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Best Shopify Apps for Buying wholesale

Faire is an online wholesale marketplace where retailers can discover and buy new products that help their store stand out. With Faire, it's easy and low-risk to stock inventory from brands around the world. Retailers can automatically sync the products they order on Faire to Shopify, so they can reduce time spent on manual data entry and focus on running a thriving retail business.

Discover unique, high-quality products from brands around the world

Eligible retailers get 60-day payment terms

Free returns on all opening orders

Faire does not support dropshipping

Sync your orders and inventory to Shopify automatically

Buddify: Wholesale & Dropship

Install from the Shopify App Store

It's all about selling more on Buddify. List your brand and supply your products to the feed so other brands, retailers and affiliates can sell them for you. Dropship and source unique partner products at wholesale prices without the need for inventory or capital. Sell wholesale to others and buy in bulk at discounted prices. Generate B2B leads and start co-marketing campaigns. Join Buddify today, where brands collaborate instead of compete. Sell together, sell more!

Build Brand Partnerships with top Brands & Retailers and sell more together

Supply your products: let other brands, retailers, affiliates sell them for you

Dropship high-quality products from top local Brands at wholesale prices

Fast & Reliable Shipping from Local Brands

Buy & Sell on the Buddify Wholesale Platform

IndiaMART Product Sourcing

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app helps buyers to post their buying requirements for both raw materials and finished products. Once the requirement is posted, IndiaMART connects the buyers with the sellers. This enables buyers to quickly connect with the sellers and discuss more about the requirements. Buyer can negotiate on pricing and delivery with the sellers and fulfill their buying requirement.

Direct sourcing from manufacturers & wholesalers without any intermediaries.

Purchase from over 100,000 product categories on IndiaMART.

Buyers from all over the world can post requirements and connect with sellers.

More negotiation power to buyers by providing quotes from multiple sellers.

Enhance your Shopify store with our app, designed for seamless integration with Matterhorn Wholesale. It offers automatic product import, ensuring your store always features the latest in apparel, shoes, lingerie, and fashion accessories. With real-time inventory updates, you can manage stock levels efficiently, avoiding overselling or stockouts. The app simplifies ordering directly from Matterhorn, making restocking a breeze. It's user-friendly, supports all product categories from Matterhorn,

Automatically imports products from Matterhorn Wholesale. Over 32 000 styles

Real-time inventory updates from Matterhorn's stock

Seamless ordering process for Matterhorn - for dropshiping and wholesale

Easy integration with your Shopify store

Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Wholesale Hero & B2B Pricing app let you give different wholesale pricing and volume discount on bulk orders for your wholesale and retailer customers. Set different custom pricing for both wholesale and retailer customers with this wholesale personalized pricing app. Set wholesale pricing discount and volume discount on several conditions like for specific customers, all login users, all non-login users and cart value. Set tiered pricing for bulk purchase and earn more from it.

Set different wholesale price and volume discount for wholesalers and retailers.

Set wholesale and volume discount based on several conditions for bulk purchase.

Offer wholesale discounts like flat-rate discount, percentage and fixed price.

Show wholesale discount & volume discount table on product detail page.

Change position of wholesale & volume pricing table on product page.

We can help you source the products you want directly from manufacturers in China at better prices. With AK Dropshipping, you can import products and images to your store easily. Orders from your store will be synchronized to AK Dropshipping where you can manage and order them in bulk. We will purchase the products for your orders and check the quality, then pack and ship the orders directly to your end customers with fast shipping methods, so you can focus on other aspects of your dropshipping

Enjoy 1-on-1 customer manager service to help you with all matters.

Send sourcing requests and get free quotes for any legal dropshipping products.

Get low prices and fast shipping methods to fulfill dropshipping orders.

Mapping with AK products,Get order tracking numbers synced to your store.

Customize products and packaging for your brands and private labels.

Give your customers the ability to complete their diamond ring, pendant, or earring purchase on your website, all on their own! Our patented AI curation technology makes it easy.

Also, use Unbridaled in-store to educate engagement ring shoppers and eliminate decision overwhelm. Instead of taking weeks to close a sale, help them find their ideal diamond in mere minutes!

Connect your jewelry to certified diamond inventory

Offer shoppers natural and/or lab grown diamonds with videos + certs to compare

Intelligent curation makes it easy for your clients to decide on a diamond

Intelligent pricing maximizes your profits while keeping prices competitive

Integrates seamlessly with your Shopify theme and branding (one-time set-up fee)

UIU is the B2B diamond jewelry supply chain vertical platform. It also provides full-process quality inspection and cross-border logistics and warehousing services to minimize the quality risks and inventory risks of small and medium-sized sellers. Since it is founded. All products provide platform quality inspection services UIU has an intelligent and integrated quality inspection center to ensure production quality and provide sellers with comprehensive quality.

One wholesale, one drop shipping, one custom made

One-click listing, convenient and fast

Control of the entire production process

Advanced Wholesale/Discounts

Install from the Shopify App Store

Advanced Wholesale Pro is an efficient, affordable way to create B2B wholesale pricing, with a variety of capabilities to support your wholesale business. It has professional wholesale features like net payment terms, order minimums, volume discounts, quantity breaks, quantity breaks on entire order, registration form and more! It’s everything a business needs to sell wholesale on Shopify.

Create wholesale customer tags

Minimum cart value/Minimum cart quantity, Discount type (Fixed or Percentage)

MULTI TAGGING Multiple Tags can be assigned to single customers

Ability to collect payment as Net15, Net30 and custom time period

Wholesale registration form (customizable)

CloudOrder is a wholesale platform, with products from domestic brands.

Proven brands with customer recognition.

Domestic inventory and shipping within states.

Up to date in stock data of all the products, synced to your store.

Fully automated order processing and fulfillment.

Listing is just a few clicks away

Realtime inventory update. Your store is updated realtime with product inventory

Authentic reviews are available to import into your store from our products.

US based domestic brands, quick 2 day shipping. Automated order fulfillment.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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