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Dive into our comprehensive selection of over 300 meticulously chosen Shopify apps, both free and paid, designed to propel your business forward in 2024.

Best Shopify Apps for Advertising

Easy Ads for Facebook Ads

Install from the Shopify App Store

Easy Ads is an AI-powered advertising app that helps you launch an effective advertising funnel—On Facebook & Instagram—in minutes to promote your products profitably and grow sales.

Super easy to learn and fast to set up, Easy Ads comes with a done-for-you funnel strategy and automatic campaign optimizations so you don't have to worry about audience targeting, ad creative creation, or campaign setup. It's all done for you.

AI-powered advertising funnel with personalized Facebook and Instagram ads

Target top audiences for your niche and retarget interested buyers automatically

Done-for-you campaign template with preset audience targeting and ad creatives

Optimize your ads for maximum conversions with automatic AI optimization

Measure your ads' performance in an easy-to-understand dashboard

With the Microsoft Channel app, Shopify merchants can now easily connect with millions of people at the intersection of work and life on the Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network. The onboarding is simple, allowing you to showcase your products using paid and free listings and connect with consumers who are more likely to make a purchase online. With free listings, you are automatically able to show on the Microsoft Bing Shopping tab and the Microsoft Start Shopping tab.

Grow your business with a large valuable audience

Showcase your products with free and paid listings

Ensure your success with real time reporting

Zalify Pixels, Popups & Emails

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unlock Your Marketing Potential with Zalify - Effortless Pixel Tracking, Event Management, and Marketing Automation. Collect accurate customer data to deliver highly personalized popups and emails campaigns that drive sales and maximize ROI. With Zalify, you'll gain unmatched insight into your customer's behaviors and interactions, empowering you to make informed marketing decisions and achieve sustainable growth.

Seamless browser and server-side pixel tracking to collect customer events

Combined traffic, products and sales data into one report

Recover abandoned carts and checkouts with automated emails flow

Create personalized popup, form and email campaigns with drag-and-drop editor

Blend simplifies online advertising across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft and TikTok. Quickly launch and manage ad campaigns across multiple channels in just seconds. Machine learning algorithms automatically optimize ad performance, boosting sales and ROAS. Start utilizing your first-party data with our "Pulse" add-on for seamless data integration across marketing channels including Klaviyo, to maximise conversions and engage your customers in a post cookie world.

Create a campaign once — and deploy it on multiple channels in seconds

Effortless funnel management with automated audience creation

Always on AI monitors performance and automatically adjusts to maximise ROAS

Use your First-Party customer data for improved retargeting across channels

Capture more events about your visitors to trigger more Klaviyo flows

Reaktion ‑ Marketing Tracking

Install from the Shopify App Store

🚀Do you want to know the true performance of your Google Ads and Facebook Ads marketing campaigns?

💡Get a crystal-clear overview of which channels are actually driving your growth. No coding skills required - easy setup.

More tracked tracked sales due to our unique server-side tracking.

More tracked sales = better ad performance = more profit.

Track returns, new customers, and the profit of all your campaigns and ads.

Improved serverside tracking for Google Ads and Facebook Ads (Meta).

Get all your ecommerce and marketing data in one single platform.

Google Ads, Meta Ads, Klaviyo, GA4, TikTok, SnapChat, and many more channels.

More tracked sales in Google/Meta = better performance = higher profits.

Easy installation. No coding skills or developers required.

AI Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

Install from the Shopify App Store

Simplify Facebook ads & Instagram ads creation for your dropshipping store with Zocket's GenAI Magic. Get to choose from hundreds of stunning AI-generated Meta ad creatives to promote your dropshipping products. Generate personalized ads for different product categories & increase ROI with AI-recommended audience targeting & optimisation. No need for an expensive design team or agency. Save cost, grow fast and improve Facebook ads & Instagram ads profitability with the power of Zocket AI

AI Ads Maker: Create brand-oriented Facebook ads & Instagram ads in just seconds

Optimize & scale your social campaigns with real-time insights & AI-powered ads

AI-generated audience targeting for maximum reach and profitability

Centralize all social media conversations in one place

24x7 Dedicated expert support to help scale your Facebook ads & Instagram ads

With Rokt’s machine learning, you can create a new source of income at no cost by showing premium offers from brands like Disney+, HelloFresh, and Venmo to your customers on your order confirmation page. Earn revenue each time your customers click “Yes, please!” on these offers.

Show personalized 3rd party offers on the confirmation page

Customize the offer layout, font and color to look native to your store

Monitor performance and track profit in real-time

Monitor performance and track profit in real-time

Ecomdy TikTok Ad TikTok Pixel

Install from the Shopify App Store

Ecomdy is the TikTok Marketing Partner, providing an all-in-one TikTok Ads platform to run TikTok Ads easily.

TikTok Agency Ads Account is automatically configured on Ecomdy platform.

With Ecomdy platform, you can run TikTok Ads beyond cross-border without any limits, barriers, or blocks... That means you can run TikTok Ads in any country, even in the ones that TikTok got banned...

Easily set up Pixel & synchronise your Products to Ecomdy platform.

TikTok Agency Ads account is automatically configured on Ecomdy platform.

Run TikTok Ads easily on Ecomdy platform with built-in TikTok Agency Ad Account.

Running, Managing, Optimizing TikTok Ads ROAS directly on Ecomdy platform.

Running TikTok Ads without limits, even in countries where TikTok got banned.

ChaChing: Support families now

Install from the Shopify App Store

Every day, our powerful product-discovery platform gets you in front of shoppers just as they’re looking to buy things like “toys”, “shoes”, or anything else you sell. Whether you’re a brand or retailer, we then pay shoppers to buy directly from you instead of other stores or competitors. When we do that, your margins and sales volumes explode as you take and defend market share from competitor products. Hard-working families across the country are better off too, with more in their pockets.

Get discovered by shoppers searching for things similar to what you sell.

Get those shoppers to buy from you instead of from other brands or retailers.

Support hard-working families by letting them benefit from your marketing spend.

Set up always-on campaigns in just a few clicks.

Adspend is returned to you when our systems detect a return, stopping wastage.

Convertedin Ads & Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

A full-fledged marketing automation platform that helps e-commerce unify, and segment their user data to create a personalized ads experience. Track and stay connected with your customers across the different marketing channels; Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, and TikTok through the advanced targeting intelligence of Convertedin to maximize your return on ads spent ROAS and put your e-commerce sales on autopilot mode.

Advanced social ads across the different channels

Advanced intelligent segmentation and customer retargeting

Advanced product catalog

Create unique photos, videos, reviews, testimonials, and social buzz that authentically resonates with your target audience, at scale, through the power of influencer gifting.

Choose from products in your catalogue to gift to influencers & content creators

Automatically update inventory in Shopify when you send a gift to an influencer

Gifts are sent to creators just like any other Shopify order.

MNTN makes Connected TV advertising easy, performance driven, and measurable. With self-serve software that works a lot like paid search and social, MNTN can increase your store’s traffic and product sales. Simply set a budget and campaign goal, build a target audience, upload your video, and launch. Measure the results of your Connected TV campaigns alongside the rest of your marketing efforts through Google Analytics. Install MNTN now to fuel growth for your business with Connected TV.

Self-serve, Connected TV advertising software built for performance

As easy to use as paid search and social

Increases store traffic and product sales

No contracts, commitments, or agencies required

Need a TV commercial? MNTN has you covered with a variety of options

With Tatari, advertising on TV is now a digital-like experience: measurable, real-time results, with the ability to manage a campaign in small or big doses. Many brands exhaust paid advertising channels so they turn to TV to scale and reach unique and highly engaged audiences. Now’s the time to get started on TV and get your brand in front of potential new customers.

If you are not a current Tatari client, please contact us to schedule a demo to make sure we're the right fit before downloading.

We help scale DTC brands of every size, most of which you've probably seen on TV

Receive realtime, actionable metrics such as CPV, CPI, CPA, R/F and more!

Advertise across hundreds of networks + publishers with free measurement

Get your brand on TV!

Google CSS Program Partner

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app registers Google Merchant accounts with a third party CSS (ShopXYZ) as part of Google Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) program. Using a third party CSS only has benefits if you are using Google Shopping (PMAX) in (parts of) Europe. Currently in 21 countries. With a third party CSS you can move away from the commission Google CSS charges on each click (only these countries in Europe). In Europe a CSS is required. Google CSS or a third party CSS (with a discount).

One of the largest Premium CSSes in Europe with more than 100M products

Very fast transition within 1 hour is possible

Self service CSS or managed if needed

30 days money back guarantee

No need to manually add a pixel or tag to store headers anymore! In just a few clicks, Podscribe's app will measure key metrics from your store, letting you focus on what's important: your campaign's success.

Track views

Track purchases

Marketing analysis

Unlimited Adx is an advanced CPS(Cost Per Sales) advertising service provider, where advertisers pay based on the actual sales amount generated.

By adopting the Unlimited Adx advertising solution, independent e-commerce businesses can typically experience a sales increase of 10%-30%, without needing to invest any daily operational or managerial efforts. The payment for advertising fees is solely based on the final sales amount achieved.

CPS Advertising Service

Guaranteed ROI

Global Traffic Coverage

Nift Brings in Customers

Install from the Shopify App Store

CONVERT AN AUDIENCE THAT’S NOT SEARCHING. Nift is a top-of-funnel performance marketing channel with bottom-of-funnel performance. Brands rely on Nift to deliver new customers cost-effectively while generating more first-time sales than any other channel. Nift is different. We’re not impacted by changes in privacy settings and we’re not ignored like typical ads.

Convert at the Same Scale as Search and Social — Lower Cost & Higher LTV

Acquire ONLY New Customers — Exclusion Lists

Automatically Optimizes your CAC and Order Rate

Up-to-the-Minute Reporting & Dashboard Integration

A/B Testing, Automatic Shop Reminder Emails, and More

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