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Best Shopify Apps for Add to cart

Quick Buy Button ‑ WizeSaaS

Install from the Shopify App Store

Quick Buy Button enhances the customer experience and reduces abandoned carts by making checkout as quick as possible. Quickly buy products from home or collection pages or products list and navigate the customer directly to the checkout page. The eye-catching quick buy button draws user attention to impulse purchases. Quick buy button lets customers can add products to their cart from home or jump straight to checkout. Improve conversion rate with a quick purchase button option. Buy Now Button!

Let customers buy products directly from the homepage and collection pages

Let Customers add to cart products from the homepage or collection page

Quick Buy button triggers impulse purchase and reduces abandoned cart

Quick Add to Cart Icon button and text button to buy from the collection page

Buy Now Button on the home page or collection page and skip to checkout directly

Ajax Cart Pro ‑ Smart Purchase

Install from the Shopify App Store

This is the way to enable customers to shop more and increase your revenue. This app allows buyers to add products to the shopping cart from any page without having to go to the specific product detail page. They can select product options via ajax cart pop-up and avoid wasting time on annoying page reloads.

Enhance customer experience on a user-friendly shopping site significantly.

Add products to cart without being redirected to another page or reload page.

Customers can select product options to add to cart via the ajax cart pop-up.

Well compatible with all devices such as mobiles, desktop, tablets, and other.

You can config progress animation & ajax loading image for the ajax cart.

Reorder Hero ‑ Repeat Order

Install from the Shopify App Store

Reorder-Hero provides a way to add any previous order products to the cart or take them to the checkout page. customers can order items from past orders with just one click!

Fast Repeat Orders Reorder option helps your customers repeat their past orders in 2 clicks. They can also add/remove products & change the quantity.

Compatibility on mobile devices improves the customer experience We built a custom form for mobile so your customers can order anytime, anywhere, and on the go!

Reorder using 'Popup Modal': Let customers reorder items from a previous order.

Show details of previously bought items that help customers to reorder quickly

Customer can able to see estimated delivery date for orders on Thank you page.

Your customers can buy offered products using one-click upsell

Reorder or repeat order that are previously ordered

Mega Cart Button Animator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Transform Your Online Store with Captivating 'Add to Cart' Button Animations. Ignite customer engagement, drive conversions, and craft a dynamic shopping experience that sets you apart from the competition. Unlock the full potential of your business with our intuitive app, seamlessly integrated into your store. Empower your audience, guide them toward taking action, and effortlessly stimulate business growth with our range of captivating button animation styles.

Interactive Animations: Engage customers with captivating Add to Cart animations

Elevate Conversions: Maximize CTR, turn visitors into customers

Variety of Styles: Choose from diverse "ATC" button animation options

Visual Impact: Grab attention, enhance user experience with eye-catching effects

Effortless Integration: Seamlessly add the app to your store without any coding

With our Sticky Cart app, you can keep your cart always visible on your store, reducing abandoned carts and increasing sales. Our app allows you to add a sticky cart to your store, making it easier for customers to access and edit their cart while they shop. Plus, our app is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing store, so you can start improving your sales and reducing abandoned carts right away. Keep your cart always visible and increase sales with our Sticky Cart app.

Make it easier for customers to access their cart.

Enable Fast checkout, increase conversion rate.

Easy customization with settings built-in to your store's Theme Editor.

Track clicks, get insights into customers' behavior.

No impact on website speed, compatible with Online Store 2.0.

EZ ‑ Sticky Add To Cart Button

Install from the Shopify App Store

What are the features? Floating cart to reduce cart abandonment, lightweight and mobile responsive design, improve user experience and increase conversion by showing always visible Sticky Add to Cart to your customers on the Product page!How does it work? Install the app with one click, the app works with every theme and requires no coding or changes. You can choose the style of a sticky bar and floating cart to start with. You can also modify colors, styles, and texts according to you

The app will improve your sales. You will get more sales with sticky cart

Customize colors, backgrounds, text, position & more to match your site

Easy to install, just one click to make it works

“Add To Cart” button is one of the most important elements on your store's product page. Every visitor that becomes a buyer must notice and click it. This app allows you to customize it easily, according to your store's layout needs. Because of it, your product page can be more appealing and generate better conversion rates. What’s more, Vivid Buy Button allows you to add various types of button animations and effects, which will help in catching user attention.

Effortlessly modify product page “Add To Cart” button colors.

Edit “Add To Cart” button width, font size, thickness, corner radius and more.

Add Shine, Text Glow or Multicolor effect to your button.

Animate product page button with various animations.

This App enables customers to quickly order multiple products/variants without visiting numerous product pages. The idea of App is to allow wholesale customers to add products in bulk to cart with only several clicks. This innovation is a key factor which leads customers to successfully check out more quickly and conveniently. Our app supports Multi Language & multi currency via Markets, so reach to your global customers with ease.

Customers can order each product or variant from a collection page.

Easy to use as multiple settings options are available in app admin.

Multi Language and Multi Currency Support via "Markets".

Sales Climb Sticky Add To Cart

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sales Climb helps your store optimize its sales funnel by having a sticky bar at the top of the product page that makes the add-to-cart button more visible.

A sticky bar on your website is a great way to help improve your product pages and optimize them for sales.

A sticky bar can help keep people on your website longer and help with conversions.

The sticky bar at the top of the page is also great for quickly getting shoppers to the checkout page. No need to scroll!

Automatic sticky bar at the top of the product page with a Buy now option

Automatic sticky bar at the top of the product page with an Add to Cart option

Always visible! Sticks to the top of the page even when customers scroll down

CRO Buttons ‑ Optimize UX & CR

Install from the Shopify App Store

CRO Buttons allows store owners to create a mobile menu for your store navigation and boost sales, and engagement from customers.

On desktop, our Add to Cart sticky buttons follow and increase the chance the customer adds more products to their basket. Customer shopping experience is like a walk in the park with an always follow button wherever they go. Just compare and put their favorite products in the cart.

Add buttons from the best ecommerce giants to your store.

Create a delightful shopping experience with app-like navigational buttons.

Boost sales like the professional ecommerce gurus.

Add ecommerce tracking with no-code tools. No developers required.

Bring the Add-to-cart sticky button on desktop webstore

Sticky Sell ‑ Add To Cart Bar

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sticky Sell ‑ Add To Cart Bar is a simple configurable sticky cart, it enables your shop with a floating cart button while your customers scroll or swipe across your products. Whether you are just starting out with Shopify or already have a successful store, our sticky "Add to Cart" app can help boost your sales, improve your customer experience, reduce cart abandonment, and make checkout frictionless.

Easy to install and easy to use… start using in seconds!

Automatically adapts to Shopify's official themes, no liquid code required!

Fully customize Sticky Cart to match your store.

Add a sticky cart bar for product pages & make the checkout process simple.

A floating cart that's always visible & make the checkout process simple.

Advanced Product Table app helps merchants to Display all OR selected collection products in a table view layout with very useful filters for One-Page Shopping Experience & Quick Ordering which will increase your Conversion Rate.

You can Displays Product Information (Product name, Description, Image, SKU, Quantity/stock status, Product/variant Price) with a search bar and filters having a fixed column of quantity counter and Add to Cart button. Now it also provides a variant table feature.

Filter Products by Price Range & Collection. Exclude Columns & Collections.

Customize Table Column Names, Product Images size ( width- height in pixels).

Customize the Colors of the Table( Header, Buttons, Background & Text ).

Customize no of products per page & description characters limit to show.

Variant table for a single product page & specific table for specific collection

Persistent & Share Cart

Install from the Shopify App Store

Customers can share the cart with the added items and the info (like delivery address) to their friends. So the friend can open the link directly and checkout the cart. Customer can open the link on any device and the cart will be saved for them (just need to login to the store).

Customers can save their cart by logging in to the store.

Customers can easily share their saved cart with their friends.

Option for customer to share cart through email, social media and link.

Merchant can customise the floating icon according to the store theme.

Orderbazi : Quick Order

Install from the Shopify App Store

A simple way to order various products in a few seconds. Just go to Quick Shop Page, choose products, quantity and click on the order button to add the group of products to their shopping basket. It is best for wholesale buyers. Can include product previews such as product name; image etc. to enhance the user experience as a full-featured solution. There are many more options in the app backend which can be known by using the app

Let your customers get the list of products in one page and choose

Wholesale Price Support as well for wholesale customers

Bulk Order Form to put all the products in a form and add them to cart at once

MS:Sale and Conversion Booster

Install from the Shopify App Store

MS Sales and Conversion Booster is designed to help increase traffic conversion rates, AOV, and sales by making the add-to-cart and Buy now buttons super easy for customers to find and use.

Sales and Conversion Booster bar allow shoppers around the site to quickly add products to their cart and go through checkout without friction.

The Cart Booster bar is easy to find and helps reduce cart abandonment. The button animations are attention-grabbing and help customers skip straight to checkout

Sticky Add to Cart and Buy Now button on Product page and collection page

A Floating Cart Booster - customer can easily access cart from any pages

Sticky Checkout Bar on cart for Quick & faster checkout

Mini Cart Icon on Collection Page for Instant checkout

One Click Checkout like Amazon for Faster order placing

Mighty PO Box Blocker will stop customers from being able to input PO Boxes as shipping addresses which saves you time and money having to work issues out after the purchase.

Whenever a PO Box address is detected, a PO Box Blocker warning is displayed on the cart view and/or the shipping method step of checkout.

The warning tells customers that your store does not ship to PO Box addresses and instructs them to specify a new valid residential or commercial address instead.

Block PO Box addresses that FedEx, UPS, and DHL do not deliver to.

Optimized design for both desktop and mobile devices.

Create fully customized warning messages that find your brand.

PO Box Blocker pop ups to warn customers they need to input a new address.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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