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Best Shopify Apps for Cart modification

Quick Upsell‑‑Mini Cart Drawer

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Quick Upsell, you can add one click & discounted upsells to your cart. Our conversion focused widgets is designed to help you grow your revenue & maximize the profit like monster. By showing your customers additional products that complement their purchases, you'll increase the chances of making additional boosting your overall profits. Plus, our app is incredibly easy to use and features that make upselling a breeze. Convert add to cart into sale with Quick Upsell cart upsell widgets.

Smart In Cart Upsell & Popup cart upsell or add-ons based on items in the cart.

DISCOUNTS - Supports app own discounts with Shopify multi discount combinations.

Easily build and manage your upselling strategy with a drag & drop editor.

Rewards Progress Bar: Motivate customers to spend more by showing spending goals

Product Recommendations with Shopify algorithm or manual product selections.

Kip: Sort Hide Payment Methods

Install from the Shopify App Store

Customize the checkout experience of your customer to your needs! You can rename, reorder, or show/hide payment methods that you set based on conditions like customer country/location, selected shipping method, cart total, cart weight, specific items in the cart SKUs, customer tags, customer is a company, and more. Give priority to payment methods by moving them to the top so they are preferred by your customers, or block the checkout by hiding all methods.

Reorder, hide, or change the name of payment methods on the checkout page

Unlimited rules to hide/rename/sort payment methods

Rename payment options by country / language or any other condition that you set

Hide Cash on Delivery (COD) in countries / locations that you set

Block checkout by hiding all payment methods under the conditions that you set

Checkout Rules ‑ Reorders

Install from the Shopify App Store

Moving Payment and Delivery methods to enhance customer experience, with options to reorder, rename, or hide based on cart contents, weight, total, shipping address, and tags. For instance, you can hide Cash on Delivery (COD), Move payment gateway, and give priority to specific Payment options for orders greater than 5000, OTP verification for COD checkout order. Making checkout customisation more easier

Move payment methods on the checkout page

OTP Validation for Payment method. eg: Verify Phone through OTP for COD checkout

Provide shipping methods based on conditions eg : hide express shipping method

Provide Payment methods based on conditions eg: hide COD

Hide payment or shipping methods by cart total , Product tag etc

UPEZ ‑ All‑In‑One Cart Upsell

Install from the Shopify App Store

Are you ready to take your sales game up a notch? UPEZ is all about boosting your revenue through irresistible pre-purchase upselling offers and a slick cart slider that converts like wildfire!

Our secret sauce is creating urgent and exclusive savings that your customers just can't get on their 2nd visit. It's your ticket to a higher Average Order Value and happier customers who feel like they've snagged the deal of a lifetime.

Motivate shoppers to buy more by introducing incentives to your offers

Launch beautiful design for in-cart upsell, popup, bundle builder and more

Increase checkout conversion with quick payments

Receive in-person support whenever you need

Master upselling with UPEZ’s step-by-step video guides

Customize your Shopify app's checkout process with our powerful shipping/payment rule feature. With the ability to create personalized conditions based on cart total, quantity, products, and customer details, you can take full control of hiding, renaming, and reordering shipping/payment methods on the checkout page.

Hide or display shipping/payment methods based on specific conditions

Rename shipping/payment methods to match your branding

Prioritize shipping/payment options to optimize customer experience

Easily apply rules based on cart total, quantity, product tags, and more

Create a seamless checkout process tailored to your customers' needs

AOD Wholesale Cart Saver Share

Install from the Shopify App Store

Cart Saver helps a maker better repeat buying experience for their B2B customers. Customers can save and edit multiple carts without losing their progress. Store owners can provide support by viewing the contents of a cart. Have a customer placed a large order for multiple parties? With Cart Saver, they can share the cart and let others add what they need to the order.

Save and edit carts

Share and collaborate on what to buy

Convert carts into draft orders

View metrics on what products are being saved

Cart Pencil adds edit cart functionality to your website. Your customers can edit or change the product variant directly without leaving their cart page. It reduces the order completion time and improves the customer experience. Edit cart functionality also helps in reducing cart abandonment and order returns. Cart Pencil supports edit cart functionality on Ajax cart also. You can customize the look and feel of the edit cart page to match your theme.

Edit product variants on the cart page without going to the product page

Customize details like fonts and colors for the edit links

Customize the text to support multiple languages

You can hide any payment methods on the checkout page with Smart Checkout. Set rules to hide any payment methods. Multiple conditions can be applied to a rule. Base conditions can be set on the total and subtotal of the orders. Create a rule that checks for the fulfillment of any or all of the conditions. There are numerous options available to choose for conditions such as contains, does not contain, greater than or equals, and less than or equals. App Works perfectly with all payment methods.

Hide by cart total, cart subtotal and cart quantity.

Hide by products, product tag, product SKU, variant and collection.

Hide by country, city, state and zip codes.

Hide by customer tags and specific customer.

Use native shopify functions. Runs inside shopify. No loading issues.

Boost your sales and average order value with this unique progress bar. Choose multiple cart value goals to motivate your customers to add more products to their cart. It can be free shipping, free product, discount code... Anything you like! Display the progress bar in strategic places such as the cart drawer so that your clients can't miss it.

Up to 2 goals

Unlimited customization

Custom placement: cart drawer, cart page, etc.

Congratulations message when a goal is reached

Hurry Cart: Countdown Cart

Install from the Shopify App Store

Want to give an incentive and push your customers in completing the buying process? Hurry Cart is the App that allows you to insert a dynamic countdown to the customer's cart and gives you a powerful analytics dashboard to monitor all your carts insights. Studies show that targeting a sense of urgency and impending scarcity rise conversions. Push undecided customers to buy in the shortest time ever and complete the checkout quickly and effectively. Hurry customers with Hurry Cart

Add various countdown styles: bar, cards, floating and expanding

Premium design: Easily edit fonts, colors & shapes to fit your theme perfectly

Ability to decide timing and advanced settings

Advanced cart Analytics Dashboard

Decide which users to display the countdown to: activate or deactivate the cart

Unicart ‑ Slide Cart Drawer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unicart replaces your default cart page with a highly customizable sliding cart drawer. It offers upsells, cross sells, a dynamic sales progress bar, spend tiers to unlock free items, multi language support and more. Unicart can be completely customized to allow for all types of custom features and custom designs. It supports different design templates and you can schedule publish them anytime (Best for sales days). Unicart is developer friendly and can be customised to meet every requirement.

Cross-sell and upsell by showcasing relevant products based on items in the cart

Sales progress bar to motivate customers to spend more to unlock special rewards

Allow customer's to unlock free items in their cart at specific spend tiers

Access to completely customize the cart to your exact design and function needs

Supports subscriptions, integrates with apps like PageFly, BOLD, Shogun and more

SwapStop: Default Address

Install from the Shopify App Store

Many merchants don't like how Shopify automatically updates the default shipping address of a customer if an order is submitted with a different address. If you're one of these merchants, this app was made for you.

The app switches the default customer address back to what it was before the order-triggered automatic update. It will prevent address changes due to this undesired behavior.

You can still manually perform customer address changes or edit the default address if you want.

Ensure you don't ship to the wrong customer address!

We NEVER store any customer data or addresses; only anonymous IDs.

No underlying theme changes or changes to your customer-facing storefront.

Favicon Counter﹣Count products

Install from the Shopify App Store

You can customize how you want the favicon counter to look, as you can change the color of it and its shape, also you can control the style of his animation.

Does not affect SEO!

No coding is required.


We value our customers and are here to assist you ASAP. Talk directly to the developers via phone or email.

Show the number of products in the cart if the customer moves to another page

All feature included

Premium support

X Away From Free Shipping

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app increases your site's Average Order Value (AOV) by encouraging shoppers to add more items to their cart in order to qualify for free shipping. It adds a customizable 'You're only $X away from free shipping' message and progress bar to the Cart page when the customer's order total is below the free shipping threshold you've set. Once the order total exceeds the minimum order amount, the message automatically updates to confirm that shipping is free. Fully customizable in Theme Editor.

Show a custom 'X Away From Free Shipping' message & progress bar on cart page

Auto-calculates how much more customers need to spend to get free shipping

Message auto-updates once customers spend enough to qualify for free shipping

Customize every component of the message and progress bar, all in Theme Editor

The app embed block can be added to any Online Store 2.0 theme

Dynamatic Personalized Upsells

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unlock the power of personalization with a fully customizable natively built slide out cart and enable dozens of widgets to increase conversions, increase sales, and provide an enhanced customer experience. Collect birthdays, add upsells, trusted badges, express payment methods, bundles, subscriptions, and so much more. Segment your user base to show different widgets to specific audiences in real time. Let customers rebuy products with this smarter cart.

Personalized in cart upsells and cross-selling widgets to maximize sales.

Collect birthdays, add custom banners, promote collections, subscriptions.

Connect segments of audiences to specific widgets for a true personalized cart.

Reduce friction and increase conversion rate with over a dozen built in widgets.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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