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Reach Your Demographic with Shopify Audiences!

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Reach Your Demographic with Shopify Audiences!

Shopify Audiences offers a significant advantage for Shopify merchants by enabling the creation of custom audiences tailored for their advertising campaigns. In a rapidly evolving ecommerce marketing landscape, pinpointing specific groups of high-intent buyers is becoming an invaluable strategy.

This tool is seamlessly integrated with leading advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, among others. It simplifies the process for merchants to utilize their customer data in forming audiences, which can then be effectively deployed across various channels.

By utilizing Shopify Audiences, advertisers can transcend traditional targeting metrics like geographic location, age, and interests. They’re empowered to focus on their most promising customers and potential buyers through detailed custom variables including purchase history, email lists, and website interactions.

This approach leads to advertising efforts that are more likely to convert, as they target the most probable buyers right from the start.

As the ecommerce sector becomes more competitive, Shopify Audiences emerges as a strategic tool for brands seeking to outperform their competitors. It enhances the precision and efficiency of advertising campaigns, enabling brands to target their advertisements more effectively and reduce the costs associated with acquiring new customers.

Shopify Audiences serves as a critical asset for any brand operating in the online marketplace today, significantly enhancing digital marketing and advertising tactics.

Understanding Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences is a feature available in Shopify that assists businesses in crafting custom audiences for targeted advertising campaigns. This capability is powered by leveraging first-party data, including customer emails, order history, and site visitor behavior from a business’s Shopify store.

Businesses have the opportunity to create segmented lists comprising both customers and prospects for targeted marketing efforts. For instance, a clothing retailer might form an audience of customers who have purchased dresses in the last 90 days or tailor an audience of high intent site visitors who have perused specific product pages.

At its core, Shopify Audiences enhances the precision and personalization with which brands can engage potential customers. By focusing on individuals most likely to be interested and to make purchases, it allows for more targeted and efficient advertising, leading to enhanced returns.

In essence, Shopify Audiences enables eCommerce merchants to refine their advertising strategies. By focusing on segmented groups within their existing customer base, brands can improve ad relevancy, reduce costs, and ultimately boost product sales.

This feature effectively transforms customer data into actionable insights for more tailored advertising.

Key Features of Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences offers the ability for advertisers to craft custom audience lists to enhance the targeting of their advertising campaigns. This tool effortlessly integrates with significant ad platforms including Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and TikTok, facilitating the seamless sharing of audiences across various channels. It simplifies the process of constructing audiences by focusing on customer behaviors and attributes.

Custom Audience Lists

Shopify Audiences’ primary feature is the creation of customizable audience lists. It offers more than 70 templates for these lists, which are based on specific actions taken or attributes possessed by customers. For instance, businesses can generate a list of customers who bought a particular product within the last 30 days, or focus on visitors from a specific city who have viewed a collection page.

Integration with Major Ad Platforms

Audiences built in Shopify can be seamlessly shared with connected ad accounts across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and Criteo. This approach saves time by eliminating the need to manually recreate audiences on each platform.

Creating and Targeting Audiences

The Shopify Audiences app allows users to enhance their advertising strategy by selecting and customizing an audience template. For instance, one can choose the “Viewed Product” template and then specify the desired product. Additionally, adjustments can be made to filters such as date range and location to further refine the audience. Upon finalization, the audience can be named and synchronized with connected advertising platforms, enabling more targeted and effective advertisements.

Benefits of Using Shopify Audiences

Leveraging Shopify Audiences presents multiple advantages for eCommerce businesses aiming to improve their digital advertising and customer acquisition tactics. Here are some of the primary benefits Shopify Audiences provides:

Lowering Customer Acquisition Costs

One of the primary challenges faced by online businesses is reducing the expenses associated with attracting new customers. By utilizing Shopify Audiences, companies have the capability to develop tailored audience segments that reflect high-value behaviors and characteristics.

This enables the implementation of highly focused advertising efforts directed at individuals with a greater propensity to engage and make purchases. Enhanced relevance results in improved conversion rates and diminished cost-per-click bids, ultimately lowering the overall costs of customer acquisition.

Improving Top-of-Funnel Marketing Campaigns

Shopify Audiences proves to be highly beneficial for enhancing awareness and consideration campaigns. It enables businesses to construct audiences that align with their ideal prospects, particularly those in the research phase or at the beginning of the funnel.

By targeting ads to these specific audiences, businesses are able to capture attention early on and foster their journey into becoming sales-qualified leads. This approach effectively smooths the transition of prospects through the funnel by assuring the relevance of messaging from the outset.

Gaining Competitive Advantages in Key Markets

Shopify Audiences, a tool natively integrated with Shopify, offers unique competitive advantages for merchants in the U.S. and Canada. Unlike the broad targeting options available on major platforms such as Facebook, Google, and TikTok.

Shopify Audiences allows merchants to create highly-detailed custom audiences using their own first-party data. This capability for precise audience targeting in regional campaigns sets Shopify stores apart.

Setting Up Shopify Audiences

To begin using Shopify Audiences, one must complete several initial steps. The following outlines the setup procedure:


To utilize Shopify Audiences, an individual needs to own a Shopify store and possess an active Google Ads account that is linked to their store. Additionally, the store must be located in the United States or Canada.


To install Shopify Audiences, the process involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. First, one must log into the Shopify admin account.
  2. Then, navigate to the Apps section and locate Shopify Audiences.
  3. The next step involves clicking on “Install app”.
  4. Finally, follow the prompts to connect with a Google Ads account.

After the installation is complete, Shopify Audiences will be accessible from the Shopify admin menu.

Connecting to Ad Platforms

In addition to integration with Google Ads, the Shopify Audiences feature also supports connections to Meta Ads Manager, TikTok for Business, and Pinterest Ads.

To add additional advertising platforms:

  1. Navigate to the Audiences page in the Shopify administration area.
  2. Select the option to “Connect new ad accounts.”
  3. Proceed by following the on-screen instructions to link additional advertising accounts.

This feature allows for the importation of existing custom audiences from the connected advertising platforms.

Creating and Exporting Audiences

Within Shopify Audiences, the creation of new custom audiences is facilitated based on:

  • Customer information such as email lists
  • Purchase history and behaviors
  • Traffic sources and more

After an audience is created, it can be exported for targeting through connected ad platforms.

Strategies for Effective Use of Shopify Audiences

Choosing the Right Audience

Selecting the target audience strategically based on advertising goals is crucial for success with Shopify Audiences. When focusing on acquiring new customers through prospecting campaigns, one should create broad audiences using existing customer lists, such as those who have purchased specific products or have a high lifetime value.

For retweeting purposes aimed at existing site visitors, audiences should be built considering their on-site behaviors, like adding items to the cart or visiting certain pages. It’s also possible to generate lookalike audiences to discover new customers who share similar attributes. The process should always initiate by brainstorming the buyer personas and behaviors that signal interest in the offered products or services.

Prospecting vs Retargeting

Prospecting and retargeting necessitate distinct strategies. In prospecting, the approach involves casting a wider net to encompass audiences aligning with the ideal customer profile, including testing interest-based targets such as “fashion enthusiasts”, along with demo-based targets like “women aged 25-35”.

On the other hand, retargeting demands precision - focusing on visitors who have recently engaged but did not convert. Tailoring follow-up messages is essential to guide them further along the conversion funnel.

Following Best Practices

When building audiences, it’s crucial to prioritize quality over quantity. It’s important to identify attributes that truly reflect interest. It’s advisable to maintain audience sizes within the range of 50,000 to 250,000 for the best ad relevance. For efficient management, organizing audiences into ad sets is recommended. Naming audiences succinctly ensures clarity. It’s best to restrict an ad set to a maximum of 3-5 audiences.

Regular monitoring of performance and pausing of underperforming sets are essential practices. Utilizing an AI, such as that provided by a well-known e-commerce platform, to optimize the distribution of traffic among audiences can significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising spend in generating sales. Through diligent testing and optimization, the utility and profitability of audiences can be enhanced.

Challenges and Considerations

When using Shopify Audiences, it’s important for store owners to navigate through several challenges and considerations for its effective deployment:

  • Focusing on Smaller, High-Quality Audiences - While reaching out to a broad audience seems like an appealing strategy, it usually results in lower conversion rates and increased costs. Shopify Audiences is particularly effective at precise targeting, enabling store owners to concentrate their advertising budget on smaller segments of users with high purchase intent. However, achieving significant scale with this method necessitates a substantial budget allocation.
  • Finding the Balance Between Audience Size and Cost - In the realm of Shopify Audiences, there’s a direct inverse relationship between the size of the audience and the cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). Targeting a small, highly specific audience typically incurs higher CPMs. To find an optimal balance, it’s essential for store owners to experiment with different audience sizes and bidding strategies. Strategic budget allocation is crucial to keep CPMs low while still reaching the desired audience.
  • Constraints on Data for Custom Audiences - Shopify Audiences primarily relies on first-party data, which includes information from a store’s customer lists and website visitors. The use of third-party data or information from external sources is not supported, limiting the breadth and specificity of audience targeting. This limitation calls for innovative list building and strategic customer segmentation.
  • Importance of Continuous Testing and Optimization - Given the complexity and variability in performance, continuous experimentation with audience targeting strategies is crucial. Success with Shopify Audiences demands a tailored approach, as there are no universal solutions. Store owners are encouraged to persistently test and refine their strategies to uncover what works best for their specific business model.

By keeping these considerations in mind, Shopify store owners can unlock the full potential of Shopify Audiences, leveraging it to boost their e-commerce marketing efforts and achieve a sustained return on advertising spend. A meticulous and nuanced approach is essential for success.

Case Studies: Shopify Audiences Fuels Rapid Growth for Ecommerce Brands

Shopify Audiences has been highly effective in accelerating the growth of ecommerce companies of various sizes and niches. The transformative impact of this tool is evident in several real-world examples.

Allbirds - Targeting Sneaker Enthusiasts

Allbirds utilized advanced audience segmentation in Shopify to pinpoint and engage potential customers who had recently explored or bought sneakers online. This strategic approach of crafting ads specifically for sneaker enthusiasts led to a 12% rise in click-through rates and an 18% reduction in cost-per-click.

MVMT - Conquering the Millennial Market

MVMT Watches utilized Shopify Audiences to target millennials who were interested in purchasing fashion watches online. By concentrating their advertising efforts on this specific demographic, the company managed to reduce its cost-per-purchase by 22% and increase its return on ad spend by 19%. This strategy enabled MVMT Watches to successfully capture the millennial market, leading to significant revenue growth.

FIGS - Optimizing Ads for Healthcare Professionals

FIGS, a brand specializing in medical apparel, utilized Shopify Audiences to effectively connect with healthcare professionals through advertisements for surgical scrubs and medical uniforms. By focusing on nurses, doctors, and medical students, the brand succeeded in enhancing its conversion rates by 15%, while also achieving significant savings on advertising expenditures.

Brooklinen - Retargeting Abandoned Cart Shoppers

The luxury bedding brand, Brooklinen, implemented retargeting initiatives through Shopify Audiences to reconnect with users who had abandoned their shopping carts. This strategy resulted in the brand recovering more than 60% of the revenue that was initially lost due to cart abandonment, alongside witnessing a 53% boost in the average value of orders placed.

Vuori - Prospecting Health Enthusiasts on Social Media

The activewear label Vuori utilized lookalike audiences on Meta and TikTok to identify potential customers who share characteristics with their existing health-focused buyer personas. By targeting fitness enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, Vuori was able to increase its brand awareness by over 300% in just 6 months.

Future Developments

Shopify is constantly evolving and enhancing the capabilities of Shopify Audiences, aiming to provide ecommerce businesses with additional benefits from this robust targeting instrument. The future holds several expected updates designed to further optimize its functionality.

Expanded Integrations

Shopify Audiences is already integrated with major advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. Plans are in place to expand these integrations, facilitating businesses in leveraging their custom audiences over a wider range of marketing and advertising channels.

Algorithm and Model Improvements

Shopify Audiences leverages sophisticated machine learning and predictive algorithms to analyze customer behavior and create high-quality audiences. With an increasing flow of customer data, the system’s underlying models enhance continuously, leading to more precise predictions and targeting efforts.

Broader Audience Options

Shopify Audiences is presently centered on aiding in the identification and targeting of existing customers and website visitors. It is anticipated that future enhancements will broaden the scope for audience segment creation, assisting businesses in discovering and engaging with new potential customers who align with their ideal buyer persona.

Enhanced Audience Insights

Shopify Audiences is expected to expand its array of audience analysis tools. This enhancement aims to provide ecommerce stores with a deeper understanding of the composition and potential value of their created audiences, aiding in their refinement and optimization.

Increased Audience Portability

Shopify might enhance its cross-channel audience syncing and portability features, enabling businesses to easily build an audience in one location, such as their website. It can then activate it across various advertising platforms. This enhancement aims to increase audience reach and coordination.

With ongoing updates and improvements to Shopify Audiences, including new capabilities, Shopify aims to solidify its position as a preferred tool for ecommerce businesses seeking to improve their advertising efficiency and return on ad spend.


Shopify Audiences has become an essential asset for eCommerce businesses aiming to refine their digital advertising and customer acquisition approaches. By facilitating highly focused marketing campaigns, this tool enables stores to engage with potential customers demonstrating strong purchase intent. Thus helping minimize ineffective ad expenditure, and boosting revenue growth.

For businesses seeking to enhance their marketing effectiveness, reduce acquisition costs, or elevate their eCommerce marketing efforts, Shopify Audiences stands out as a valuable option. As Shopify continues to refine its targeting features, exploring this dynamic feature could be timely. Utilizing Shopify Audiences to connect with the ideal consumer base offers brands a significant competitive advantage, allowing them to optimize operations and realize their full eCommerce potential.

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