and order history panel for your shop. Shoppers can view past orders, and just click 'Reorder' to add those items to thier cart. Bonus! Orders created with Reorder Pro are tagged for easy identification in your order management tools. Easy to customize with no coding required.

Don't lose repeat customers! Makes it easy for repeat customers to order again!

Easily customized without any coding. Supports responsive layouts.

Make it easy to identify 'reorders' in your order management tools.

Free for use on development shops.

DisCart allow your audience to enter discount codes directly in your cart. The price reduction will be immediately visible, and any error messages will communicate clearly the reason. The multilanguage support gives you the power to serve this feature also in any possible language.

Multilanguage/Markets Support

Installation Wizard

Clear app feedback

The greatest benefit that is derived by utilizing ^Pataa Address fill API is reduced churn rate, which means your users will carry out the entire checkout process and potentially return to your e-store thereby increasing brand loyalty. Another great benefit of ^Pataa Address autofill API is optimized and efficient deliveries with reduced last mile costs. Timely deliveries can also potentially ensure lesser returns thereby sustaining your revenue and customers.

Complete address in one code

Reduced churn rate

Better Customer Experience

CheckIt: Checkout Progress Bar

Install from the Shopify App Store

Show customers how close they are to completing a purchase by displaying a progress bar during checkout. Incorporating game-like aspects like a progress bar to your checkout, gives users the confidence to complete checkout because they know the end is in sight! Shopify Plus & Checkout Extensibility required.

Add a progress bar to your checkout to improve engagement and drive conversions!

Customize all settings within the theme editor; see your changes live!

Design your own progress bar; adjust placement, size, color, and more!

Customize checkout for higher checkout experiences. Establish trust with your customers by giving them confidence when they checkout it is secure and trustworthy. Drag and drop components into checkout using the new checkout editor. Increase sales with cross sells, Trust badges, text, image with text, delivery date selector & notes, and more. Built specifically for Shopify Plus using checkout extensibility.

Customize checkout with custom content text, links, images.

Add custom fields to checkout for customer instructions, Custom Message, choice

Customize checkout with Customer set product delivery date.

Add trust badges and payment icons to the Checkout page.

Bezos AI Checkout Customiser

Install from the Shopify App Store

The app will allow you to manipulate key components in your customers Checkout experience easily, without the need to dive into Shopify Admin settings. Easily re-order, re-name, and hide existing Shipping Options defined in your Store Settings.

Re-order existing Shipping Options by 'Rank' (position in the list).

Hide existing Shipping Options.

Re-name existing Shipping Options - a display name for your Customers only.

Simply Cross-Sell lets you create custom product offers that appear in a pop-up before the customer goes to checkout.

By offering targeted product offers and free shipping incentives, Simply Cross-Sell helps merchants increase their average order value and sell more without any extra effort.

Present your customers with offers that are relevant to their interests and needs at the right time.

The app is easy to use, and merchants can quickly see results in their sales dashboard.

Select what to shown on each offer. Target products, collections or everything.

Free shipping motivator to encourage higher cart values

Complete customization of pop-up appearance and copy to match store branding.

Simple and user-friendly interface for easy management of cross-sell offers.

Optionally display offers on product and cart pages

T: Order Cancellable & Reorder

Install from the Shopify App Store

T: Order Cancellable & Reorder app simplifies the order cancellation and reordering process for customers, eliminating the need to contact customer support and reducing wait times. This enhances customer satisfaction, reduces customer support workload, and mitigates potential chargebacks due to delayed order fulfillment. Customers can conveniently cancel and reorder products from the account page and also increase sales by reordering previous orders. easily manage canceled order from app admin.

App enables customers to effortlessly cancel their orders with a single click.

Let customer reorder their previous order items on their own, with one click.

Admin can customize labels, alert, success message, and designs to their liking.

Customizable email template with SMTP support to avoid spam filters.

Admin can view all canceled orders, including the cancellation reason for each.

YouKnowMeBest Social Shopping

Install from the Shopify App Store

Connect your shop with social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram). Customers can share multiple products (wishlist or cart) at once to let their friends interact with your products, letting them vote, recommend, and become new customers themselves.

YouKnowMeBest adds real life social shopping experience to your store. Your visitors will never shop alone again and turn your store into a hub for social interaction and product recommendation, driving sales and repeat business.

Get your products into the private conversations of your customers

Reduce shopping cart abandonment rate and product returns and refunds

Gain new customers with high conversion rate from friends to customers

Users chat where their friends are already: WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram

Customised integration. Customers don't need to install anything on their device

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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